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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Mysore Dasara and Top 15 Attractions in and around Mysore

Lit Mysore Palace
View of Lit Mysore Palace From Chamundi Hills
Mysore/Mysuru/Maisooru is world renowned for its 407 year old tradition of Dasara celebration, popularly known as 'Nadahabba' of Karnataka. Mysore is regarded as the cultural capital of Karnataka. The 'Aane Ambari' or 'Jumbo Savari' is a major attraction of the Mysore Dasara wherein the decorated elephants carry the golden howdah weighing about 750 kg, housing a beautiful murti of mother Chamundeshwari. The Royal couple of the Wodeyar family begin the festival celebrations by offering special puja to mother Chamundeshwari at the Chamundeshwari temple, atop the Chamundi hills. The celebration lasts for 10 days beginning with the first day of Navaratri and ending on the 10th day or Vijayadashami, the day that mother Chamundeshwari slayed the demon king Mahishasura.  This year is more exciting with a few added attractions to this celebration, like the helicopter ride and many such. Apart from the Aane Ambari, the second most popular attraction is the beautiful  illumination of Mysore Palace. The LED bulb lit Mysore Palace dazzles during night and is a feast for the eyes. The lighting timings during festive occasion is between 7 pm and 9 pm on all the ten days. Apart from Dasara, the palace is lit on all Sundays and government holidays between 7 pm and 7:45 pm. There are many other attractions around Mysore in addition to the events during the famous Mysore Dasara.
Mysore Palace, Chamundi Hills
Mysore Palace as Seen From Chamundi Hill with out Lights
1. Chamundi Hills: This is the most important landmark of Mysore which houses temples dedicated to goddess Chamundeshwari and Lord Mahabaleshwara, considered to be the one of the earliest temples of Mysore, dating back to the 9th century. Chamundi hills is very well connected to Mysore with many city buses plying regularly between the central bus stand and Chamundi hills. The temple remains open for most times during Dasara festival, except for an hour in the afternoons and evenings. The best time to visit the hill will be early in the morning to get a glimpse of this mist clad hillock and also during evenings, when the Mysore palace is lit. The view of the lit Mysore palace from Chamundi hills is gorgeous and will make the trip to Mysore most memorable.
Chamundeshwari Temple, Chamundi Hills, Mysore
Chamundeshwari Temple, Chamundi Hills
2. Mysore Zoo: This zoo is regarded as the most beautiful and best maintained zoo in the country. It is also considered to be the oldest of zoos to have been established in India, during the year 1892 by the Mysore King - Sri Chamarajendra Wodeyar Bahadur. The zoo is home to a few of the many exotic animals not found elsewhere in India. This is a must visit place in Mysore. The Zoo is generally closed on Tuesdays, although during Dasara it remains open on all days.
Mysore Zoo
Walkway Inside Mysore Zoo
3. Mysore Palace and Temples in the Palace complex: The Mysore palace or Amba Vilas Palace as it is called was first built in the 14th century by Yaduraya, and has been subsequently undergone various renovations and reconstructions. The current structure was built by the Mysore Maharaja Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV and was completed in 1912, after the old palace was burnt down to ashes. The palace has various exhibits of the Wodeyar kings and queens, including the famous golden howdah/ambari on display. Photography is strictly prohibited here and entry to the palace is ticketed. There are 8 temples inside the palace complex of which, the Swetha Varahaswamy temple is the earliest and belongs to the Hoysala period built around 12th century AD. Mysore is also home to many other palaces such as the Jayalakshmi Vilas Palace, Lalithamahal Palace, Jaganmohan Palace and such.
Places to Visit in Mysore
Amba Vilas Palace
Top tourist attractions in Mysore
Large Temple Complex Inside the Palace Premises
Hoysala Temple in Mysore
Swetha Varahaswamy Temple
4. Karanji and Kukkarahalli Lakes: A visit to Mysore is incomplete without visiting these famous lakes. Both the lakes were constructed by the Wodeyar Kings during different periods, with Kukkarahalli lake being the earliest. Karanji Lake falls under the Forest department and is ticketed.
Karanji Lake, Mysore
Karanji Lake
5. St. Philomena's Church: St. Philomena's Church is a catholic church built in the year 1936 in  Neo- Gothic style and is considered to be one among the tallest Churches of Asia. This is one of the important landmarks of Mysore.
St Philomena Church, Mysore
St. Philomena's Church
6. Mysore Silk Emporium/Factory: The silk weaving factory owned by the Government is another place worth a visit and is great for buying authentic and high quality silk products. This factory was started in 1912 by the Mysore Maharaja Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV for meeting the requirements of the Royal family. This later developed into a full fledged business post independence after it was was transferred to the Mysore Sericulture Department.
