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Sri Bhuvaraha Narasimha Swamy Temple, Halasi
Sri Bhuvaraha Narasimha Swamy Temple, Halasi
A visit to Sri Bhuvaraha Narasimha temple at Halasi was long time pending until finally we got an opportunity to take the lord's blessings during our trip to Belagavi. Halasi is an  ancient town and was the second capital city of the Banavasi Kadambas during the 4th to 6th century. This place was known as Palashi, Palasika, Halasige as per the various inscriptions found here. Later under the Goa Kadambas it was a minor capital between the 10th and 13th centuries. Halasi flourished under these two dynasties and remained as an important cultural site back then. Today this town lives in oblivion and has lost all its ancient sheen. 7 copper plates of the Kadamba dynasty were found here which have been dated back to the 4th century, thus making Halasi one of the oldest towns of this region. There are many other inscriptions found here belonging to the later kings.
Sri Bhuvaraha Narasimha Swamy Temple, Halasi
Sri Bhuvaraha Narasimha Swamy Temple, Halasi
Sri Bhuvaraha Narasimha Swamy Temple, Halasi
Sri Shankara Narayana Swamy Temple, Halasi
There are many temples here namely, the Sri Bhuvaraha Narasimha temple, Sri Kapileshwara temple, Sri Suvarneshwara temple, Sri Kalleshwara temple, Sri Hatakeshwara temple, Sri Gokarneshwara temple and a Jaina Basadi. Due to paucity of time, we could visit only the Sri Bhuvaraha Narasimha temple built in the 5th Century. The original temple built was dedicated to Lord Narasimha. The lord here is depicted with two hands in yogic postures and it is believed that this murti is a Swamyabhu or self- originated one. There is another big murti of Sri Yoga Narayana in the same garbhagriha installed later during the Goa Kadamba period. The inscriptions of 1169 AD found here registers the construction of this temple and installation of the murti of Ananta Virvikrama Narasimha by one Matayogi, as per the instructions of the king's mother.
Sri Bhuvaraha Narasimha Swamy Temple, Halasi
Grand Bhuvaraha Murti
Sri Bhuvaraha Narasimha Swamy Temple, Halasi
Yoga Narayana
Sri Bhuvaraha Narasimha Swamy Temple, Halasi
Garbhagriha   of Yoga Narayana
Sri Bhuvaraha Narasimha Swamy Temple, Halasi
Sri Swamyabhu Narasimha Swamy
The murti of Sri Bhuvaraha was installed in the year 1187 by King Vijayaditya III in the second garbhagriha, opposite to the garbhagriha dedicated to the main deity. Though there are two garbhagrihas, only the original garbhagriha has a Shikara in the Kadamba Nagara style, built probably much later during the Goa Kadamba period. This temple bears architectural resemblance to Sri Madhukeshwara temple at Banavasi to some extent. The temple has two garbhagrihas with an attached antarala, opening into a common Navaranga with 2 mukhamandapas. The central ceiling of the Navaranga carries a beautiful inverted lotus motif, but is now covered with a wooden plank. The temple is built on an elevated platform. There are a few smaller temples in the complex dedicated to Lords Shankara Narayana, Garuda, Maruti, Radha Krishna and also a stepped well. The complex is well maintained and its temples are functional. This temple is perhaps the oldest surviving temple dedicated to Lord Narasimha.
Sri Bhuvaraha Narasimha Swamy Temple, Halasi
Kadamba Nagara Shikara
Sri Bhuvaraha Narasimha Swamy Temple, Halasi
Sri Bhuvaraha Narasimha Swamy Temple, Halasi
Alingana Chandrashekaramurti
Sri Bhuvaraha Narasimha Swamy Temple, Halasi
Stepped Well
Sri Bhuvaraha Narasimha Swamy Temple, Halasi
Sati Stone
Directions to Halasi: About 40km from Kittur towards Khanapur, deviation after Bidi.
1. Karnataka Gazetteer
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Sri Kamala Narayana Swamy Temple, Degaon/Deganve, Belagavi

