Monday, February 16, 2015

The Gudibanda Fort , Ananthapura

The Gudibanda Hill Fort
The second fort we visited on the same day (Madakshira adventure) was the Gudibanda Fort situated very close to Madakshira. In no time we were at the front of this hill fort which is a small hill with a lot of fortification. With not much history known about this fort, we began to wonder why one would build a fort on such a small hill. We reached the gateway of the fort and could clearly witness the technique and skill used to build the fort walls here.
Path to the Fort
Need of the Hour Save Tree and Water 
Fort Building Technique
One of the Gateways
Lord Shiva Temple
 There is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva which portrayed the architectural style of Vijayanagar Kings. Further to this there is another gateway enclosing a vacant area which probably housed a palace or the king's residence. There are 2 big water ponds enclosed inside the fort walls. The steps laid help one to the climb this hill. The descent was not very exciting and thus we completed our dual fort adventure.  
The Temple 
Fort Walls 
Water Pond 
Another Water Pond 
Inside the Fort Walls 


  1. Another wonderful post, beautiful captures!! And, thank you, as always for sharing your trip, the beauty and the history!! I do enjoy them so very much!! I hope you have a great week!!

  2. The hill may have been small, but it is in a beautiful location and the temple looks as if it was quite impressive.

  3. Wow.. exotic location , Very well captured..

  4. Nice charming ruins of the fort - and a superb and scintillating view from the top.

  5. I had crossed Ananthapur some time back totally ignorant of this fort.
    Great pics. Thank you for showing.

  6. Nice to know about this wonderful fort.

  7. Great shots of the fort. The first shot is too good.

  8. Un peculiar sitio... Buenas fotos... Un saludo desde Murcia....