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Friday, June 18, 2021

Nagamalai Fort- A Lesser Known Fort Near Krishnagiri, A Good Weekend Trek From Bengaluru

The Mighty Hill - Nagamalai 

Our search for the twelve forts constituting the “Baramahal” or “the twelve Palaces” this time lead us to Nagamangalam, situated in Krishnagiri. We had spotted a hill fort from Jagadevi fort during our visit to that place but we were unable to explore this fort.  Finally, this year, on a fine Sunday morning we decided to explore this hill. After having a good breakfast at one of the hotels in Krishnagiri and packing enough food to survive during the trek, we headed towards Nagamangalam. Reaching this fort was easy as were aware of the location. Confirming the route again to the hill base with the locals to ensure we were on the right track, we reached the base of the hill fort. The locals helped us find the start point of the trek.

Nagamalai Fort 
Not much of the history of this forts seems to be documented in the English literature. The only reference we were able to find was the “Madras District Gazetteer - Salem”.  It is mentioned in this that Nagamangalam was one among the twelve palaces constituting “the Baramahal”. This information was sufficient for us to explore the fort. The fort seems to have been built during the rule of Channarayapatna Palegar, Sri Jagadevaraya who also built the fort at Jagadevi. Although the fort of Nagamangalam has more resemblance to Thattakaldurgam in terms of its location and architecture, the absence of any temple here signifies that it was built during Sri Jagadevaraya's rule, similar to the Fort of Jagadevi.

The trek initially is through the forest path after which we had to cross a small hillock to reach the base of the main hill. Hereon, the trek turned more adventurous. We had to climb a 70-degree inclined slope and without any proper route nor support while ascending, it was quite a challenge to overcome this stretch until we reached the ramparts of the fort. Here we were welcomed by a small door, probably used for emergency escape during any contingencies. Moving further along the walking path lead us to a point which deviated into two routes, one leading downwards and another leading upwards. We decided to take the downward route first to explore the main portions of the fort.

The Young Trekker

The Wild Trek Route
A nicely laid staircase led us downwards to the main entrance of the fort. Half-way down the staircase, we spotted the living area of the fortress on the other side. However, we wanted to explore the gateway area first and come back to exploring this later. The gateway here is very beautiful with Lord Ganesha sculpted on its lintel. Lord Ganesha seems to be the istha devata of Sri Jagadevaraya, which is quite evident across the forts built during his period. This fort gateway is associated with a building probably one that served as a guard’s room for the soldiers to rest. The top portion of the gateway made of brick and mortar seems like a later addition. After exploring the gateway, we walked along the ramparts to reach the living area of the fort.
The Slope

Enter The Dragon Moment 

The Well Laid Steps

The Gateway 

We headed straight towards the structure that looked like the base of a Mahal/ royal palace/ residence of army chieftain. This beautiful structure is made of locally sourced stones. Besides this structure is a huge granary. Further ahead are 2 structures resembling an armoury, a place to store gun powder and other ammunitions. There is a big rain water harvesting pond which probably was the main source of drinking water. The water here was clean and clear except for the fallen leaves. There is a big bastion overlooking this living place, which served as the vantage point to keep an eye on the enemies. This single tiered hill fort probably served more like a military outpost to Jagadevi fort. The Bastion gave clear view of Jagadevi fort; any attack over there seemed to have alerted the army here. We now halted for some rest and food under a shade.

The Remains of Palace

The Structures inside the Fortress

The Major Water Source
We emptied our packed food in no time since we were dead hungry. After resting for a while, we headed towards exploring the upper part of the fort and started to back track. We came across a beautiful carving of Lord Anjaneya on a stone. As we get down from here, there are remains of the foundation of a structure resembling a mantapa, the foundation or the base platform was seen having some carvings of animals. Now, it was time for us to start our descent.  While descending the 70-degree slope, we were very cautious and carefully got down the slope. Rest of the descent was uneventful.

The View From Big Bastion

Remains of Structure Probably Residence

The Other View of the Residence

Inside the Armoury 

The Ruins of Armoury

The Bastion 

The Mantapa

Kote Anjaneya Swamy
One of the interesting aspects of this place was finding a dolmen on the inclined slope. Although we did not sight or find any rock art or cave paintings apart from the dolmen, this place seemed perfect for prehistoric settlement owing to the presence of numerous caves and rock shelters. The Fort is well preserved naturally due to its location and not many people venturing here. The overall route is easy except for the slopy stretch, but is quite lengthy being about 8 km (to and fro).
Fort Gateway & The Trekker 
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Monday, February 22, 2021

Ramadevara Betta Kote, Fort Ramanagara

The Fort at Ramadevara Betta is a large one with 7 tiers. Much of the fortification still remains intact and one can get a clear picture of the mighty fort that once stood here. The lower fortification extended up till the river Arkavathi and had enclosed the erstwhile town of Ramagiri. However today, the town has disappeared, with a few mango groves and farms taking its place. The lower fortification on the river bank is still intact at a few places. Except for the fortification and temples around, most of the other structures are lost. There are at least 5 water ponds  present at various levels of fortification, apart from the river which has served as a source of drinking water.  

Rama Devara Betta
Old Steps With Fortification

From the entrance to the fort, a tier of fortification with old steps is visible to us. Currently, there are well laid steps leading us to the temple dedicated to Lord Pattabhirama.  There are two routes from the temple site, one towards the lower fortification which takes us through 3 tiers of fortification up till the river and the second takes us to the upper fortification. First time during our visit, we chose the route towards the river. At the 5th gateway near the temple is a beautiful carving of Lord Krishna accompanied by Lords Garuda and Anjaneya. Going further down the steps, we reached the spot of Kote Anjaneya Swamy which is believed to have been installed 700 years ago located close to the 4th gateway. While we offered our prayers to the lord here, we came to know from the priest about the presence of a carving of Lord Rama's feet further down for which we had to cross two more gateways to reach. 

Rama Devara Betta
Locally Known as 'Ramana Gundu'

Rama Devara Betta
Bird's Eye View From Top of Rama Devara Betta

On one of the rocks on our way down is a carving of Lord Ganesha and a little further lies a water pond. After exploring around, we walked further down to reach the spot of the carving of Lord Rama's Feet. We met an elderly person who upon inquiry went on to explain the story about Sri Kempegowda taking refuge near the place of the carving and also getting a dream of building a fort here. He also narrated that Sri Kempegowda found some treasure here from which he was able to build Bengaluru. There is a small temple built recently that houses a carving of Lord Anjaneya along with other sculptures. We were also informed that a walk of about 10 mins from will lead us to the first tier of fortification near the river. As we had other plans, we could not explore that side of the fortification and it was also too late to trek towards the upper fortification. 