As we were driving towards Khanapur during one of our trips to the district of Belagavi, we came across a board directing us to Degaon/Deganve. Vaguely recollecting about the presence of a beautiful temple dedicated to 'Sri Kamala Narayana Swamy' here, we stopped by to check it out. Without any hesitance, we took a left turn towards this temple. After traveling for about 2 km, we reached the beautiful temple of Sri Kamala Narayana Swamy. Thanks to the incessant rains, this entire region had turned lush green. Sri Kamala Narayana temple was constructed in 1174 AD by Rani Kamaladevi, wife of the Goa Kadamba chief Shivachitta Permadi.
Sri Kamala Narayana Swamy Temple, Degaon/ Deganve
Sri Kamala Narayana Swamy Temple, Degaon/ Deganve
Sri Lakshmi Narayana
Lakshmi Devi Garbhagriha
Sri Lakshmi Devi
The agrahara of Devagrama, erstwhile name of Deganve was built around the Kamala Narayana temple by queen Kamaladevi. The inscription of 1174 AD found here states the same, while another mentions the name of a sculptor Nageya or Nagayya, who probably was the sculptor in-charge of this temple, thus finding his mention in the inscription. This dwikuta (modified trikuta) temple is dedicated to Sri Kamala Narayana Swamy and Goddess Lakshmi. This is a unique dwikuta temple with a big devakoshtha (niche) in between the two garbhagrihas, housing a beautiful murti of  Sri Lakshmi Narayana and decorated similar to the garbhagrihas. It is without an antarala and opens directly into the Navaranga. The other two garbhagrihas have elaborate antarala, opening into a common navaranga with two mukhamantapas facing them.
Sri Kamala Narayana Garbhagriha
Beautiful Central Floral Decorated Ceiling
A Close up
Pillared Alley
Side View of Sri Kamala Narayana Swamy Temple
This temple is considered to be one of the finest surviving temples built by the Goa Kadamba dynasty. The door frames of the garbhagrihas and the northern Mukhamantapa are heavily decked with floral carvings. The ceilings of the Navaranga are deep and adorned with floral pendants in high relief. The Shikharas are non-existent and is believed to be of Kadamba Nagara style. Another unique feature of this temple is the presence of Kakshasana (bench) at the low relief walls of the mukhamantapas. The themes of Krishnaleela, Dashavatara, Madanikas and a few erotic scenes are engraved on the walls of the Kakshasana. 
Krishnaleela and Vishnu Avataras 
Sri Krishnaleela
Naga - Nagini Stone
Directions to Degaon: It is located about 15 km from Kittur, towards Khanapur.

References: Karnataka Gazetteer 
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A Road Trip to Kolhapur and Satara from Bengaluru-2 Colors of Maharashtra

This is a photo post describing the colors of Maharashtra we witnessed  during our road trip to Kolhapur and Satara from Bengaluru.

Leading the Way
24 Shades of Green
Earth, Sky and Clouds
Every Plateau has a Colorful Side
Yellow Yellow Dirty Fellow
Blue and Yellow gives Green!
Weeds too...amidst Flowers look Colorful
Yummy... Vittal Vada !!!
Beautiful Wild Flower
Colorful Spread
Offers so Good that Even Messi Couldn't Resist from Shopping !
Krishnam Vande Jagadguru
Joy of Colors!
Strong Yet Delicate
Every Drop Counts !
Try Me...

