Thursday, January 4, 2018

A Trek to Posadigumpe Hill of Dharmathadka, Kasaragod

'Posadigumpe Hill' is one of the many offbeat places around the district of Kasaragod in Kerala. Posadigumpe is popular among the locals for its picturesque and panoramic 360 degree views of its surroundings. The highest point of the hillock is about 490 m above sea level. Over a general discussion, a cousin of ours came up with an idea of trekking to the Posadigumpe hill to see the mist engulfing the hill. On the next day which was the first day of  year 2018, I along with two of my cousins headed towards Posadigumpe early in the morning. We took the longer route via Kumbla as I had traveled through this route a few years back.
Sunrise at Posadigumpe Hill
Sun Playing Hide and Seek
Trek to Posadigumpe, Kasaragod, Kerala
Sunrise over the Posadigumpe Hill
Panoramic view from the Peak of Posadigumpe Hill, Kasaragod, Kerala
A Panoramic View from the Peak of Posadigumpe Hill 
We reached the hill and found that there was no mist, but we decided to trek the hill to catch the sunrise. We climbed a few steps and got a good view of the surrounding hills and realized that except the main hill, almost all the other  surrounding hills were engulfed in mist/fog. What a sight it was! and What a perfect way to begin our new year! It was a short and easy trek. We reached the hill top and waited for the sun to rise. The beautiful red sun was lazy to come out of the clouds and finally showed us his face. It was a sight to behold! We spent sometime at the peak and tried experimenting on a few interesting photo ops. Thus spending the first morning of 2018 in an eventful manner.
Sunrise at Posadigumpe hill, Kasaragod, Kerala
Have This Perfectly Shaped Ladoo...  
Trek to Posadigumpe hill, Kasargod, Kerala
That's a Goal!
Posadigumpe, a nice place to visit around Mangalore
In...It Goes!

How to reach Posadigumpe from Kasaragod: There are many routes from Kasaragod - the shorter and the best one being  via Maipady, Seethangoli, Permude to Posadigumpe. It is about 26 km from Kasaragod.
How to reach Posadigumpe from Mangalore: The best route from Mangalore is via NH 66. Take a right turn at Mangalapady, Permude to Posadigumpe. It is about 50 km from Mangalore.
Places to Visit Around Posadigumpe: Permude/Posadigumpe Waterfalls, Bekal Fort, Ananthapura Lake Temple, Kumbla Fort, Pooval Fort, Neelikunnu Beach, Kapila Beach, Madhur Sri Ganesha Temple, Kanva Thirtha Beach, Manjeshwara and many such.


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