Rama Devara Betta
5th Gateway of Ramagiridurgam

Rama Devara Betta
Lord Ganesha Carved On a Rock

During our next visit, we explored the upper fortification wherein the 6th and 7th gateways remain completely destroyed. The route towards the top is easy to climb except for the last stretch. This last stretch is known as the Honna Kumbhi Betta. A a security guard appointed by the forest department always remains stationed at this point to control the crowd movement. This place is so named since it is believed that Sri Kempegowda found a  treasure here, thus the name honna (gold) and the shape of the hill when seen from the Bengaluru side is conical and thus the name kumbhi. Right at the start of this stretch is the famed carving of the Vanara King Sugriva. A set of rock cut steep steps lead us to the top. The top most part of the fort is a big plateau region with one big water pond and ruins of fortification  spread here and there. The views from the top is simply astounding and mesmerizing. We spent some time here after which we got down to have the darshan of Lord Pattabhirama. Anna prasadam was also served at the temple (served on weekends and special days). 

Rama Devara Betta
Climb Up to Honna Kumbi Betta

Rama Devara Betta
Water Pond

 The Fort  is believed to have been built/strengthened by the Nadaprabhu Kempegowda's Family. Later, it was captured by the Mysore Wodeyars, after which it came under the control of Hyder Ali and  finally was captured in 1791 by the British under the captaincy of Welch. The people who lived here slowly moved out and settled in Closepet (erstwhile name of Ramanagara). Buchchanan says that "The place is dreadfully infested by tigers, especially the fort, which occupies a large rocky hill, capable of a very tedious defense, even without any assistance from art". During Buchanan's visit here, this place was inhabited by the Eriligaru/ Iruligas (a local hill tribe). 

Best Place to Visit around Bengaluru
Ramadevara Betta Viewed From Arkavathi River Bank

Friday, March 24, 2017

101 Interesting places to visit from Bangalore within 125 km: A 7th Anniversary Celebration of TeamGSquare’s Travel Blog

Bangalore/Bengaluru, a place known for its pleasant climate is also blessed with many beautiful places nearby. There is a plethora of places around Bangalore including forts, waterfalls, temples, wildlife sanctuaries, hills, pre-historic sites, pilgrimages, national parks, scenic spots and many such. Documenting the popular and most of the lesser known places around Bangalore has always been one of the major purposes of starting our blog TeamGSquare. Our first post was seven years ago and the journey so far has been enriching and satisfying, unpredictable at times and equally thrilling. This compilation comes as a celebration to mark our blog anniversary. As a part of it, we have made an effort to bring out a list of 101 interesting places we have visited near Bangalore within 125 km for weekend getaways. Out of these, information of places has been given with respect to its location, type and significance, while those which have already been fully covered in our blog with complete details are only attached with a link that will direct you straight to the page carrying its details. We also take this opportunity to sincerely and wholeheartedly thank all our readers, fellow bloggers, supporters, and well-wishers for always being with us.
This post also served as an eye opener to us since almost half of these places have not featured in our blog post yet and now our task has only increased with an aim to complete this series by the year end. Though travelling is much easier than blogging on any given day for us, blogging about a place gives us a different insight altogether and we enjoy both of them thoroughly. The challenge for the next year is to regularly update our blog which has lied dormant since long (over the last 2 years) owing to various reasons and has come alive through MP Diaries. So far, the year 2017 has been good with this being the 20th post already, which equaled the total number of posts written by us for the entire year of 2016. A special mention that there are many other places that are worth a visit around Bangalore and we shall keep updating our list as and when we visit them, also in this list below we have only selected the places in Karnataka.
Word of Caution: Trekking at many places such as Skandagiri, Madhugiri, Ambajidurga, and Bilikal Betta remains strictly banned by order since long. Hence, it is always advisable to check priorly with the locals before proceeding with trekking activity at any place in order to avoid mishappenings.

