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Manyapura/ Manne- The lost Capital of Gangas

    "Manyapura (Manne)" is home to many temples built by the Gangas. The most famous amongst them  are the 'Kapileswara temple and the 'Someswara' temple. The Someswara temple is in a very bad state with no maintenance. The temple looks engulfed by many outgrown plants which need to be cleaned. There is an idol of Nandi inside the temple which is partly damaged.
Someswara Temple
Ruined Temple
The partly damaged Nandi Idol
Stone  Pillar
Pattika of Lord Ganesha
 Our guides were eager to show us the other hidden treasures of their village about which we had no clue. They took us to Lord Hanuman temple which was completely renovated. But the most impressive part was the pillar on which the lord was inscribed. Within the temple compound, we found an interesting sculpture of  Lord Ganesha , a Hero Stone and again a partly damaged idol of Nandi.

Lord Hanuman Temple and the Pillar
Lord Hanuman
Hero Stone
Lord Ganesha
      Thereon, we moved towards the center of the village which housed a few temples, inscriptions and a Mantap. The mantap currently serves as a storage  place for fodder.
Devi Temple Shikara
The Lady  ( Devi's Reincarnation )
Devi's Temple
The inscriptions
      Just when we had in mind that we had covered all places of historical importance here, the kids surprised us by telling us they had another special place in store for us that was worth visiting. They took us to their school. While we wondered what made them bring us here, they took us to place that looked like a miniature museum. Recently an idol (only the head portion) was found around this place, which is believed to be of either the Buddha or the Mahavira (not sure). Our guess would be Mahavira since the Gangas  followed Jainism. Shravanabelagola, Kambadahalli and other Jain temples were built during their period .
Hero Stone
Naga Devathas

Beheaded Idol
        Manyapura (Manne) is a really wonderful place filled with history which has been lost somewhere due to our negligence. There are many other small temples in this village which we sadly could not cover. It is advisable to take help from the  locals to move around the village.

Directions from Bangalore: Bangalore - NH4 - T Begur - Take right turn - Thayamangondlu (8 kms) - Proceed further till the railway crossing (NH207)-Take a  right and immediate left turn - Manne

Distance from Bangalore: About 50 kms 

Places to visit nearby: Nelamangala, Binnamangala, Shivagange, Nijagal Fort and many more.

Trip Date: 14 Jan' 2010

References : 
1 Photographs up and down the  lane  .
2 Nelamangala planning authority(website doesn't exist now)

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