Friday, July 10, 2015

The Sulfur Springs of Kalagi, Gulbarga.

Kalagi was on our travel wish list as it was a noted center of political, religious and educational activities of the Kalyani Chalukyan era. While I was travelling across the Chincholi town of Gulbarga district, a passer-by referred me to witness the bubbling waters of Kalagi. As I was unaware of the existence of such a place, I became more inquisitive and boarded a bus right away to Kalagi. In an hour's time I reached the town of Kalagi, a dusty and bustling town owing to its connectivity between Gulbarga and Chincholi. When I inquired about the Kalleshwara temple, I was directed towards the other side of the town and was told that the temple was at a walkable distance. As I walked along, I was surprised to see the numerous old temples that adorned Kalagi's narrow lanes.
Kalagi, Gulbarga
Entrance to Kalleshwara Temple
Kagli, Gulbarga
Lord Shiva 
On reaching the temple, I found its in ruins, besides which was the restored temple with minor modifications, both dedicated to  Kalleshwara. This time, I decided to visit the restored temple at first which is now renamed as the Neelakantha Kalleshwara Temple. Adjacent to the temple is a huge water pond. As I stared at the waters of the pond, it took me some time to realize it was indeed a spring. On seeing through the clear waters of this pond and tasting it, I became sure of it being a Sulfur spring. I spent a good time observing the spring with the bubbles rising in the water.
Sulfur Springs Karnataka
water Pond
Sulphur Springs Karnataka
The Bubbles
The Ripples

My next stop was at the Narashima temple that was situated on the opposite lane. Quickly walking towards it, I sighted  an old temple present right at the center of an another water pond! Intriguingly, a close observation confirmed the waters of this pond to be a Sulfur spring too. The water from this pond is currently being used for supply by the local municipality and hence the entry to this place is restricted.

Lord Narashima Temple
Lord Narashima Temple Kagali


  1. A fascinating place/post and great captures as always!! And thank you, as always, for sharing!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. Though I visited this place, I never knew about these ponds being Sulphur ones. Thanks for the information.

  3. Interesting place. Nice to know about this.

  4. I do not what I saw in kedar was sulphur spring it was hot and I could see vapors coming out of water.
    But there is one in Goa, budbudyanche thalayi. There water bubbles come up when one claps.. I am visiting Goa nextnext monthmonth may b I will make it this time.

  5. Maravillosas imágenes...muy bonitas..un abrazo desde Murcia...

  6. Great to know this place, I wish they had maintained Narsimha Temple.

  7. Great clicks, interesting place...loved the ripples and the temple in the middle of pond click

  8. I didn't know about Sulphur springs in Gulburga. Nice to read about it and see pictures.
    I'm wondering if the temples came up here because of the springs and also, if it does smell of H2S, around here.