Monday, January 31, 2011

A trek to Nagamalai, Male Mahadeshwara betta

       "Nagamalai" is a one of the many hills of the Male Mahadeshwara Betta (M M hills) range . Nagamalai and surrounding areas served home to the sandalwood bandit Veerappan some time back. After his death, these areas are safe to visit. This place is considered sacred, since here, the rock resembles a shiva linga sheltered from the sun rays under the hood of a snake. This rock is said to be of Lord Mahadevaswamy doing his penance. A snake opened  its hood and stood behind the Lord in order  to protect him from the sun light. Over time, both of them turned into rocks.
      On Saturday evening., we decided to go to M M hills. We called a friend of ours who stays close by to Kolegal and inquired about the place. On Sunday morning, after visiting his farms, we headed towards M M hills (about 60 kms from Hannur).Around 10 am , we reached M M hills. After visiting the famous temple of Lord Mahadeshwara, we headed towards the Papanasini lake.Then we asked him what are the other places to visit around . He said that there are five  peaks with a temple in each of the peaks and the peaks had unique rock formations, like the Nagamalai (Snake shaped rock ), Rudraskshimalai (Bachelor's button (flower) shaped rock) , etc .
        Nagamalai is  the closest from MM Hills which can be reached after a trek of about 7 kms. After some discussion, we jumped into a jeep going towards to Nagamalai. After travelling about 5 kms, we reached the start place of the trek.  Since many were visiting this scared place, we had company. We started our trek and had to cross 6 to 7 hills to reach Nagamalai. The scenery throughout our trek was beautiful.
Initial Trek Path
The Lovely Landscape
Terrace Cultivation
Magnificent View
View of the Cauvery  Basin
       After walking for about 6 kms, we reached a village . This supposedly  is the last village we come across on the way to Nagamalai. The food has to be ordered here while trekking up and we did the same. Heading towards our destination, we finally made it to the temple after having trekked 7 kms.
The Village and the Hills
Home Sweet Home
Trishula near the Temple
View from the Top
   After enjoying the amazing views, we decided to rest for some time. We started our descent and reached the village where we had ordered lunch. We had to wait for some time for the food to be served. After the very much needed lunch, we headed back to the starting point of the trek. A shepherd boy cautioned us about elephants crossing over. They had spotted some. We were excited about the chances of spotting an elephant. Unfortunately, they seemed to have found their way deep into the forest. From the start point of the trek we took a jeep back to the MM Hills.
Elephants went this way 
       Altogether, a wonderful place to experience trekking amidst the deciduous forest. Though the trek is an easy one, one's stamina is tested for sure. There is well laid path all along. It is advisable to carry drinking water. Food has to be pre-ordered or carried. The  Karnataka Forest Dept. arranges for treks to various hills in the MM range(Mystery Trails).  
   Directions from Bangalore : Bangalore- Maddur - Kolegal - Hannur - MM hills
   Distance from Bangalore: 225 kms
   Places around to visit : Hogenakkal Falls , Bandallidurga Fort , various peaks for trekking
   Trip date : 12 ,13 Sept 2009 

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  1. Absolutely beautiful... Loved the trishul, the huts and the landscapes...

  2. breathtaking views captured beautifully!

  3. Breathtaking indeed! What an incredibly beautiful and interesting place! I always love the tours you share with us through your blog and superb captures! They are the next best thing to being there myself! Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!


  4. Brilliant pictures! Reminds me of my trips to MM Hills. I guess its been a while and I should head there again.

  5. beautiful
    thanks for sharing pics

  6. You must have had an enjoyable trek. Lovely photos of great scenery..!

  7. 6-7 kms sounds like a long trek, am sure it must have been fun! How long did it take?

    The snake hood looks interesting...

  8. Very adventurous trip. Loved the magnificent view from the hill top and the 2nd and 3 rd photos.

  9. really a beautiful place and the colors add to the beauty!

  10. @ Sid , about 1 and half hours (one way )

  11. Beautiful shots of scenic place. Very picturesque.

  12. truly beautiful and must visit place and captured even more beautifully.

  13. Magnificent ! The landscape with those beautiful flowers is breathtaking .
    Too bad you missed the elephants !

  14. very good post . thanks ,6 year before one time visit nagamalai ,next time i am visit nagamalai after i am share my experiance .Visit my blog . Iam write my blog in tamil and see malai matheswaran temple in tamil language, take care,

    1. I guess you had visited the temple could you share me you details.

  15. Hi All, Could someone help to understand how long we need to walk I the mountain path and I need more information on the temple also. cell no: 9884422545 mail id :