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MP Diaries - Lord Vishnu and Kankali Devi Temples, Tigawa

After spending a good amount of time at Nachna, admiring our ancestral architectural skills. Thereon we drove to our next destination Tigawa which was the most memorable of all drives. The drive was mostly through village roads that were least populated and spotless! The best stretch though was through the forest of Muhandra  and we thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. We covered about 140 km within 2 hours time and reached the temple complex of Tigawa which is home to two small and beautiful ancient temples, the Kankali Devi Temple and Devi/Lord Vishnu Temple.
Kankali Devi Temple, Tigawa
Kankali Devi Temple, Tigawa

The Kankali Devi Temple can be easily classified among the earliest temples of India, built by the Gupta dynasty. This temple complex probably housed many other temples, which is quite evident from the vast ruins spread across the complex of which only 2 survive today. This  temple dates to 5th century AD and was originally dedicated to Kankali Devi. The sanctum now houses a murti of Lord Ugranarasimha. The sanctum entrance is flanked by images of Goddesses Ganga and Yamuna and. The inner wall of the porch bears beautiful carvings of Lord Vishnu reclining on Shesha and Goddess Chamundi which are marvelous specimens of Gupta sculptural art. The roof of the shrine is flat without any shikara but has a front porch (ardhamandapa) supported on columns bearing  patterns of foliage, miniature kudu arches framing small human/animal faces and lions sculpted at its top.
Tigawa Temple
Kankali Temple Doorway
Heavy and Beautiful Pillars
Probably Jain Tirthankara Parshvanatha (??)
Goddess Chamundi and Lord Vishnu
Tigowa Temple
Kudu Arches
River Goddess Ganga, Gupta dynasty
River Goddess Ganga
River Goddess Yamuna on door frame
River Goddess Yamuna
Lord Ugranarasimha
The Devi/Lord Vishnu Temple has a torana (arched portal) at the temple entrance built during the Gupta period datable to 5-6th century AD.. The remaining portions of the temple seems to have been constructed at a later period. The sanctum houses a murti of Goddess Durga and the outer wall in the front has carvings Lord Vishnu with all his incarnations depicted around the main image apart from Lord Surya, Goddess Chamundi and Ganesha. This temple has a front porch resting on four pillars.
Durga Devi Temple/ Vishnu Temple Tigawa
Durga Devi Temple
The Torana
Goddess Durga Devi
Lord Vishnu with His Ten Incarnations
Lord Vishnu with His Ten Incarnations
How to reach Tigawa: Tigawa is located about 65 km from Jabalpur, close to Bahoriband. We reached this place via Pawai - Muhandra - Raipura - Tigawa - Temple complex is located just off the main road while at the entrance of the village.

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