7. Regional Museum of Natural History (RMNH): This place is a must visit for young kids simply because it is really interesting and educative. The RMNH, Mysore is the southern regional office of the National Museum of Natural History. The entry to the museum and parking is free.The other museums in town are the State Government Museum and the Wax Museum which one can also plan to visit.
Museum of Mysore
A Painting inside RMNH
8. GRS Fantasy Park: This park is an amusement water park located in the outskirts of Mysore (about 10 km). It is a great place for a full day of adventure and fun.
9. Brindavan Gardens: These gardens are located at a distance of about 21 km from Mysore and is developed around the KRS dam built across river Kaveri (lifeline of South Karnataka). Coming under the taluk of Srirangapatna of Mandya district, it is jointly maintained by the Cauvery Niravari Nigam and KSTDC. The musical lit fountains in the evenings are a major attraction of this park.
Musical Fountain, Brindavan Gardens
10. Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary: This beautiful bird sanctuary and scenic spot is home to many avian species and  is located about 15 km from Mysore on the banks of river Kaveri. The Karnataka Forest Department maintains this sanctuary and operates river safaris to take one around the river for sighting birds.
Inside Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary
11. Balmuri and Edmuri Falls: These waterfalls are located about 24 km from Mysore near the KRS dam. These are formed by a man-made check dam. This is a good spot to enjoy playing in the water and quite safe to swim, although with caution. Edumuri, situated close by to Balmuri falls is generally less visited.
Balmuri Waterfalls, Mandya
Balmuri Waterfalls
12. Mysore Sandal Factory: This factory started in 1916 by the Mysore Maharaja along with Diwan Sir M Visvesvaraya is a one stop solution for all sandal products. The sandal  products can at also be purchased at registered art and craft stores.
13. Shuka Vana Aviary: This rare aviary in the premises of SGS Ashram is a rehabilitation center for birds and is being maintained by Sri Ganapathy Sachchinanda Swamiji. It is home to a large variety of colorful species of parrots from all over the world. The experience of interacting with these birds, some of which are free to fly around is quite unique . Entry is free and photography inside the parrot park is strictly prohibited, although one can get photographed with a group of birds at a fixed price. This place is surely worth a visit.
Bird Art Inside Shuka Vana
14. Nanjangud: Nanjangud town is located about 25 km from Mysore and is home to one of the largest temple of Karnataka, Sri Srikanteshwara Temple. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva in the form of a Linga and is believed to have been built in 11th century AD by the Cholas and later improvised by the Hoysalas, the Vijayanagara and Wodeyar kings. This beautiful temple set on the banks of river Kapila is a must visit place around Mysore.
Sri Srikanteshwara Temple, Nanjangud
15. Srirangapatna: Srirangapatna town is located about 14 km from Mysore and is an erstwhile Agrahara since the time of the Ganga dynasty, who also built the temple of Lord Ranganathaswamy. This town was under the rule of the Hoysalas, Vijayanagara kings, Wodeyars, Tippu, and later again fell into the hands of the Wodeyars. There are many temples, tombs, a fort and bridge and a few British bungalows here. This town on the banks of river Kaveri is considered to be one among the holy places in Karnataka. 
River Kaveri
River Kaveri, Srirangapatnam
How to reach Mysore: Mysore is very well connected by road and rail to other parts of the country. It has a functional airport with regular flights to Chennai only as of now, with mega expansion plans in the future.
Where to stay in Mysore: There are umpteen number of options available for accommodation in Mysore, suiting all budget classes. The Lalitha Mahal Palace Hotel is converted into a  luxury heritage hotel and is maintained by the Indian Tourism Development Corporation. Hotels Pai Vista, Park Lane, Roopa, Pai Viceroy, and Maurya Residency to name a few are the best hotels situated in close proximity to the the Mysore Palace as well as the bus stand.
Where to eat in Mysore: Although most of the above mentioned hotels provide complimentary break fast, one can surely try and get the real taste of Mysore by heading to Hotel Mylari which serves the best Mysore Masala Dosa or Hotel Siddhartha which reflects the authentic taste of Mysore. For Lunch, head to High Park Restaurant for a unique revolving roof-top buffet with amazing views, with the other good choices being Hotel Nalapak which offers quite a good range of vegetarian meals and Hotel RRR which is undoubtedly the best place in Mysore for non-vegetarian meals. Mysore also offers a rich variety of street food during night.

