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Sri Panchalingeshwara Swamy Temple, Bettahalli, Magadi

"Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations", so do the wrong ones too! Many a time leading to unknown beautiful destinations!
Information Board 
We were headed for a trek towards Hulikal near Kuduru in Magadi taluk of Ramanagar district. Little did we know that missing the turn that would take a deviation from Kuduru towards Hulikal would lead us to such a beautiful lesser known temple. Still unaware about the turn missed, we drove about 5 km ahead and reached a village named Bettahalli. Only then did we realize we were heading in the wrong direction and decided to make a U-turn. While driving back, a sign board directing towards Sri Panchalingeshwara temple caught our attention and as usual, we were curious to go ahead and explore! And so we did. At the outset, the temple looked new, but we ensured that we explore its interiors. Words are not enough to describe the great work being carried out by Shri Dhramasthala Manjunatha Trust in renovating/restoring beautiful but forgotten historical temples. Kudos to the team for their continuous and self-less support in preserving our rich heritage and history.
Temple Inauguration Details
Never judge a book by its cover. True to this, as we stepped in we found this temple that seemed new from its outlook to be an ancient historical temple indeed! It underwent restoration only to preserve most of its originality. The temple is believed to have been built in 7th Century  by the Cholas, although there are no evidences pointing towards the same. No inscriptions of any kind have been found here. The temple architecture and murtis inside resemble the Chola style of architecture though this place was under the rule of Gangas during the 7th Century. This makes it difficult to assign the period of its construction. However, it can be safely confirmed that the temple was built/renovated by the Cholas sometime during the 11th Century, owing to its stye of architecture.
The Navaranga
Sri Panchalingeshwara temple at Bettahalli is a Panchakuta temple  dedicated to Pancha (5) Shiva Lingas namely - Sri Mahabaleshwara Swamy, Sri Mallikarjuna Swamy, Sri Pathaleshwara Swamy, Sri Vaidyanatheshwara Swamy and Sri  Arkeshwara Swamy. There are 4 devakosthas in the Navaranga of the temple housing Sri Umamaheshwara Swamy, Sri Veerabhadra Swamy, Sri Durga Parameshwari, Sri Ganapathi and Sri Shanumuga.
Lord Arkeshwara
Lord Mahabaleshwara
Lord Mallikarjuna
Lord Pathaleshwara
Lord Vaidyanatheshwara
The murti of Sri Umamaheshwara looks very beautiful and the divine couple are depicted to be seated on their Vrishabha vahana. The lady caretaker was more than happy to give us details about the renovation of this temple and the annual jatre/fair held here. It was quite interesting when she also informed us that during restoration, the entire temple was dismantled but somehow they were unable to dismantle the Nandi murti placed in the Navaranga. Therefore they had to cover the murti and proceed with the restoration work. We spent  sometime going around the temple and later we moved towards Hulikal as per our original plan.
Lord Nandi
Sri Umamaheshwara seated atop Vrishaba
Dwarapalakas at the Entrance

Hoysala: Mallikarjuna Temple, Hirenallur, Chikmagalur

  While zipping through country roads to reach Amrithapura, which is home to one of the most beautiful Hoysala temple, we stumbled upon a milestone having a familiar name of Hirenallur. On checking our travel diary, we realized this place too housed a Hoysala temple dedicated to Lord Mallikarjuna. As we had more than one option now, we were in a dilemma and as time was ticking, we had to decide quickly.  We made a quick enquiry about the temple and decided to proceed as we heard it was a ‘not to miss’ temple. Not wasting much time, we headed towards this temple and in about ten minutes time reached this magnificent temple.
Hoysala Mallikarjuna Temple Hirenallur Tarikere Chikmagalur
Mallikarjuna Temple 
8th Century Ganga inscription 
   Hirenallur is a small village of Kadur Taluka of Chikmagalur district. The Mallikarjuna temple situated here is a very beautiful Hoysala temple lesser known to the world. There is very little information about this temple in the Internet and print media. The temple is believed to have been built initially by the Gangas during the 8th century according to an inscription recently found here. Later the Hoysala king Ballala II renovated this temple and must have added the two cells to the main cell during the end of 12th century.
Very Beautifully Decorated Shiva Linga 
Heavily Decked Central Ceiling 
Tandaveshwara on Central Ceiling 
Central Ceiling Hoysala
Complicated Craving on the Ceiling 