Thanks to the various kings of many dynasties for having left their mark in the form of mighty forts, in and around Bangalore. Many forts being hill forts gave us the good opportunity to trek during the day and enjoy nature.
1.  Chikkajala
     Type: Fort, Pre-historic site
     Directions from Bangalore: New Airport Road
     Distance from Bangalore: 25 km
    About: This place is a pre-historic site recognized by the ASI. Much of it is in danger and is paying the cost of being in close proximity to the expanding Bangalore city. A little ahead of the village on the new airport road is this small fort built by local the Palegars, probably in 17th century AD. The fort walls have been demolished to make way for widening of the new airport road. There is a beautiful temple dedicated Lord Anjaneya inside fort walls with a stepped well.
Chikkajala Fort
Stepped Well and Lord Anjaneya Temple Inside Chikkajala Fort
2.  Kundana
     Type: Fort
     Directions from Bangalore: Bangalore - New Airport road - Left turn - Kundana
     Distance from Bangalore: 35 km
     About: Click here to read more.
Kundana Fort
Kundana Fort
3.  Devanahalli
     Type: Fort, Jain temple, Ruined temples, Tippu’s birth place.
     Directions from Bangalore: New Airport Road - Devanahalli
     Distance from Bangalore: 35 km
    About: This place has many ruins of temples built during the Chola period; the fort here is attributed to Mallebairegowda who built it in the 15th century AD which was later occupied by Hyder Ali. It is no surprise that his son Tippu Sultan was born here. However, the British captured this fort from Tippu Sultan.
Ruined Shiva Temple 
 4.  Savandurga/Savanadurga
      Type: Fort, Temples, Pre-historic site, Forested area
      Directions from Bangalore: Magadi - Left turn - Savanadurga
      Distance from Bangalore: 45 km
  About: This is probably the most popular and favorite spot among the regular trekkers in Bangalore. Savanadurga is considered as one of the biggest monoliths around Bangalore. There are temples and a forest garden at the base of the hill. There are also ruins of a fort atop the hill. A few water ponds are seen on the way to the top. This place comprises of two hills named Kari-betta (Black-hill) and Bili-betta (White-hill) owing to its appearance. The hill is surrounded by forest. One can have a bird's eye view of Magadi town, Manchinbele backwaters and the surrounding forests. This trek will always remain close to our hearts as it was our first trek.
Savandurga fort
A Water Tank in the Back Drop of Manchinbele Reservoir 
5.  Magadi
     Type: Fort, Temples
     Directions from Bangalore: Magadi Road - Magadi
     Distance from Bangalore: 45 km
    About: Kempe Gowda, the founder of Bangalore was born in Magadi and also built a fort here. There are a few temples here among which the Ranganatha Swamy temple and Someshwara temple are very popular.
Ranganatha Swamy Temple, Magadi
Majestic Raja Gopuram of Ranganatha Swamy Temple 
6.  Nijagal
     Type: Fort, Temples
     Directions from Bangalore: Tumkur road - Near Dabaspet
     Distance from Bangalore: 50 km
   About: There is a temple and a mosque on the top of the hill. There are many cave temples here. This place is a local pilgrimage center. Animal sacrifices to the deity are a common sight. The fort is believed to have been built by Local Palegars and was later captured by Hyder Ali, Marathas, Nayakas, and the British.
Nijagal Fort, nearby Bangalore
A Ruined Temple Inside Nijagal Fort
7.  Devarayanadurga
     Type: Fort, Temples
     Directions from Bangalore: Tumkur road - Right turn at Dabaspet - Devarayanadurga
     Distance from Bangalore: 55 km
    About: The rocky hills are surrounded by forests and the hilltops are dotted with several temples including the Yoganarasimha and the Bhoganarasimha temples. The Yoganarasimha temple is on the top of the hillock and the Bhoganarasimha temple at the hill base. There are three sacred ponds or Kalyanis here called by the names of Narasimha-theertha, Parasara-theertha and Pada-theertha.
Bird's Eye View  of Yoganarasimha Temple, Devarayanadurga 
8.  Makalidurga
     Type: Fort, Temple
     Directions from Bangalore: Cross Doddaballapur - Drive towards Gauribidanur - Makalidurga 
     Distance from Bangalore: 55 km
    About: This place is very close to Ghati Subramanya. It is a 7 tiered fort out of which the remains of only 3 tiers are found today. There is a Shiva temple on the peak. There is another temple and two lakes at the base of the hill. One can have a bird's eye view of Ghati Subramanya, the lakes and the railway track from the peak.
Makalidurga fort
A View From Makalidurga 
9.  Ramanagar
     Type: Fort, Temples, Forest area, Vulture Sanctuary
     Directions from Bangalore: Mysore road - Ramanagar
     Distance from Bangalore: 55 km
    About: This place was the Ramghad of Sholay, the famous Hindi movie. The hills surrounding Ramanagar are together known as Sholay hills. The Ramadevara betta is a popular trekking spot and is also home to the endangered Vulture.
Carving of Lord Krishna, Garuda and Anjaneya 
10. Shivagange
      Type: Fort, Temples, Water-springs
      Directions from Bangalore: Tumkur road - Left turn near Dabaspet - Shivagange 
      Distance from Bangalore: 55 km
    About: This is another very popular spot around Bangalore, the history of which dates back to the Hoysala period, with the popular story of Queen Shanthala, the wife of King Vishnuvardhana committing suicide here. The fort was built by the Vijayanagara kings and later improved by Kempe Gowda. There are other interesting places such as the Olkal- theertha, Pathala-gange, and Kapila-theertha which are all natural water springs found on this hill.
Nandi on the Top of Shivagange 
11. Huthridurga
     Type: Fort, Temple
     Directions from Bangalore: Magadi - Kunigal Road - Left turn to Huthridurga
     Distance from Bangalore: 65 km
    About: This fort is believed to have been built by Kempe Gowda, the founder of Bangalore. This is a classic example of an 8 tiered fort, with the major part of the fortification still intact. There are two fortified hillocks around this village. It has a small temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and Nandi. Puja to the deities is performed only on Mondays and Fridays. Despite being so close to Bangalore, very few people are aware about this place.
Hutridurga Fort
Entrance to Huthridurga Fort 
12. Kabbaladurga
     Type: Fort, Temple
     Directions from Bangalore: Kanakapura - Sathnur - Right turn - Kabbaladurga
     Distance from Bangalore: 70 km 
    About: There is a temple dedicated to Goddess Kabbalamma at the hill base. This is a local pilgrimage center. Ruins of the fort and other structures are visible on the way to the peak. There are two temples at the top, one dedicated to Goddess Kabbalamma and the other to Lord Shiva. All the temples remain open on all days. 
Ruined Building at Kabbaladurga 
13. Rehmangarh  
     Type: Fort, Temple
     Directions from Bangalore: Hoskote - H Cross - left turn - Kaivara  - Rehmangarh
     Distance from Bangalore: 70 km 
     About: Click here to read more.
Fortification, Rehmangarh 
14. Varlakonda 
     Type: Fort, Pre-historic site 
     Directions from Bangalore: Chikkaballapur - Varlakonda 
     Distance from Bangalore: 70 km 
