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Fort Midigeshi, Tumkur

     'Midigeshi' is a village located on the Tumkur-Pavagadh state highway. There is a lesser known hill top fort nearby this village. The fort is believed to have been built by a local Chieftain named Nagareddi and the fort itself was named by him after his wife Midigeshi, who was called so because she had  hair (kesha) long enough that reached her heel (midi). This place was ruled by queens of the same family for a long time.
    Chikkappa Gauda (Madhugiri's Chieftain) conquered this place after he was driven out from Madhugiri and Channarayanadurga.  Later, this place was captured by Haider Ali, then by the Marthas, again by Haider Ali 's son Tippu and finally by the British troops under Lord Cornwallis who later abandoned it. According to the legend, a beautiful princess named Chikka Mallamma was kidnapped by the Muslim rulers and kept in the hill fort. When she prayed to god for her release, the rock split  making a path for her descent and later she entered the fire in front of Lord Malleshwara.
First View of the Hill Top Fort
Midigeshi Fort
Reaching this village was relatively easy as it is located on the state highway. After entering the village, we inquired about the route for ascent. We started our climb hoping to make it  to the top before the temperature went up. This fort, like many other forts around the area is seven tiered. The major part of the fortification now is in ruins. The initial climb was very easy until we reached the second gate. Here, we had to overcome   a steep slope which was the most exciting part of our climb. After crossing the third gate, we came across a fleet of rock cut steps and thereafter the climb was easy.
Initial Climb
First Gate
Second Gate
Well Laid Steps
Steep Climb
Third Gate

Fleet of Rock Cut Steps
Closer Look of Rock Cut Steps
View Downhill
 After crossing the sixth gate, we reached leveled ground. The first thing that caught our attention was a water pond which was probably their main source of water. There were narrow canals leading to the pond which were carefully designed so as to collect most of the rain water and increase the level of water in the pond. We then proceeded further to the Mosque like structure, probably built during the reign of Hyder Ali. The minarets of the Mosque were quite interesting. There were many structures in this area  including a ruined temple. Finally we reached the seventh gate which probably was an entrance to the erstwhile palace or the place where the king and queen lived. The view from the top was breathtaking.
The Final Climb
Sixth Gate
Water Pond
Rain-Water Transporting  Canal
The Mosque
Stair to the Top of the Mosque
 Water Pond
Ruined Structure
Last Tier of the Fort
Granary Entrance
Light Entering the Granary
Ruined Structures
Ruins Viewed  from the Top of the Mosque
View from the Top
Bird's Eye View of Midigeshi
  Lord Venkataramana Temple
   There are other magnificent temples of that period in the village along side a Jain temple.  There is no witness for the participation of the ASI in maintenance of this place. Altogether, a  nice place to visit.

Directions from Bangalore: Bangalore - NH4 - Dabspet - Right turn - Madhugiri - Bypass - Midigeshi
Distance from Bangalore: 120 kms

Places to visit around:  Madhugiri, Madakasira, Channarayanadurga , Pavagada, Ratnagiri, Bhasmangi and many more

Trip Date: 30 Jan' 2011

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  1. How did you find this place I wonder, No people in sight. I would be scared to go there.But loved the photographs.

  2. What a terrific place! You do indeed take us on wonderful tours of such beautiful and interesting parts of your country! Your photos are superb as always! It is interesting that you see no people, just wondered if it's because it's such a long climb or is it just the time of day? Whatever, it's an awesome place that I'm glad I've gotten to through your photos! Hope your week is off to a great start!


  3. Wonderful shots. I never knew a fort like this existed.

  4. love your quest for heritage structures! thank you for sharing all these wonderful hidden gems!!

  5. Looks interesting. need to venture out sometime. Thanks for sharing.

  6. What a stunning place and you have captured it just so beautifully! The ruined structures have so many stories to tell... Just amazing!!

  7. IN MY OPINION THIS ONE BEST OF YOUR POST! i like this kind of place, lovely!

  8. Very nice! I had no clue about this place. Gems like these are spread around the land but due to lack of easily available information, many never get to know about such places. Thanks to bloggers and netizens in general, information is spreading through this alternate media. Lovely post!

  9. Beautiful photos... Didn't know about the fort in Midigeshi!!

    BTW have you been to Huliyurdurga?? there is a small ruined fort on top of Kumbhi betta which was built by Kempegowda...

  10. @ Chitra , Sylvia , Rajesh , Magic Eye
    Thanks for the comment .

  11. @ Das , you should , you will really enjoy .
    @ Arti , Arpana , Capt thanks for the comment .

  12. @ Prashanth, Sure will explore Huliyurdurga.
    @ Sneha, Yes, they are always in the multiples of two. Hampi has at least 4 such gateways/entrances like the Bhima's gate, Karadiramapura gate, Kamalapura gate and domed gateways. Most of the fort tiers have at least 2 entrances. Chitradurga fort is said to have had 19 majestic doors, 38 smaller doors, 35 special entry points and 4 secret entrances. Madurai Meenakshi temple has about 14 gateways/Gopurams. Some of these places may have multiple gateways for defense purposes or just to fool their enemies or may be for escape routes.

  13. Oh buddy you captured Midigeshi, i was thinking for a long time to over to this destination, well captured and presented in photoblog format....congrats DS aka Team G

  14. Great photographs.
    There are very interesting historical places in south with very interesting stories attached.
    I guess we need to take guides when we visit a historical place in south so that the stories are not missed.

  15. Amazing pics, and it is nice to know about these places.

  16. it all looks very dry now but the view and place is so good!

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    gave complete journey of fort

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