A Road Trip to Kolhapur and Satara from Bengaluru

Our desire to witness the 'Kaas'/ 'Khas'/'Kas' plateau, popularly known as 'The Valley of Flowers' was long overdue. The best season to visit Khas being September luckily coincided with the vacation we planned. Thus our travel itinerary of Maharashtra was mainly based on visiting 3 places namely the Kaas pathar, the Reverse waterfalls and the sacred Marleshwar apart from others. It is well known that this entire region is a blessing to travel during the monsoon. Thus a 9 day road trip to Kolhapur, Satara and Ratnagiri districts of Maharashtra was planned. As we were building our itinerary of places to visit in these regions, we realised that 9 days is too short a time to cover all the places and decided to visit whatever possible within the planned time. Our overall journey was good as we managed to travel across as per plan though there were a couple of hiccups for our vehicle, involving a running repair (starter motor not working) and tyre punctures. The same was handled well without much disturbance or deviation.
We stopped by at a road-side hotel about 45 km before Belagavi for refreshments and took a bio-break. While we were all set to proceed further, our vehicle refused to get started. We tried and checked all possible ways but in vain. Even calling the service advisor from Mahindra and acting as per his advice did not produce any fruitful result as the starter motor was not in working condition. We took help from the hotel staff who kindly obliged and pushed the vehicle up-slope for some distance. Thankfully our vehicle started and we moved on after thanking the staff.  We informed the  service advisor about the same for which he advised us to drive down our vehicle to the next available showroom at Belagavi and also told us to call the helpline. We reached Sutaria motors, the authorized service centre for Mahindra in this region who were of little help, who even refused to even check our vehicle for the problem and told us to go to Kolhapur since we were driving in that direction. We were a little disappointed at their behavior as it was an emergency and they were of no help. We had taken care to keep the vehicle on all along and proceeded further as we were racing against time to reach the next available Mahindra showroom.
Without wasting much time we drove towards to Kolhapur and after a few rounds of U turns, we finally made it to Trendy Wheels showroom at Kolhapur.  We reached here by 5:45 pm, 15 minutes prior to their closing time! We were anxious as the next day was a Sunday and most of the service providers remain closed. The staff here were extremely helpful and made immediate arrangements for my wife and kids to take the much needed rest and also arranged for some tea and snacks. Heartfelt thanks to them for their kind hospitality. Suraj, the service advisor who attended to us gave us first hand information that their workshop remains open on Sunday's too. We felt more relaxed now. He also  asked us if it is an emergency so that he could get it rectified the same evening by requesting his staff  to work over time. We were already much grateful to them and did not want to overload their staff.  Meanwhile, the technicians who were working on the starter motor detected the cause of the problem and assured us that the vehicle will be ready by the next day afternoon. We packed the necessary luggage and reached the main town of Kolhapur as the service centre was located off the Bangalore - Pune highway. We chose to halt at a lodge close by Sri Mahalakshmi temple, so that we could move around without any vehicle and much hassle. It was late evening by the time we refreshed and had dinner. We were fortunate enough for having a good darshan of the mother goddess that night. The atmosphere here was electrical. We returned to our hotel and retired early. 

