Sunday, September 7, 2014

100000 Km of XYLOing

Monkeys Play
Boys checking out the Interiors of the Xylo
Xylo beside Kunigal Lake
In  the Middle of the Ghat some where in Kerala

Parked under the tree belonging to One of Oldest Grove
With Toy Cart in Coastal Andhra

At the site of the supposedly Oldest Fort in India, located in the state of Orissa
On the Turn of Kolli Hills, Tamil Nadu
In Front of A Temple in East Goa

Rear View Mirror's View of Antaragange Hills, Kolar 


  1. Great shots and looks as though it was a fun trip!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Your Xylo has taken you to many beautiful and interesting places. I hope it takes you to many more in the future.

  3. Wow! A good faithful one, It has taken you to lot of places.

  4. Great captures. I love the monkey on top of the roof.

  5. Great photos.. i liked the mirror image


  6. You guys are inspiring ! Just discovered your blog, but the meticulousness with which you have covered every inch of Karnataka is fabulous