Thursday, November 17, 2011

Malleswara Temple, Aghalaya - Get rid of your Sins

  "Aghalaya" houses a magnificent Malleswara temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is situated  in between Melukote and Shravana Belagola. Though we had a chance to visit this temple before, we were not allowed to see the temple at that time as there was some trouble in the village. Also, we were just beginning to learn about Hoysala temples and so we did not realize completely what we had missed. Recently, we had a second chance to explore this unique and unusual Trikuta Hoysala temple at Aghalaya and so we did.
The Malleshwara Temple, Aghalaya
Trikuta (Three Chambers)
      Aghalaya means destruction of sins (Agha = Sin, Laya = Destroy). Nothing much is know about the temple's history, except that it was built by the Hoysalas during the12th Century. This temple covers a large area compared to many other Hoysala temples. It is a Trikuta temple, having three Chambers or Gribhagriha, all facing East. It is similar to the Govindanahalli temple (which is a Panchakuta temple, having five chambers). The interiors and exteriors set a good example of the Hoysala architecture. Another interesting feature was that though the outer carvings  were of Lord Vishnu, the deity worshiped in the temple was Lord Shiva.
Front Porch
Outer Ceiling
Lord Ganesha
Mahishasura Mardini
Uma Maheshwara
Lord Shiva , Goddess Parvathi and Lord Ganesha
Decorative Work on the Pillar Top
Naga Stones and Perforated Window
Lord Vishnu's various forms and the Garuda-I
Lord Vishnu's various forms and the Garuda-II
First Three of the Dashavataras
Lord Panduranga Vittal 
Art Work on the Outer Wall
Renovated portion v/s Original
   Like many other temples around  this region, this temple was renovated by the Govt of Karnataka with the help of the Dharmasthala Trust. The priest here was a very gentle and kind person. 

Location : Between Melukote and Shravanabelagola 

Places to Visit Around : Shravanabelagola, Melukote, Sante Bachahalli, Kambadahalli, Bindigananavile, Govindanahalli, Kikkeri, Aghrahara Bachahalli, and many more


  1. A place similar to Haridwar where we go to do away with our sins. A great place indeed and thanks again for bringing our religious places so close to us.

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  3. Loved the architecture and the atmosphere of the place.. Amazing as always, to travel along! Terrific captures!

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  7. I seriously admire your spirit of disovering the less known places. Keep going.


  8. i am an ardent devotee of lord Shiva..he is my best friend..loved the pics :)

  9. Such beautiful work on the outer walls..Loved mahishasuramardini