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Year 2013 Part 3 - Waterfalls

Waterfalls, Madkeri
Umbalagundi Falls @ Madikeri
Waterfalls, Shimoga
T A falls @ Shimoga
Chandikamba Falls, Hulikal Falls
Chandikamba Falls @ Shimoga
Kunchikal Falls, Shimoga
K Falls @ Shimoga

Jog Falls, Sagar
Jog Falls @ Shimoga
Waterfalls, Yadgir
Dabb Dabi Falls @ Yadgir
Gavi Siddeshwara Falls, Yadgir
Gavi Siddeshwara Falls @ Yadgir
Ethipotla Falls, Gulbarga, Chincholi
Ethipotla Falls @ Gulbarga

Waterfalls, Madkeri
K K Border Falls @ Madikeri
Waterfalls Madkeri
Sliding Falls @ Madikeri
Malalli Falls, Somwarpet, Coorg
Malalli Falls @Madikeri
Mankyadhara Falls, Bababudangiri, Chikmagaluru
Manikyadhara Falls @ Chikmagaluru
Abbi waterfalls, Chikmagaluru
K Abbi @ Chikmagaluru
Chamdka water Falls South Cananra
Chamadka Falls @ South Canara
Hogenakkal Falls, Tamilnadu , Karnataka
Hogenakkal Falls @ Tamil Nadu
Sirimane Falls, Chikmagaluru
Sirimane Falls @ Chikmagaluru
Balamuri Falls @ Mysore

Shivansamudra waterfalls
Gaganachukki Falls @ Mysore
Cauvery Waterfalls, Mysore
Barachukki Falls @ Mysore
Barachukki Falls @ Mysore

K K Border Falls2 @ Madikeri

K Abbi @ Madikeri

Monday, July 5, 2010

Places to visit around Bangalore/ Bengaluru/ ಬೆಂಗಳೂರು part-5

27. Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary 
           Type :Wildlife, Boating
           Nearest Town:Srirangapatna
           Distance from Bangalore:120kms
           Direction: Take Mysore road up to Srirangapatna. On reaching a big circle ahead, take a right turn . Ranganathittu is about 4 km hereon .
           About: A very popular place among picnickers and birdwatchers. It is a nice place to sight migratory birds from other parts of the world. Avoid going during peak monsoons as boating facilities will be suspended due to the rise in water level. Crocodiles are common  inhabitants of the river. Water birds during breeding season include the Stork (Painted, Open Bill), Spoonbill, Ibis( Black headed, White) the Pied Kingfisher. Other common birds include the Kingfisher, Egret, Heron, Cormorant, and Darter. Places to visit around: Srirangapatna (historical place) , Krishna Raja Sagar Dam , Kokkare Belluru and Mysore.
Anchor and a good Guide
Black Headed Ibis

28  Kurudumale
           Type :Hill, Temples
           Nearest Town:Mulbagal
           Distance from Bangalore: 110kms
          Direction: Take Old madras road up to Mulbagal , enter the town and take the first left turn , travel for about 6 kms, then take a right turn to reach Kurudumale.
           About: This place is famous for the Ganesha temple built by  Vijayanagar kings. The idol is 14 ft tall. There is another temple dedicated to Lord Someshwara (Lord Shiva), also situated in Kurudumale. These temples are very sacred .Lot of pilgrims visit these places. An other interesting feature of this place is the cave on a near by hillock. The cave is called GIBITA GAVI in telugu and Situated at the center/rear side of the Kootadri Parvatha hill. It is believed that Sage Koundinya still visits the cave and has made it his head quarters by offering pooja to the deities Someswara and Ganesha.It would just take a few steps (about 25 min) to reach the cave. Other places to visit nearby would be Mulbagal Hanuman temple ,Virupaksha temple, Avani, Bangaru Tirupathi, Devara Tirupathi and Kotilingaeshwara.
View of the Temple from Kootadri Parvatha
Gibita  Gavi
Mulbagal Hanuman Temple
29  Hadinakal 
            Type :Hill, Temples
            Nearest Town:Yediyur
            Distance from Bangalore: 110kms
            Trek Distance: 2kms
            Trek level:Easy
           Direction : Take Magadi Road , continue on the state highway to reach NH 48. Take left turn, cross yediyur, here on  in about 4kms you find a village called Thirumalpura .Immediately after crossing the village, take a right turn to reach the village of Byrasandra.  From here, there is no possibility of missing the route to the hill.
          About: This is a very famous local pilgrim center but still unknown to most of the outside world .This place has much to offer . I would call this a complete entertainer . First of all, it is a great place for bird watching. We spotted Egyptian vultures , varieties of Kites and Eagles, Bee eaters, Lapwings,and Silver Bills. There are high chances of spotting peacocks and pea hens too,  since it is a home to many of them .There are many old and new temples at the foothill , mostly dedicated to Lord Rama and his disciple Lord Hanuman . The trek is very easy as steps are laid up to the top , though one can deviate. On the top, there is a pillar with an image of Lord Hanuman inscribed on it. 
View of the Hill
Board at the Entrance
Temple on the Top