Lord Vishnu Ananthasayana
Lord Ananthasayana 
Lord Shiva and Parvathi
Uma Maheshwara 
   The temple is a trikuta with Shiva Linga, Keshava and Surya Deva adorning the cells. The central ceiling is a masterpiece with complicated carvings on it and overshadows the beauty of this temple. There are sculptures of Ganapathi and Sapthamatrikas in the sabhamandapa of the temple as usual. The three Shikaras of this temple are heavily decked with images of the various gods and goddesses on them. This temple has been renovated by a few keen locals with the help of Sri Dharmasthala Trust under the guidance of Dr.Veerendra Hedge.
Lord Ugra Narashima 
Shikara and Outer Wall 
Carvings on the Shikara 
    There is a big and beautiful garden around the temple.  Another small temple adjacent to this temple is dedicated to Mailara Linga, housing two beautiful idols of Mailaras. On our way back, another small beautiful temple amidst a farm caught our eye.  This one too was dedicated to Lord Shiva in the form of a Linga. 
Mailara Linga 
Shiva Temple in the Farm 

Places to visit around Bangalore/ ಬೆಂಗಳೂರು/Bengaluru - Part 10

 Continued from here..

  51.   Midigeshi
Type: Hill, Fort, Mosque, Temples
Distance from Bangalore: 120 km
Trek Distance: 2 km (One Way)
Trek level: Easy
Directions from Bangalore: Bangalore – NH4 – Dabspet – Right Turn – Madhugiri – Bypass - Midigeshi
About:  The fort of Midigeshi is believed to have been built by a local Chieftain named Nagareddi, who named the fort after his wife Midigeshi, called so because she had hair (kesha) long enough that reached her heel (midi). This place was ruled by queens of the same family for a long time. Read more……
Fort Midigeshi 

Type: Ancient Capital, Temples
Distance from Bangalore: 50 km
Directions from Bangalore: Bangalore – NH 4 – Dabspet – Right Turn Towards NH 207 –  Drive Till Railway Crossing – Left Turn – Manne
About: 'Manne' is the erstwhile capital city of the Gangas, who shifted their capital from Avani of Mulbagal Taluk to here, and later to Talakad. There are many temples present here which were built during the reign of the Gangas. While most of them are completely renovated,  a few such as the Kapileshwara temple (though in  ruins now), proves a  great witness to the excellent  style of  Ganga Architecture. Read more…..
Kapileshwara Temple , Manne 
53.   Sheelanere
Type: Hoysala Temples
Distance from Bangalore: 145 km
Directions from Bangalore: Bangalore – Mysore Road – B R Koppal – Right Turn – Pandavapura – Towards K R Pete – Right Turn (Board in Kannada) - Sheelanere
About: 'Sheelanere' is a small village located near K R Pete. The Eshwara temple here was built by the Hoysalas in 1157 AD. This beautiful soap-stone temple is situated near a huge lake. Read more…..

Sunk Eshwara Temple, Sheelanere 
   54. Nagalapura
Type: Hoysala Temples
Distance from Bangalore: 150 km
Directions from Bangalore: Bangalore – NH 48 –  Right Turn – Myasandra –  Left Turn After 3 km –(There is a School on the Right Side) – Left Turn At The Dead End – Right Turn After 6 km – Nagalapura
About:  'Nagalapura', a village located in Turuvekere taluka , has two significantly beautiful and ornate Hoysala temples.  Nagalapura was a prosperous town under the Hoysala rule, whose grandeur can be felt when we look at these temples. Like most of the Hoysala towns, this too has a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva (Kedareshwara) and another temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu (Chennakeshava). Read more…..
Wall Panels of Kedareshwara Temple

