Sunday, August 5, 2012

A G Waterfalls, Sirsi

As we were enjoying our evening coffee at our new found home stay, our guide proposed an exciting plan of exploring another waterfall, this time it sounded more interesting as it was his first time too to that waterfall! For us, the name of the falls was very new as we had never heard of it before. And so we hit the dirt road and started following our guide's directions, which he was unsure about. As expected, we reached a dead end and decided to back track. Just as we reversed,  we met a person who on inquiring about the route to the waterfall, volunteered to send his son along, to guide us. The little guy came along confidently to guide us to the location of the waterfalls. 
After  walking a few miles  in the Areca farm, we reached a stream that was formed by the water fall.  A little further, we spotted the falls and reached its downstream. Our chances of entering the water pool was low, as none were  sure of the depth of  the water  and since the water force was quite high, we did not risk  going further. We trekked to the top o the falls and enjoyed the view from above. Standing on the rock edge of the waterfalls and surrounded by greenery, the sight was simply  was mesmerizing. Our ears were filled with the sounds made by the chirping birds and falling waters. It was late evening and the time had come for the sun to set,  giving us an indication that it was our time to head back and reach our home stay safely.
A G Falls
Kids exploring  the Falls
Our Young and Handsome Guide
From the Cliff Edge
Time to go Home