    About: It falls under the category of lesser explored places. The climb is easy though there are no fixed routes to the top. There is a small temple on the top and some old ruins. The temple is dedicated to Lord Rama. Click here to read more.
Stones Circles, Varlakonda 
15. Nandi Hills
     Type: Fort, Temple, Hill-station
     Directions from Bangalore: Devanahalli - Nandi Hills 
     Distance from Bangalore: 70 km 
    About: This is the most popular spot around Bangalore for people to visit; it attracts all kind of people. Though this place can get really crowded most of the times, the best way to enjoy is to reach the top by climbing the steps laid on the other side. It will surely be less crowded and extremely rewarding.
Nandi Hills
Mandapa, Nandi Hills 
16. Ambajidurga  
     Type: Fort, Temple
     Directions from Bangalore: Hoskote - Chintamani 
     Distance from Bangalore: 75 km 
     About: Click here to read more.
Ambajidurga Fort
Ambajidurga Fort 
 17. Hulukudi
     Type: Fort, Temple
     Directions from Bangalore: Doddaballapur - Dabaspet road - Right turn - Hulukudi
     Distance from Bangalore: 75 km 
     About: Click here to read more
Hulukudi Fort, lesser known fort near Bangalore
Tamil Inscriptions at Hulukudi 
     Type: Fort, Temple
     Directions from Bangalore: Chikkaballapur - Skandagiri
     Distance from Bangalore: 75 km 
     About: Clickhere to read more.
Sunrise at Skandagiri 
19. Hikkalappana Betta
     Type: Fort, Temple
     Directions from Bangalore: Dabaspet - Madhugiri Road - Right turn - Hikkalappana Betta
     Distance from Bangalore: 75 km 
   About: This place is also called as ‘Kurmagiri Kshetra’ and is one among the very few places with a temple dedicated to Lord Kurma (tortoise avatar of Lord Vishnu). Locally the Lord is known as Hikkalappa and there is a small temple nearby dedicated to Lord Vishnu consorts Bhudevi and Sridevi. This temple is recognized by Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) as one among the 108 sub-shrines of Tirupathi, which has led to development of this place.  
101 places to Visit around Bangalore
 Kurma Idol with Lord Venkateshwara 
20. Paparajanahalli
     Type: Fort, Temple
     Directions from Bangalore: Kolar - Paparajanahalli 
     Distance from Bangalore: 80 km 
Paparajanahalli fort, Anataragange hills Kolar
A Water Pond, Paparajanahalli 
21. Ramadevara Durga (Hosadurga)
     Type: Fort, Temple
     Directions from Bangalore: Kanakapura - Kodihalli - Hosadurga
     Distance from Bangalore: 80 km
    About: This one among the unknown places around Bangalore. The hill is located about 2 km from the main village of Hosadurga. There is a five tiered fort with most of the fortification ruined. There is s small mandapa on the hill top with a pillar. The pillar houses a beautiful carving of Chaturbhuj Rama and the same is believed to have been installed by Vyasa muni. The fort seems to be a 16th century structure built by the local Palegars.
Ramadevara durga betta, Kanakapura
Ramadevara Durga Hill
Chaturbhuj pillar, Fort Ramadurga
Chaturbhuj Rama Pillar 
 22. Jalamangala
     Type: Fort, Temple
     Directions from Bangalore: Ramanagar - Right turn - Left turn - Jalamangala
     Distance from Bangalore: 80 km
    About: This hill is located about 2 km from the main village and now a road has been laid till half way. Here on the trek distance is short and access to the hill top is easy which has made way for people creating nuisance here. The nice and cool breeze makes it a perfect place to spend on a summer morning. There is a temple dedicated to Lakshmi Narayana.
Jalamangala fort
Jalamangala Fort
23. Bhairavadurga 
     Type: Fort, Temple
     Directions from Bangalore: Nelamangala - Mangalore Highway - Right turn - Bhairavadurga
     Distance from Bangalore: 80 km 
     About: Click here to read more.
Bhairavadurga fort, One of Navadurgas around Bangalore
Bhairavadurga Fort 
 24. Gudibande
     Type: Fort, Temple
     Directions from Bangalore: Chikkaballapur - Right turn - Gudibande 
     Distance from Bangalore: 95 km
    About: Gudibande fort was built by a local chieftain named Byre Gowda. With more than 13 (locals say there are 19) rock ponds at different levels, this fort seemed to have a perfect rainwater harvesting system. There is a temple on the peak dedicated to Lord Shiva, which has been renovated recently with marble flooring. The Shiva linga in the temple is believed to be one amongst the 108 jyothirlingas in India. When viewed from here, the Byrasagara Lake looks like the map of India.
Gudibande Fort
A Warrior 
25. Mulbagal 
     Type: Fort, Temple
     Directions from Bangalore: Kolar - Mulbagal 
     Distance from Bangalore: 95 km
     About: Click here toread more. 
Mulbagal Fort
Mulbagal Fort 
26. Sira
     Type: Fort, Tombs, Mosque
     Directions from Bangalore: Tumkur - Sira
     Distance from Bangalore: 90 km 
     About: The fort here was built by Rangappa Nayaka, Chieftain of Ratnagiri and was later captured by the Bijapur Sultans, then by the Marathas, Hyder Ali, Tippu and lastly by the British. No efforts are undertaken to restore this beautiful fort. There are many structures in the town of Sira such as the Ibrahim Rauza, Malik Rehan Dargah, Khan Bagh and many more.
Malik Rehan Dargah, Sira
Malik Rehan Dargah, Sira 
27. Channarayanadurga  
     Type: Fort, Temple
     Directions from Bangalore: Koratagere - Left Turn - Channarayanadurga 
     Distance from Bangalore: 95 km
     About: Click hereto read more.
Channarayanadurga Fort
Channarayanadurga Fort 
 28. Avani
     Type: Fort, Temples
     Directions from Bangalore: Kolar - Right Turn - Avani 
     Distance from Bangalore: 105 km 
     About: Avani is one among the few places where there is a temple dedicated to Goddess Sita. There is a beautiful temple at the base of the hill known as Ramalingeshwara Temple. The Shiva linga here is believed to have been installed by Lord Rama himself. The fort on the hill is in a state of decay and ruin. There is also a Shringeri Mutt here.
Avani Fort
Avani Fort 
Ramalingeshwara Temple, Avani
Ramalingeshwara Temple, Avani 
 29. Kurudumale 
     Type: Fort, Temples
     Directions from Bangalore: Kolar - Mulbagal - Left turn - Kurudumale
     Distance from Bangalore: 110 km
     About: The Someshwara temple here was built by Chola kings and is unique since it doesn't have any kind of foundation. There is a temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha whose   idol is big and beautiful. This temple is very popular among the locals and visited by many. There are a few ruined temples spread across the village. The fort here is in a state of neglect.
Someshwara Temple, Mulbagal
Lingdhodbhava Katha Depiction on a pillar of Someshwara Temple, Mulbagal 
30. Madhugiri
     Type: Fort, Temples
     Directions from Bangalore: Dabaspet - Right turn - Madhugiri
     Distance from Bangalore: 110 km 
     About: Click here to read more.
Madhugiri Fort
The Mighty Madhugiri 
31. Tekal
     Type: Fort, Cave exploration 
     Directions from Bangalore: Kolar - Tekal 
     Distance from Bangalore: 75 km 
     About: Click here to read more.
Tekal Caves
Caves of Tekal 
32. Narsapura 
     Type: Cave exploration
     Directions from Bangalore: Hoskote - Narsapura  
     Distance from Bangalore: 40 km
    About: This hillock is situated right at the entrance of Narsapura Industrial Estate, and has a temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman. There are many caves to explore here.
Narsapura Betta
Green Locust 

