Thursday, July 31, 2014

Dual Fort Adventure - Bhasmangi

  The regions of Madhugiri and Madakashira are home to many Forts, a few to name are the forts of  Madhugiri, Channarayanadurga, Midigeshi, Madakashira, Bhasmangi, Ratnagiri, Gudibanda, and Pavagada. Last Sunday we were on a mission to explore any two of the unexplored forts amongst the above and one of those was Bhasmangi. The Fort of Bhasmangi was built by Budi Basappa Nayaka around AD 1650 and was later captured by Hyder Ali in AD 1768 and improved it. The fort is a perfect example of the Forts built by Palegars and serves a great example in showing much importance given to rain water harvesting in those times. 
The Mighty Madhugiri
 Bhasmangi Fort
Our Break Fast

 We left early that Sunday morning (around 5:00 am) so we could cover both the forts. We started our ascent to this hill fort and in some time reached the first gate of the fort. We were amazed to see the magnificent fort standing tall in front of us. Every stone here stands to tell a story and the glory of the past. We sat down and had breakfast that we had packed. We then  proceed further towards the second gate where we found a small temple dedicated to Lord Anjaneya. A few steps further lead us to a flat terrain which had a lot of ruins and water collecting ponds. Up above a small hill from here is a small temple dedicated to Nandi or Basavanna. The idol of Nandi is big and beautiful.
Second Gateway
  Other View of the Second Gateway
The Stairs
Lord Hanuman
 Continuing our climb up, we reached the last and the most intact tier of the fort comprising of many ruins and a doorway which probably lead to the location of the palace/ king's residence. The view from top was simply awesome. The descent was uneventful until we reached the first gate of the fort. Hereon, we took a simpler  route to descend till we reached  the roadway. There was a temple dedicated to Lord Anjaneya just outside of the fort, which is now being taken care by two elderly people. Resting a while here, we moved on, getting prepared to explore the next fort of Ratnagiri. It was close to 11:30 am while we reached our vehicle and started driving towards Ratnagiri.
The Fort Wall
Dodda Basavanna Temple
Last Tier of the Fort 
One Among the Many Water Ponds Here
Panoramic View of the Last  Tier
One of the Ragi Grinding Stones
Panoramic View from the Top
Fort Walls
What A View !
Ready to Jump


  1. A wonderful, fascinating post and beautiful captures for the day as always!! Thank you so much for sharing!! Hope your week is going well!!

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