Friday, August 18, 2023

How to get the name transfer done for electrical connection in Bengaluru Bescom without paying any bribe

The process of getting the name transfer in an electrical connection with Bescom in Bengaluru is pretty simple and straightforward. We recently got it done for our flat and it required just two visits to the Bescom office since there is a heavy load on the server with too many requests to do the name change.

Documents required for Name transfer:

Documents required for Name Transfer of Bescom Electrical Meter
Documents Required for Name Transfer of BESCOM Meter

1. Application form - This application form is available at the Bescom office, easy to fill requires very basic details - RR No, current name, address, name to be changed, address, Phone number, email id, reason for name change, deposit, and signature. 

2. Photo identity proof - Xerox copy of all the owners' Photo identity proof.

3. No objection certificate from the previous owner - Builders will give it on their letterhead and for the rest there is a prescribed format that can be collected from the Bescom office or nearest shop(Bescom person will suggest the shop name where the same is available). 

4. Katha - Katha should be in the current owner's name, A Xerox copy of the same is required and needs to be notarized. 

5. Sale Deed - A Xerox copy of the same is required which also needs to be notarized on all pages.

6. Last Tax Paid Receipt - A Xerox copy of the same is required which also needs to be notarized.

7. Power Supply Agreement - This needs to be on a 200 Rs stamp paper and again it will be done/given at the shop recommended by Bescom, Very few details need to be entered into this agreement.

8. Indemnity Bond - This needs to be on a 200 Rs stamp paper and again will be done at the shop recommended by Bescom, Very few details need to be entered.

9. Latest Electricity Bill - Ensure that all the amount is paid including the recent ones and ASD and the additional security deposit is also paid (the amount will be printed at the bottom of the bill)

Once all the documents are ready, shouldn't take more than 1 hour or so to get the document ready. Ensure the Katha, Sale Deed, and Tax paid receipt is notarized without fail. Once all the documents are ready go to the Bescom office, There will be one authorized Bescom Employee to do this work. He will first check all the documents and will ask you to get one file (usually provided at the Bescom office) and then we need one signature from the officer This detail will also be shared by the Employee who does the name change. This officer will check again the documents and sign it. Again go to the employee he will generate the request for a name change and give a challan of 118/- against the fee for the name change. Go to the cash counter outside the Bescom office, pay, and collect the receipt. This receipt and demand letter need to be given back to the employee who will file it in the main file. It will take around 10-15 days to reflect in the system. 

Total Cost with Break Up:

1. Xerox - 40/- (sale deed + Katha + Tax paid Receipt)

2. Notary - 10/- Per page - 350/- 

3. Power Supply agreement + Indemnity Bond - 2* 200 bond paper, 100 Rs will be charged by the electrical shop if buy from there or else it will just cost about 415 if you just buy bond paper and get it printed, we paid 500/- 

4. Name Change fees - 118/- 

Total – Rs 1008/-