33. Turahalli  
     Type: Hill, Mini-forest 
     Directions from Bangalore: Kanakapura road - Right turn - Turahalli 
     Distance from Bangalore: 20 km 
    About: This hillock is a favorite hangout for south Bangaloreans and is among the last remaining forest patches around Bangalore. This place is a hit among trekkers, joggers, walkers, cyclists and naturalists. Sadly, it is again on the verge of extinction due to the rapidly expanding Bangalore city. 
Turahalli mini Forests
Green Bangalore 
34. TK Waterfalls  
     Type: Seasonal Waterfalls, Mini-forest 
     Directions from Bangalore: Kanakapura road – Kaggilipura- Left turn – TK Waterfalls 
     Distance from Bangalore: 25 km 
    About: This waterfall comes under Bannerghatta National Park range and is a seasonal waterfall. The setting of this falls is extremely beautiful, but sadly being close to Bangalore, this place and the like have been subjected to severe littering. 
T K waterfalls Bangalore
TK Falls 
 35. Ramohalli 
     Type: Nature 
     Directions from Bangalore: Kengeri - Right turn at Rajarajeshwari Medical College - Ramohalli 
     Distance from Bangalore: 30 km 
     About: This place is popularly referred as "The Big Banyan Tree" and the Banyan tree here is believed to be 400 years old. This is one among the largest of Banyan trees in the country. 
Lime Butterfly 
 36. TG Halli 
     Type: Reservoir 
     Directions from Bangalore: Magadi Road - TG Halli 
     Distance from Bangalore: 30 km
     About: TG Halli Dam or the Thippagondanahalli Reservoir, also known as Chamarajsagar is located at the confluence of the rivers of Arkavathi and Kumudavathi. It serves as a major source of drinking water for Bangalore west. The dam was built under the supervision of Sir M Visvesvaraya. Entry into the dam premises requires prior permission from concerned authorities, although there are many ways one can enjoy the dam surroundings. This place is a heaven for bird watchers. Read more.
Lotus Grown in the Backwaters of TG Halli Reservoir 
37. Hesaraghatta 
     Type: Grassland, Lake, Cattle Rearing Farm
     Directions from Bangalore: Tumkur road - Right turn - Hesaraghatta 
     Distance from Bangalore: 30 km 
     About: The grassland of Bangalore is a wonderful place for bird watchers. The vast expanse of the grass land is quite interesting. There is large lake here; however, the failing monsoons and irregular constructions around have impacted the water levels in a significant way. There are various units such as cattle rearing farm, goat/ sheep rearing training centre, poultry training centre and many animal husbandry institutes here which provide valuable extension services to interested people. 
Cattle Rearing Center,  Hesaraghatta 
38. Manchinbele  
     Type: Reservoir
    Directions from Bangalore: Kengeri - Right turn at Rajarajeshwari Hospital - Left turn at Chandrappa circle - Manchinbele
     Distance from Bangalore: 35 km 
    About: Manchinbele is a small reservoir. The dam is built across river Arkavathi mainly for irrigation purposes and providing drinking water to the town of Magadi. Many adventurous activities such as Kayaking and the like are carried out here. It also proves an excellent place for bird-watching.
Machinbele Dam
Manchinbele Dam
39. Nallur 
     Type: Biodiversity Heritage site, Tamarind Grove 
     Directions from Bangalore: Hoskote - Devanahalli Road - Right turn - Nallur 
     Distance from Bangalore: 45 km  
     About: Clickhere to read more.
Nallur Tamarind Grove 
40. Ithiki Betta  
     Type: Hill 
     Directions from Bangalore: 6 km before reaching Kolar - on the right side
     Distance from Bangalore: 65 km 
     About: A small hill and a wonderful place to enjoy a short trek. There is a small lamp post on the hill top, which also serves as a part of festive celebration during Ugadi festival. It is also a good place for bird and butterfly watchers. 
Climb up to  Ithiki Betta 
41. Kanva
     Type: Reservoir, Mini-forest 
     Directions from Bangalore: Ramanagar - Right turn - Kanva 
     Distance from Bangalore: 70 km 
    About: This is an artificial lake. A dam constructed across river Kanva forms the reservoir. It is a good place for bird watching. There is a temple in Kengal, dedicated to Lord Hanuman which is also worth visiting. 
Kanva Jalashaya 
42. Antharagange Hills 
     Type: Natural Water-springs, Cave exploration
     Directions from Bangalore: Kolar - Antharagange hills
     Distance from Bangalore: 70 km 
     About: Situated in the Shathashrunga mountain range in Kolar, Antharagange is a well-known destination among trekkers apart from being a pilgrimage center.  The etymology of Antharagange is attributed to the two words namely, Anthara meaning deep and Gange meaning the Ganges or the holy water in Kannada. There is a temple atop the hill dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple houses a pond which gets continuous supply of water by a spring which is spouted out by a stone carved bull (Basava). One can also explore the many caves around at Antharagange.
Antharagange  Water Spring 
 43. Chunchi Waterfalls
     Type: Waterfalls 
     Directions from Bangalore: Kanakapura - Left turn - Chunchi waterfalls 
     Distance from Bangalore: 70 km 
     About: A beautiful seasonal waterfall where river Arkavathi takes plunge before meeting the Cauvery at Sangama.
Chunchi Waterfalls 
44. Mekedatu and Sangama 
     Type: River, Confluence, Rapids  
     Directions from Bangalore: Kanakapura - Left turn - Sangama 
     Distance from Bangalore: 75 km 
    About: This place is the confluence of rivers Arkavathi and Cauvery. One needs to cross the river and walk for about 3 km or take any other mode of transportation available to reach Mekedatu (goat's leap). It is a nice place with many picturesque hills surrounding the place. The water rapids through the narrow gorge at Mekedatu are a wonderful sight.
A Sunset Across the Hills 
45. Namada Chilume  
     Type: Natural Water springs, Nature Park  
     Directions from Bangalore: Dabaspet - Right turn - Urdigere - Left Turn - Namada Chilume 
     Distance from Bangalore: 80 km 
    About: Myth has it that Sri Rama on his way to Lanka halted at Namada Chilume. As he did not find water anywhere around to wet the "Nama" (a kind of paste Hindus apply on their forehead), he shot an arrow into the ground, and water sprung from there. Hence the name (Rama)-Namada Chilume. The spring is clearly visible besides which is an impression of Lord Sri Rama’s feet. There is a deer park in the garden of Namada Chilume. 
Namada Chilume Water Springs 
     Type: Waterfalls 
     Directions from Bangalore: Chikkaballapur - Left turn - Jaramadagu 
     Distance from Bangalore: 85 km 
     About: Click here to read more.
Jaramadagu Waterfalls 
47. Ranganathittu 
      Type: Natural Water-springs, Nature Park  
      Directions from Bangalore: Srirangapatna - Right turn - Ranganathittu  
      Distance from Bangalore: 120 km
     About: A very popular place among picnickers and birdwatchers. It is a nice place to sight migratory birds from other parts of the world. Avoid going during peak monsoons as boating facilities will be suspended due to the rise in water level. Crocodiles are common inhabitants of the river. Water birds during breeding season include the Stork (Painted, Open Bill), Spoonbill, Ibis (Black headed, White) and the Pied Kingfisher. Other common birds include the Kingfisher, Egret, Heron, Cormorant, and Darter.
     Type: Peacock Sanctuary, Hill fort, Mutt  
     Directions from Bangalore: Nelamangala - Mangalore Highway - Right Turn - Adichunchungiri 
     Distance from Bangalore: 125 km  
     About: Click here to read more.
49. Shivanasamudra  
     Type: Waterfalls 
     Directions from Bangalore: Kanakapura - Malavalli - Left turn - Shivanasamudra 
     Distance from Bangalore: 125 km 
    About: This is one of the beautiful waterfalls in the country and also is one among the top 100 water falls in the world as per the World Waterfalls Database. Monsoon is the best time to visit Shivanasamudra, where river Cauvery plunges at the two places of Gaganachukki and Barachukki. 
Shivanasamudra Waterfalls 
Hill Temples

