Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chola Temple of Binnamangala

     'Binnamangala' is located in the outskirts of Nelamangala and Bangalore. It has a lesser known Chola temple dedicated to Lord Mukthanatheshwara (Shiva). This temple is believed to be built by Raja Rajendra Chola  in the 10 th century AD. This wonderful ancient temple was recently renovated by the ASI with the help of the locals and the deity is being worshiped since then. As some parts of the temple were badly damaged , they had to be replaced by new stones and the work is no match to the original work.
Mukthanatheshwara Temple
      The temple is of ekakuta type with Dravidian style of architecture. The outer walls have carvings of  forms Lord Shiva and his family, some of which are unique. The Shikara is completely a new component. There is an inscription stone (written in Tamil) in front of the temple giving the information about the temple. There is also a sculpture of the king Rajendra Chola besides a tall pillar. 
Carvings on the Outer Walls
Nataraja (Note the Hair Style)
Lord Ganesha
Lord Shiva
Lord Shiva
Elephant Carving at the Corners
Inscription Stone
Rajendra Chola
Friezes with Animal Carvings
    The temple houses a Shiva Linga with a Nandi in the front of it. The pillars are extensively carved, setting an excellent example of the Chola architecture. The door frames are also beautifully decorated. A wonderful carving of the Ashtadikpalas   can be seen on its ceiling.
Extensively Carved Pillar
Closer Look
Pillar Capital
People Worshiping
Door Frame
Ceiling Carving
This temple was open when we visited as it was the eve of Sankranthi (Festival of Harvest). Since the temple's priest was unavailable, we did not get any further information regarding the temple's history.

Directions from Bangalore: Bangalore - NH4 - Take right turn towards Nelamangala - Immediately take a right turn towards the temple.

Distance from the Bangalore: 35 kms

Place to visit Around: Nelamangala, Manne, Shivagange, Nijagal Fort and many more.

Trip Date: 14 Jan' 2010

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  1. The temples built by Cholas have rich ornamental work which I see on the pillars and ceiling.Reminds me of Darasuram temple.

  2. Fantastic! I never cease to be amazed at the incredible ornamental carvings in the temples that you and other Indian bloggers have shared with us! I do so appreciate your sharing the beauty and the history of your country. We can all learn something from one another and learning is always good! Hope your week is going well! Enjoy!


  3. Small & Cute Temple.. Beautiful sculptures!

  4. Nice pictures. Why have you restricted yourself to mainly historical/ temple travel?

  5. Wonderful information. Renovation is no close to the old times. Still they have done a good job.

  6. That is wonderful. I have never been here. Seems so peaceful.

    Thank you so much for being at my blog.

  7. Beautiful temple-recently i was at a fort and got the same feeling as it was in pics-nice!

  8. @ Das , no such restrictions , but for writing we choose Temples mainly .

  9. Beautiful Pictures. Have you got the full text of the Tamil Inscription appearing on both sides of the stone Panel or has it been already publised in the ASI journals - Virarajendra, Bangalore

  10. The Old people who lived in Binnamangala says that . The Mukthanatheshwara temple is built in one Night