Thursday, March 20, 2014

Shantheshwara Temple , Tilavalli

Tilavalli, a village located in Haveri district is home to a beautiful 12th century Chalukyan temple. The inscription in the temple complex gives details of its construction in 1239 AD by Kalideva Thakkura. The east facing temple has a grabhagriha housing a Shiva linga, an antrala and a huge Sabhamantapa. The Sabhamantapa has 48 lathe turned pillars. The central ceiling is heavy decked with Astadikpalas. On the outer walls  are carvings of erotic  figures.
East Entrance

Lathe turned Pillar
Inscription Stone
A Closer Look at the Pillar
Erotic Images
This temple is a good piece of art from the Yadava Period. Though the temple was open during our visit, the priest was unavailable for gathering more information. The temple needs more maintenance and restoration.
A joyful moment
    With this post, Teamgsquare completes a joyful journey four years of adventure, traveling, learning, and sharing .



  1. First of all, I love the peacock in your header!! Beautiful! And I've enjoyed reading about this temple and seeing your great captures, as always!! I hope you will continue to post pictures, I would sincerely miss your wonderful photos/history! Thank you for sharing!!

  2. happy 4th year anniversary! Beautiful temple.

  3. What a wonderful post to celebrate 4 years of your adventure. What a joy it has been to travel along. Here's wishing both of you the very best for all your future travels, and here's to many more years of travelling, learning and sharing!

  4. Happy 4th!! Beautifully captured as always!!

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  6. Nice to know about this temple. Congratulations on completing 4 wonderful years of travel writing.

  7. The pillars in this temple are beautifully done. I hope the temple will get the care that it needs.

  8. Congratulations on competing 4 years. Let more come.

  9. Very well written and informative post...

  10. Wonderful temple. A must visit place.