     Type: Temple 
     Directions from Bangalore: New Airport Road - Chikkajala - Right turn - Akkayamma Betta 
     Distance from Bangalore: 30 km 
    About: It is one of the less explored places around Bangalore. There are a lot of temples including cave temples at the top. The place seems livelier during Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays with special kind of pujas.
Goddess Akkayamma 
 51. Mahimapura
     Type: Temple 
     Directions from Bangalore: Tumkur road - Left turn - Mahimapura
     Distance from Bangalore: 40 km 
     About: A flight of around 250 steps takes us to the top of this small hillock. There is a simple yet beautiful temple at the top with various carvings on the pillars resembling Chola style of architecture. It is believed that Lord Garuda did penance here to get rid of the sin of eating the dead body of a demoness and after Lord Vishnu was pleased, he appeared before Garuda in the form of a mound of jaggery.  Various hills like Savanadurga, Shivagange, and Nijagal betta are visible from the top. At the base of the hillock is a temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman who is carved out of a single stone and is 12ft tall.
52. Aladahalli
      Type: Temple 
      Directions from Bangalore: Tumkur road - Left turn - Aladahalli
      Distance from Bangalore: 45 km
     About: Lord Ranganatha Swamy is depicted in the form of his first two incarnations of Matsya and Kurma avatars; unlike other temples dedicated to him. There is a cave temple dedicated to goddess Lakshmi at the hill base. The climb is very easy though it can be made interesting by some rock climbing.
Lord Ranganatha Swamy Temple, Aladahalli 
 53. Bilikal Betta
     Type: Trek, Temple 
     Directions from Bangalore: Harohalli - Left turn - Dodda Marlawadi - Right turn – Bilikal betta
     Distance from Bangalore: 50 km 
     About: This is a popular place with people having a fair idea about it. There are many cross tracks on the way ahead but do not deviate. There are directions up to the top though confusing. The view from the top is awesome. One can see the entire region of Bannerghatta National Park on one side and the town of Kanakapura on the other. Caution: Avoid making noise and use of mobiles as it is known to distract elephants. Yes, this hill is a habitat for the big mammals.
Bilikal Ranganatha Swamy Hill 
 54. Bananthimari Betta
     Type: Trek, Temple 
     Directions from Bangalore: Kanakapura - Left turn to Ramanagar - Left turn to Hill Base 
     Distance from Bangalore: 55 km 
     About: There are many trek routes to the top of the hill; however we chose to trek the tougher route. One needs to climb two hills to reach the peak and a word of caution as the climb gets steep at a few places. There is a small temple dedicated Lord Anjaneya. On the other side of the hill is a temple dedicated to the goddess Bananthimari (fertility goddess). Many childless couples visit this deity and make a wish for a child and many get the same granted too. This Goddess is very popular locally, thus a road has been carved out up till the temple. The same can also be approached from Kanakapura - Sathnur road. Due to the presence of many bears, this hill is also called as Karadi betta. 
Bananthimari Betta
 55. Mandharagiri 
     Type: Jain Temple 
     Directions from Bangalore: Dabaspet- Right turn - Mandharagiri 
     Distance from Bangalore: 55 km 
    About: There is a Jain temple at the top of the hill, a small lake besides it and a few ruined structures scattered here and there. A huge lake is present behind the hillock (we are not aware of its name though) which is a good place to spot water birds.
56. Kendatti 
     Type: Trek, Temple 
     Directions from Bangalore: Kolar Highway - Left turn - Kendatti  
     Distance from Bangalore: 55 km 
    About: There is a big hill close by to the village of Kendatti. About half way to this hill is a very old temple dedicated to Lord Shiva probably built by the Chola kings. The last stretch of climb is interesting and views from the top are amazing. There is a lamp post at the summit which is lit during the festival of Ugadi.
Lord Shiva Temple , Kendatti Betta 
57. Heggunda
     Type: Trek, Temple, Hero-stones  
     Directions from Bangalore: Dabaspet - Right turn to Koratagere - Right turn to Heggunda
     Distance from Bangalore: 55 km 
     About: Click here to read more.
58. Shivagiri  
     Type: Temple 
     Directions from Bangalore: Kanakapura - Left turn to Sangama - Right turn - Shivagiri
     Distance from Bangalore: 60 km 
    About: There is a big temple dedicated to Lord Shiva here along with an ashram of Swami. Location of this temple is quite serene and the temple is open all throughout the day. Also anna prasadam is served here post noon pujas. 
Shivagiri Ashram
59. Seethi  
     Type: Temple, Trek
     Directions from Bangalore: Narsapura - Left turn - Seethi 
     Distance from Bangalore: 60 km 
    About: There is a big temple dedicated to Lord Veerabhadraswamy. This temple was built during the Ganga period and later renovated successively by the Cholas, Hoysalas and Vijayanagara kings. This place is associated with various legends and rituals. One among them is the offering of a finger to the god, which was banned by the Government about 75 years ago. 
Lord Veerabhadraswamy Temple, Seethi 
60. Kungal/Koongal Betta 
     Type: Temple, Trek
     Directions from Bangalore: Ramanagar - Left towards Kanakapura - Left towards Kungal 
     Distance from Bangalore: 60 km 
    About: There is a small temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman on the top of the hill. The idol of Lord is in standing posture. Roads are there up to half way to the hill from here it is short trek. Hill is dotted with a large number of tamarind trees. 
Kungal Betta 
61. SRS Betta 
     Type: Temple 
     Directions from Bangalore: Ramanagar - Left towards Kanakapura - Right turn - SRS betta 
     Distance from Bangalore: 65 km 
    About: Shree Revanna Siddeshwara betta or SRS betta is yet another popular trekking spot around Ramanagar and Kanakapura. The rock cut steps with shelter lead us to the hill top after which a short descent brings us to a cave temple dedicated to Lord Revanna Siddeshwara. 
Inscriptions at SRS Betta 
62. Kailasagiri, Chintamani 
     Type: Cave Temple 
      Directions from Bangalore: Hoskote – Chintamani - Left turn towards Kailasagiri
      Distance from Bangalore: 70 km
    About: Kailasagiri is a modern cave temple near Chintamani town. This place is very close to Ambajidurga fort. A big cave is carved out of the hill here and many gods and goddesses have been installed.  
Kailashgiri Cave Temple, Chintamani 
 63. Therahalli  
     Type: Temple 
     Directions from Bangalore: Kolar - Antharagange road - Therahalli 
     Distance from Bangalore: 75 km 
    About: There is very big and ancient temple dedicated to Lord Gowri Gangadheeshwara, built during Ganga period. This temple has under gone renovations by Chola and Vijayanagara kings. 
Rajagopuram of Gowri Gangadheeshwara Temple 
64. Vokkaleri 
     Type: Temple, Hill  
     Directions from Bangalore: Kolar - Malur road - Vokkaleri 
     Distance from Bangalore: 80 km 
    About: There is a very big and ancient temple dedicated to Lord Markandeshwara Swamy, built during the Chola period. This temple has undergone renovations by the Vijayanagara kings. One can climb up to the temple or choose to drive up to the temple owing to the presence of good roads. 
Lord Markandeshwara Swamy Temple, Vokkaleri 
65. YRS Betta 
     Type: Temple, Water-springs  
     Directions from Bangalore: Ramanagar - Right turn towards Magadi - Left turn to the hill base
     Distance from Bangalore: 75 km 
     About: Click here to read more.
Clear Water Spring, YRS Betta 
66. Siddara Betta 
     Type: Temple, Hill, Cave exploration  
     Directions from Bangalore: Dabaspet - Right turn - Koratagere - Siddara betta 
     Distance from Bangalore: 80 Km 
   About: Siddara betta or Hill of Saints is one among the major pilgrim centre for locals of Tumkur, Bangalore and Kolar. There is a cave temple on top of the hill dedicated to Lord Shiva with perennial spring. The water from the spring is considered to have medicinal values due to presence various medicinal herbs here on the hill. There are many caves here which can be explored in leisure with a help of local guide. 
A View From Siddara Betta 
67. Hadinkal/Haddinakallu 
     Type: Temple, Hill
     Directions from Bangalore: Nelamangala - Left turn -Yediyur - Right turn - Hadinkal 
     Distance from Bangalore: 110 km 
     About: This is a very famous local pilgrim center but still lies unknown to most of the outside world. This place has much to offer. It is a complete entertainer. First of all, it is a great place for bird watching. We spotted Egyptian vultures, varieties of Kites and Eagles, Bee-eaters, Lapwings, and Silver Bills. There are high chances of spotting peacocks and peahens too, since it is home to many of them. There are many old and new temples at the foothill, mostly dedicated to Lord Rama and his disciple Lord Hanuman. The trek is very easy as steps are laid up to the top, though one can deviate. On the top, there is a pillar with an image of Lord Hanuman inscribed on it.