Chennakeshava Temple - Rear View

Ceiling of Chennakeshava Temple

    55.   Narayanadurga
Type: Hill, Fort, Temples
Distance from Bangalore: 148 km
Trek Distance: 2 km (One Way)
Trek Level: Easy
Directions from Bangalore: Bangalore – Mysore Road – B R Koppal – Right Turn – Pandavapura – K R Pete – Right Turn – After 7 km Turn Left – Sindhaghatta – 3 km Further is Narayanadurga.
About: This place is also known as 'Kailaseshwaradurga' because of the Kailaseshwara temple present at the top. The fort is believed to have been built by a local chieftain under Vijayanagar Kings. There are many legends associated with this place, suggesting its association with the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. Read more…..
Narayanadurga Fort 
Kapileshwara Temple 

"Roadissi" Dancing on the Roads of Orissa

      "Roadissi" is the chronicle of our road trip to the beautiful state of Orissa/Odisha.  After reading a newspaper article about the famous temple of India "The Sun Temple of Konarak" being in danger, we decided to visit this marvelous  temple. Though our initial plan was only a 2 to 3 days trip covering Puri - Konark- Lake Chilika - Bhubaneshwar, on researching for places in Orissa, we realised 2 to 3 days were insufficient!!! A good 10 to 15 days would give us a good chance of covering most of the places and since we were driving so far, it made sense to make the best use of our time! Rule number one was to complete all our official works so we could take leave without any hindrances. Finally, we managed to get a good  two weeks leave and here on started our adventurous and unforgettable road trip to Orissa.
       Orissa is blessed  with immense natural, cultural and religious heritage. James Fergusson (author of the book " History of Indian and Eastern Architecture") declares in his book that " there are more temples now in Orissa than in all the rest of Hindustan put together". W W Hunter stated that "From end to end, it is one region of pilgrimage". Orissa, rightly called as the land of temples, is home to the most beautiful masterpieces of architecture. 
Our Itinerary
1) Pilgrimage - Puri Jaganath, Puri  and the Lingaraja  Temple, Bhubaneshwar
2) Architectural, Hindu - Konark, Bhubaneshwar, Cuttack, Banks of  the River Mahanadi
3) Architectural, Buddhism/Jainism - Dhaulagiri, Udayagiri (2), Ratnagiri, Lalitagiri and Khandagiri
4) Natural wonders - Atri and Taptapani Hot Water Springs
5) Wildlife - Simlipal Tiger Reserve, Bhitarkanika and Gahirmatha, Chilika and Satkosia
6) Beaches - Gahirmatha, Chilika, Puri, and Chandrabagh
7) Forts - Sisupalgarh and Cuttack
8) Art - Pipli, the Art Village
9) Asokan Edicts - Dhaulagiri and Behrampur
 Unfortunately, the Simlipal Tiger Reserve remained closed due to Naxal activities in the region, thus ruining our opportunity of visiting the reserve as well as India's second highest waterfall - the Barehipani waterfall (1300 ft), which falls inside the reserve limits. Also, visits to Satkosia, Taptapani, Cuttack and Behrampur  failed to materialize due to various reasons. Apart from these, as it was road trip, we got to explore a lot of hidden treasures of both states, Orissa and Andhra Pradesh. Road trips always are an added advantage as we have no time limits and free to explore any place we feel like!

Places to visit in Orissa
Roadissi - Dancing on the roads of Orissa
  Our companions of the trip
1) Information Center -  "Architecture of the Indian Subcontinent " by Takeo Kamiya, India - Eyewitness Travel of DK, Incredible India of IMS, Wildlife Holidays in India of Outlook Traveller, Konark - By Thomas Donaldson, Temple Cities of Orissa - By Balaram Mishra and few details collected from various websites
2) Clicking partners - Canon Power shot G3 (5 GB) and Canon EOS 450 D (16 GB)
3) GPS -  Eicher Road Atlas (wonderful road atlas) and IMS India Road Atlas
4) Music partner - Our good old pen drive with 4 GB capacity, full of songs (old and new Kannada and Hindi songs, dropped the latest ones as some of them have no meaning at all!!)
5) Telecom partners - BSNL, Airtel and Vodafone - had three for safety as we were unsure of the connectivity (though it turned out to be far better than we expected). Very important to keep in touch with our loved ones
6) A travel diary for writing  down  details of places visited, etc., including expenditure

