Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dolmen Megalithic Structure

   Answer to guess the structure post is a 'Dolmen', locally called as Pandavara Gudi. Deepak Amembal (magic eye) got the closest to the answer.

Dolmen (wiki) is a megalithic structure which in olden days,  is believed to have been used for burials of the dead . The picture above shows the cross section of  a Dolmen . It consists of a cap-stone,  floor-stone and four vertically standing stones that form the covered portion . Out of  the four side stones, one is port-holed.  Some researchers believe that " the people who were about to die were placed in a dolmen, along with the required food, water and other necessary things and after their death, the cap-stone was placed above".
Port Holed Stone

  At some places, dolmens are found independently, while at many other, they are found as Dolmenoid Cysts, surrounded by a Stone Circle. Though the real use of these structures are still a mystery, our inferences are only limited to our imagination. First of all, why have a port-hole on  a side stone if it was being used as a burial structure? and what purpose does the floor stone serve? Some researchers argue that the pre-historic people believed in life after death, which is why they devised so many burial structures, in order to please the departed soul .
   The other structure (above the cap-stone) in the picture is of course a part of water lifting device, which many got it right.  There are many Dolmens, Stone Circles and Menhirs found lying in this region without any care.

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    The Dolmen is similar to the 'samadhi' of Hindu religious saints

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  15. The dolmens and other megaliths (pyramids, cromlechs, and others) were built for defense. Read more

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