Monday, November 28, 2011

Muktesvara Temple, Chaudayyadanapura -II

"Muktesvara temple" is a dwikuta temple and is a masterpiece portraying the style, culture and architecture of the Chalukyan era. It is considered to have been built in the Jakkanacharyan style of Architecture. There are two entrances to the temple, one from the south and other from the east. Both entrances have beautiful porches. The door frames are decorative and classic, representing true Kalyani Chalukyan Architecture. There is also a carving of Lord Mahesvara on the main door lintels.
Muktesvara Temple
Lovely Door Frame
Lord Mahesvara on the Lintel
Decorative Carvings
Carving of Animals on the Door Frame
Door Frame of the East Entrance
      There is a small Shiva Linga inside the Garbhagriha and the door frame of the Sukanasi is skillfully executed. There is a Mantapa on the front side of the east entrance . The exterior walls of the temple carry  carvings of Lord Shiva in his various forms, Lord Ganesha, Goddess Saraswathi, Lord Krishna, Lord Surya and other gods. The artistic work on the outer wall is commendable.
Sukanasi Door Frame
Lintel of Sukanasi Door Frame
Outer Ceiling
Inner Ceiling 
Carvings of Dance Troupe on the  Front Porch
Lord Ganesha
Intricate Carvings on Temple Walls
Empty Devakosthas
Wonderful Floral Depictions
Miniature Shikaras
Temple Shikara
     It is definitely one amongst the well maintained temples of Karnataka. The temple remains open throughout the day irrespective of  the priest's presence.
Directions from Bangalore: Bangalore-NH4-Tumkur-Chitradurga-Davangere-Ranebennur-Right Turn towards Guttal-Right Turn towards Choudayyadanapura (Be sure not to miss this turn as there are no sign boards indicating the same, The right turn to be taken is about 6 km before Guttal)
Distance from Bangalore: About 330 km


  1. What a gorgeous temple and the carvings are incredible! Your photos always capture the beauty and the detail so perfectly! Thank you for another wonderful tour!


  2. Magnificient Temple, there is so much to visit in and around Bangalore. I never visited all these beautiful places, now I will.
    The carvings and pillars and the cuttings on the rocks is superb.
    Very artistic and skillful.

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  9. What a very beautiful and old temple!
    It is wonderful to be able to see that well maintained temple and the artistic carvings. インドの長く古い歴史を見せてくださって有難うございます。

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  16. This is an awesome temple! Had never heard of it before! does it fall anywhere close on train route from Bangalore?

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  19. @Priya, the closest railway route is the Bangalore-Hubli line with the nearest stations to the destination being Haveri or Ranebennur

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