30  Vani Vilasa Sagar Dam (Mari Kanve) 
             Type :Dam
             Nearest Town:Hiriyur
             Distance from Bangalore: 140kms
             Direction : Take NH4 to reach a crossing to Hosadurga, a  little further take a left turn to reach the Dam.
            About: The Dam was built in the year 1891 and was engineered by Sir M.Visvesvaraya. It is located near Hiriyur Taluk, Chitradurga District. It is the oldest dam in the state. The dam was built by the Mysore Maharaja pre-independence across the river Vedavathi. The dam is an exquisite piece of architecture, an engineering marvel of that time. Great place, Accommodation is available here on permission .
Details of the Dam
A Great Piece of Engineering
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Friday, June 18, 2010

Places to visit around Bangalore/ Bengaluru part-4

23. Varlakonda
             Type: Hill, fort , Temple
             Nearest Town : Chikkaballapur
             Distance from Bangalore : 75 kms
             Trek Distance: 2kms ( one way)
             Trek Level : Easy
             Directions: Take the Hyderabad highway NH7, cross Chikballapur,  proceed on the highway till the village of Varlakonda is reached. On the left, one can sight the Hill with some fortifications on it . Take a left turn and drive for about half a kilometer.
             About: It falls under the lesser explored place category. Climb is easy but there are no exact routes to the top. There is a small temple on the top and some old ruins. The temple is dedicated to Lord Rama.
VarlaKonda Trek near Bengaluru
View of Varlakonda Hill from the Road
Temple on the top of the Hill
24. Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta 
            Type: Hill, Temple, Wildlife
            Nearest Town : Harohalli
            Distance from Bangalore : 50 kms
            Trek Distance: 4 1/2kms ( one way)
            Trek Level : Moderate
            Directions : Take the Kankapura road up to Harohalli ,then take a left turn after the bus stand and immediately take a right  to reach DoddaMarlawadi. At the circle, take a right and continue straight for 3kms till you reach a village named Konnaldoddi. Here on, take a left , travel about 300mts, take another left turn to reach the temple.
            About: This is a popular place. People have a fair idea about it. There are many cross tracks on the way ahead but do not deviate . There are directions up to the top but confusing. View from the top is  awesome . One can see the entire region of Banerghatta  National park on one side and  the town of Kankapura on the other. Caution: Avoid making noise and use of mobile as it is known to distract elephants. Yes, this hill is a habitat for the big mammals . 
Bilikal Rangaswamy Hill, Kankapura
View of Bilikal From The Road
Bilikal Rangaswamy Hill, Trek Near Bengaluru
Temple on the top of the Hill
Route to the Top
25. Somanathpuram
           Type: Temple, Historical interest
           Nearest Town : Malavalli
           Distance from Bangalore :140 kms
          Direction: Take the Mysore Road till Maddur, reach Malavalli and follow directions to the temple.
          About: It is a very nice stone carved temple. It was built by Hoysala Kings Narshima III under the leadership of Somanatha. Thus, the name. Take a guide if  interested in knowing the details of the carvings, etc. Behind the temple is the river side (about 1km form the temple)  where peacocks can be spotted if lucky. Places to visit nearby include Shivanasamudram, Cauvery fishing camp and Talakad .
Carvings on the walls of the Temple

Keshava Temple
26. Akkayamma Betta 
            Type: Hill, Temple
            Nearest Town : Chikjala
            Distance from Bangalore : 25 kms
            Direction : On the way to the new Airport, at Chikjala,  take a right  turn to reach the hillock.
          About: It is one of the less explored  places around Bangalore. There are a lot of temples and cave temples on the top. The place seems more lively during Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays with special kind of pujas .
View of the Hill
Welcome to Akkayamma Betta
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