Next day, we started a bit slow and lazed around while we got a call from Mahindra informing us to collect the vehicle by 2 pm. We walked around in the temple premises and decided to visit the temple again, but were taken aback by the huge crowd. We later realised that it was Krishna Janmasthami that day and during Shravana month, a large number of people come to offer prayers. We visited a few more places around the main temple and then reached Mahindra showroom. Our vehicle was ready and after the necessary checks, we were all ready to continue our journey ahead with much enthusiasm. They had done a great job in a short time and their service was impressive. Knowing that we would be their one time customer and that too for a running repair problem, their action and efforts were highly commendable. We witnessed the striking contrast between the customer service provided by two Mahindra authorised dealers, where one even refused to look at the problem and the other acknowledged with exceptional service! Trust us! This kind of quality customer service is rather quite rare in today's world. Thank you again Trendy Wheels, Mahindra at Kolhapur!
The same evening while returning from Khirdapur, our vehicle had a flat tyre, this time luckily right in front of a puncture shop at Ichalkaranji. The mechanic took less than 5 minutes to fix the puncture and we were back on the road. We continued to explore various places the next four days until Friday, when we were a bit relaxed and hence planned to take an adventurous route to Chiplun from Mahabaleshwar. This route is not advised by the locals as it is not much frequented and less traveled as it is amidst densely forested area coupled with a few bad stretches of roads. The route passes through the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary and the drive for most of the stretch is alongside the river Koyna, making it the most beautiful one. We were all excited and started driving along this scenic route. We traveled about 35 km along this route and it was heaven! We had another 60 km to finish this stretch. About 7 km from Chaturbet, in between the villages of Dabhe Mohan and Dabhe Dabhekar is a small bridge across a stream that connects them. To our dismay, our vehicle had a flat tyre again! This time around, the puncture was severe as the short stretch just before the bridge had eroded due to heavy rains and consisted of sharp aggregates. I had to change the tyre and made arrangements.  At the same time, a ST (state transport) bus passed us from the opposite direction taking extra caution as it was a single lane road and our vehicle was parked there. Post this episode, I managed to change the tyre successfully only to find out that the back up tyre was not inflated enough to drive. It was around 4 pm that evening and time was running out. We had to cover that stretch before the sun went down. Without panicking, we rested for a while and discussed about our next move.
Meanwhile, a local who was grazing his cattle conversed with us  and witnessed the entire situation. He informed us that there is not a single tyre puncher shop in about 20 km radius!!!! The next question to him was about the availability of any public transport to the nearest town to get the puncture repaired. He replied  that the ST bus which passed by a few minutes back was our only option! The next bus to Mahabaleshwar would arrive only the next morning at around 8 am. That apart, no other private transport is available. Upon inquiring further for any availability of vehicles in the village, he said that there was only one person in this village who owns a bike. So, we both decided to meet him and reached his house. Though we saw his vehicle parked outside, we had to trace him as he was not around. We explained the situation to him, but he replied that his bike did not have enough fuel. Nevertheless he came along with us to analyze the situation. He gave up the idea of taking his bike as it was quite risky amidst forest area and advised us to inquire if the car was available in the next village and moved on.  While I went with the local to the next village, my wife inquired with a passer-by who was very kind, and obliged by giving the phone number of a mechanic he knew who was located about 20 km away. He was damn sure that the mechanic would come by and resolve our problem. He tried calling him but the area had no signal. In fact, the passer-by was himself walking all the way up so he could get signal and told my wife he would surely call the mechanic and inform. When my wife called the mechanic and requested to come by, he replied that he was out of town and would not be able to make it. As the signal was weak, the conversation could not be continued and the call was lost. The news of our vehicle breakdown had spread across the village and a few more villagers gathered near our vehicle. At the neighboring village we found that no one was around in the house. While people around me went in search of the car owner (Sanjay), I was waiting in front of his house. In the meantime, the person (Manish) whom we had approached initially came hurriedly in search of me to inform that he had stopped a car which had come to drop someone from Mahabaleshwar and had agreed to take us to the nearest tyre puncture shop. While I was walking down with him, the passer-by (teacher) called us and told us to wait as he was on call conversing with the mechanic as promised and requested (or rather pleaded) him to come and help. Finally the mechanic was convinced and agreed to come by. We walked quickly to the car that was stopped and thanked the driver who was patiently waiting for us. It was really heartwarming to see each one's kind behavior. As we waited for the mechanic's arrival (which would probably take an hour or so), Manish invited us home for some tea and snacks. As we had our two little partners with us and it was getting dark, it was a safe call. It also began to rain heavily. The mobile connectivity here was questionable as there was a lot of struggle in getting any signal. Finally, the call connected between Manish ji and Shinde ji (the mechanic) and we were told to come near the vehicle. The mechanic tried all possible ways to fix the puncture, but as the cut was big, he was unable to repair it with tools. He gave up at last saying that he will not be able to fix it. We requested him to check the back up tyre and as he inflated it and checked for any puncture, he found none. Luckily now we had one tyre ready. Everyone around advised us to abandon our journey further and told us to go back and take the highway. We thanked everyone who came to our rescue. We drove slowly until we reached the highway and halted at Khed. This was probably the best experience we have had in sometime, where the entire village came to our rescue. We will always remain grateful to the kind teacher who literally pleaded with the mechanic for our sake, Manish ji who was kind and hospitable all along, Shinde ji who came all the way in the rains, riding through the forest and had to go back in the dark and all  the others who helped us directly or indirectly.
'Maharashtra' is one of the most vibrant states of India and is very rich culturally. Their love for the great Shivaji Maharaja is indispensable and significant, so much so that every place here has an association with the great king. The Western Ghats/Sahyadri Hills in Maharashtra comes to life during the monsoon with innumerable waterfalls taking birth from amidst the hills, and the hills exhibiting splendid colors as the flowers are in full bloom amid lush greenery. Though rains had subsided, most of the places we visited greeted us with rains. The plains were hot, but the mountains remained cold. Overall it was a satisfying trip. Maharashtra, truly a great state turns magical during monsoon!
Kolhapur - Satara Road Trip

Route we took 

To be continued....