Temple Towns 

     Type:  Chola Temple Town
     Directions from Bangalore: On the outskirts of Nelamangala 
     Distance from Bangalore: 25 km 
     About: Click here toread more. 
 69. Manne 
     Type: Ganga Temple Town
     Directions from Bangalore: Tumkur Road - T Begur - Right turn - Then Left turn - Manne 
     Distance from Bangalore: 45 km 
     About: Click here to read more. 
70. Bellur
     Type: Hoysala Temple 
     Directions from Bangalore: Hoskote - Left turn towards Narsapura - Bellur 
     Distance from Bangalore: 60 Km 
    About: There are few temples here built during Chola/ Hoysala period. These temples have been restored by local people with help of Shri Dharmasthala Trust, so that we can still enjoy the grandeur of these temples. 
Lord Shiva Temple,  Bellur
 71. Kendatti Madivala 
     Type: Hoysala Temple 
     Directions from Bangalore: Hoskote - Left turn towards Kendatti Madivala
     Distance from Bangalore: 65 km 
    About: There is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva here built during the Chola/ Hoysala period. This temple has been restored by the locals with the help and support of Shri Dharmasthala Trust. 
72. Nandi 
     Type: Nolamba Temple 
     Directions from Bangalore: Devanahalli - Left turn - Nandi 
     Distance from Bangalore: 65 km 
    About: The Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple here is one of the most beautiful temples around Bangalore; the original temple was built by the Nolamba Kings and later was improved upon by the Gangas, Cholas, Hoysalas and Vijayanagara Kings. There is a beautiful stepped well besides the temple which is birth place of River Pinakini. 
Stone Ring, Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple 
Stepped Well, Nandi 
73. Rangasthala 
     Type: Vijayanagara Temple 
     Directions from Bangalore: Chikkaballapur - Left turn - Rangasthala 
     Distance from Bangalore: 70 km 
   About: Lord Ranganatha Swamy temple here was built along the lines of Srirangapatna and Srirangam (Tamil Nadu). The idol of Lord Ranganatha Swamy is very beautiful and the entire temple complex is grand. This temple was built by the Vijayanagara kings.    
74. Vagata 
     Type: Chola Temple town 
     Directions from Bangalore: Hoskote - Right turn - Vagata
     Distance from Bangalore: 65 km 
     About: Clickhere to read more
75. Kolar
      Type: Temple town 
      Directions from Bangalore: Hoskote - Kolar
      Distance from Bangalore: 75 km 
    About:  Kolar is a district head quarter with many historically significant places. The temples of Someshwara and Kolaramma temple are the most important ones. These temples were built during the Chola period and later improved by Vijayanagara Kings. There are many small temples dedicated to Lord Hanuman belonging to the Vijayanagara period. 
Someshwara Temple, Kolar 
76. Kaidala
     Type: Hoysala Temple town 
     Directions from Bangalore: Tumkur bypass - Kunigal road - Kaidala 
     Distance from Bangalore: 75 km 
     About: Click here to read more
Chennakeshava Temple, Kaidala 
77. Gulur
     Type: Hoysala Temple town 
     Directions from Bangalore: Tumkur bypass - Kunigal road - Gulur
     Distance from Bangalore: 75 km 
     About: Click here to read more
Lord Ganesha, Gulur
78. Goravanahalli 
     Type: Temple town 
     Directions from Bangalore: Dabaspet - Right turn towards Koratagere - Right turn - Goravanahalli 
     Distance from Bangalore: 85 km 
    About: Goravanahalli Mahalakshmi temple is one of among the very popular pilgrim centers in Tumkur. There is anna prasadam served here during all days. 
79. Kunigal
     Type: Temple town 
     Directions from Bangalore: Nelamangala - Left turn - Kunigal 
     Distance from Bangalore: 85 km 
     About: Kunigal is famous for the lake here which get mention in few of local folk songs. There are many temples here among which the temples of Lords Narasimha Swamy and Someshwara are prominent ones. The Narasimha Swamy temple built during the Hoysala period is situated in Kunigal town while the Someshwara temple built during the Chola period is situated on the bank of Kunigal Lake. 
Kunigal Kere
80. Hebbur
     Type: Temple town 
     Directions from Bangalore: Tumkur bypass - Kunigal Road - Hebbur  
     Distance from Bangalore: 85 km 
    About: Hebbur was an erstwhile agrahara having 101 temples and stepped wells. Though many of them have vanished today, we can still see few of them and admire the architectural skills of our fore fathers. The Sri Chakra temple inside the Kodandashrama is the most prominent temple here. 
Hebbur Temple
81. Budanur 
     Type: Hoysala Temple 
     Directions from Bangalore: 5 km before Mandya - Right turn - Budanur 
     Distance from Bangalore: 100 km 
     About: Click here to read more
Saptamatrikas - Budanur Temple
 82. Seebi 
     Type: Temple
     Directions from Bangalore: Tumkur - Sira road - Right turn - Seebi
     Distance from Bangalore: 100 km
    About: Seebi has a temple dedicated to Lord Narasimha Swamy. According. The main features of the temple are that the god here is in the form of a rock and the temples ceilings house various paintings depicting   stories from the Mahabharata and the Ramayana. These paintings currently are in a bad shape and need restoration.  The temple architecture is simple and walls are filled with sculptures of various gods and goddesses made of terracotta and lime .They lay weather-beaten yet beautiful. The temple is under the process of renovation .Photography inside the temple is prohibited. There is also a Kalyani near the temple.
83. Marehalli 
     Type: Temple
     Directions from Bangalore: Malavalli - Kollegal road - Right turn - Marehalli
     Distance from Bangalore: 105 km
    About: Marehalli is an old agrahara of the Ganga dynasty, who built a grand temple here dedicated to Lord Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy. Later the Cholas, Hoysalas, Vijayanagara kings and the Wodeyars have contributed to the development of this temple.
84. Hunukunda 
     Type: Temple
     Directions from Bangalore: Kolar - Bethamangala road - Hunukunda
     Distance from Bangalore: 105 km
     About: The hills around Hunukunda are recognized to be a megalithic site. There are many temples here built by various kings. Major ones are the cave temple dedicated to Saptamatrikas, Someshwara temple, and Chowdeshwari temple.
Toranas in front of Chowdeshwari Temple, Hunukunda 
85. Virupakshi 
     Type: Temple
     Directions from Bangalore: Mulbagal - Virupakshi
     Distance from Bangalore: 110 km
    About: Virupakshi was an erstwhile agrahara during the Vijayanagara period. There is a grand temple dedicated to Lord Virupaksheshwara (Lord Shiva) built by the Vijayanagara kings. A unique feature of linga here is its changing color with the time of day.
86. Maddur 
     Type: Temple
     Directions from Bangalore: Mysore road - Maddur
     Distance from Bangalore: 80 km
     About: The specialty of this place is the very famous Maddur Vada, a favorite snack of many. There are two ancient Hoysala temples here dedicated to Lord Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy and Lord Varadaraja Swamy. The best place to have tasty Maddur Vada is the Maddur Tiffanys.
Lakshmi Narasimha 
87. Gubbi 
      Type: Temple
      Directions from Bangalore: Tumkur - Gubbi
      Distance from Bangalore: 100 km
     About: Shri Channabasaveshwara Swamy temple is a huge temple built in the late 18th century and houses a grand Rajagopuram. There is a stepped well besides this temple. There are many other temples in the town. The famous Kannada theater director Padmashree Gubbi Veeranna was born here.
Grand Rajagopuram of Channabasaveshwara Temple, Gubbi 
88. Bangaru Tirupati, Guttahalli   
      Type: Temple
      Directions from Bangalore: Kolar - Bethamangala - Guttahalli
      Distance from Bangalore: 110 km
    About: The Lakshmi Venkateshwara temple here is built on the lines of the Tirupati temple and its closeness to Kolar Gold fields has given it the name Bangaru Tirupathi. There is a beautiful water tank near the temple.
89. Kotilingeshwara, Kammasandra   
     Type: Temple
     Directions from Bangalore: Kolar - Bethamangala - Kammasandra
     Distance from Bangalore: 110 km
     About: Kotilingeshwara temple is a place numerous Shiva Lingas are installed with an aim to exceed more than a crore in number. Devotees make a wish and then install Shiva Lingas upon its fulfillment.