Our Travel Oath
1) Not to exceed a speed limit of 100 kmph (Result:Never exceeded 100 kmph)
2) No night driving beyond 10 pm . (Result:Oath broken on last day while returning back, by celebrating New Year's during the drive)
3) Calling home everyday (Result:Did not dare to break this one!) 
The only package trip we opted for, during our trip : 2 days at the Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary. Halted at the Sand Pebbles Resort, very close by to the sanctuary limits

Total Cost : Under Rs 60,000/- per couple, including the Bhitarkanika package (16k) and diesel expense (14k), which are the major contributors

Road Conditions : 95 % of the roads were excellent, rest were manageable except  for a kilometer stretch that leads to the Bhitarkanika Sanctuary
Total km : 4438
Number of Days : 14, 19 December 2010 5:15 am to 01 Jan 2011 2:30 pm
Total No of photos taken : 14 GB, 7352 clicks
The Beginning
Morning Hues
First Sunrise of our Trip
Smooth Road Connecting Chintamani and Madanpalle
A P State Highway  61
Traffic Pile Up on the River Godavari Bridge
Traffic Jam at Vizag Steel Junction
Awesome Road Connecting Puri and Konark
Wow ! What a Sight - The Sun Temple, Konarak
Muddy  Road Leading to the Wild Bhitarkanika
Last Sunset of our  trip  (Visakhapatnam)
 The End and Beginning of a New Journey

The dance shall continue ......

Manyapura/ Manne- The lost Capital of Gangas

    "Manyapura (Manne)" is home to many temples built by the Gangas. The most famous amongst them  are the 'Kapileswara temple and the 'Someswara' temple. The Someswara temple is in a very bad state with no maintenance. The temple looks engulfed by many outgrown plants which need to be cleaned. There is an idol of Nandi inside the temple which is partly damaged.
Someswara Temple
Ruined Temple
The partly damaged Nandi Idol
Stone  Pillar
Pattika of Lord Ganesha
 Our guides were eager to show us the other hidden treasures of their village about which we had no clue. They took us to Lord Hanuman temple which was completely renovated. But the most impressive part was the pillar on which the lord was inscribed. Within the temple compound, we found an interesting sculpture of  Lord Ganesha , a Hero Stone and again a partly damaged idol of Nandi.

Lord Hanuman Temple and the Pillar
Lord Hanuman
Hero Stone
Lord Ganesha
      Thereon, we moved towards the center of the village which housed a few temples, inscriptions and a Mantap. The mantap currently serves as a storage  place for fodder.
Devi Temple Shikara
The Lady  ( Devi's Reincarnation )
Devi's Temple
The inscriptions
      Just when we had in mind that we had covered all places of historical importance here, the kids surprised us by telling us they had another special place in store for us that was worth visiting. They took us to their school. While we wondered what made them bring us here, they took us to place that looked like a miniature museum. Recently an idol (only the head portion) was found around this place, which is believed to be of either the Buddha or the Mahavira (not sure). Our guess would be Mahavira since the Gangas  followed Jainism. Shravanabelagola, Kambadahalli and other Jain temples were built during their period .
Hero Stone
Naga Devathas

Beheaded Idol
        Manyapura (Manne) is a really wonderful place filled with history which has been lost somewhere due to our negligence. There are many other small temples in this village which we sadly could not cover. It is advisable to take help from the  locals to move around the village.

Directions from Bangalore: Bangalore - NH4 - T Begur - Take right turn - Thayamangondlu (8 kms) - Proceed further till the railway crossing (NH207)-Take a  right and immediate left turn - Manne

Distance from Bangalore: About 50 kms 

Places to visit nearby: Nelamangala, Binnamangala, Shivagange, Nijagal Fort and many more.

Trip Date: 14 Jan' 2010

References : 
1 Photographs up and down the  lane  .
2 Nelamangala planning authority(website doesn't exist now)

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