90. Koladevi 
     Type: Temple
     Directions from Bangalore: Mulbagal – Srinivasapura road - Right turn - Koladevi
     Distance from Bangalore: 115 km
     About: Click here to read more.
Lord Garuda 
91. Herur   
     Type: Temple
     Directions from Bangalore: Nelamangala - Mangalore Highway - Herur
     Distance from Bangalore: 110 km
    About: Herur is small town with two ancient temples dedicated to Lord Uma Maheshwara and Lord Lakshmi Naryana built during Hoysala period.
Lord Umamaheshwara and Nandi 
92. Nagalapura     
     Type: Temple
     Directions from Bangalore: Mangalore Highway - Right turn - Mayasandra - Nagalapura
     Distance from Bangalore: 110 km
     About: Click here to read more.
Arjuna Aiming at the Fish, Kedareshwara Temple Nagalapura
93. Dodda Jataka    
     Type: Temple
     Directions from Bangalore: Mangalore Highway - Left turn - Dodda Jataka
     Distance from Bangalore: 110 km
    About: There are two temples here dedicated to Lord Chennakeshava and Lord Someshwara, built during the Hoysala period. Later these temples were improvised by the Vijayanagara Kings. There is a tomb of Fakirswamy at the entrance of Someshwara temple; the same is being worshiped by the local people of all communities.
Chennakeshava Temple, Dodda Jataka 
94. Somanathpura  
     Type: Temple
     Directions from Bangalore: Malavalli - Right turn – Somanathpura
     Distance from Bangalore: 125 km
    About: The Keshava/Kesava temple here is a classical Hoysala masterpiece and a perfect place to study Hoysala architecture. 
95. Basaralu 
     Type: Temple
     Directions from Bangalore: Mandya - Nagamangala Road - Basaralu
     Distance from Bangalore: 125 km
     About: Click here to read more.
Malikarjuna Swamy Temple, Basaralu 
 96. Belluru 
      Type: Temple
      Directions from Bangalore: Nelamangala - Mangalore Highway - Right Turn - Belluru
      Distance from Bangalore: 125 km
     About: There are many temples here built during the Hoysala period among which the temples of Adimadhava temple and Mulesingeshwara are prominent.
Hoysala Emblem 
 97. Kallahalli, Kanakapura 
      Type: Temple
      Directions from Bangalore: One km before Kanakapura - Right turn - Kallahalli
      Distance from Bangalore: 50 km
     About: Sri Venkateshwara temple is a popular pilgrim centre near Kanakapura, often referred to as Chikka Tirupati. There is an ancient Hanuman temple on a small hillock nearby.
98. Chikka Tirupati, Sarjapura 
     Type: Temple
     Directions from Bangalore: Sarjapura - Left turn towards Hoskote - Chikka Tirupati
     Distance from Bangalore: 35 km
     About: Sri Venkateshwara temple here is a popular pilgrim centre near Bangalore. The temple was built in late 18th century and has undergone several modifications over the years.

 99. Muddenahalli 
     Type: Park
     Directions from Bangalore: Chikkaballapur - Left turn - Muddenahalli
     Distance from Bangalore: 75 km
     About: Sir M Visvesvaraya, one of the greatest engineers of India was born here and a memorial is built here in his honor.
Sir M V 
100. Garudapalya 
     Type: Pre-historic
     Directions from Bangalore: Hoskote - Left turn - Kendatti - Garudapalya
     Distance from Bangalore: 75 km
     About: Click here to read more.
Menhir, Garudapalya 
101. Arabi Kothanur  
     Type: Pre-historic
     Directions from Bangalore: Hoskote -Right turn – Arabi Kothanur
     Distance from Bangalore: 75 km
    About: Arabi Kothanur has the largest Dolmens we have seen so far, locally called as Pandava Gudi. There are many hero stones nearby this site depicting war scenes. There are a few temples here belonging to the Hoysala period which now have been completely renovated into modern structures. On a nearby hillock, there are many dolmens which are locally called ‘Huli-Bonu’ or ‘tiger-den’. 
Dolmen, Arabi Kothanur 

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