Saturday, May 3, 2014

Chalukyan Temples, Sedam Gulbarga

  Sedam is a taluk located in Gulbarga district. On a quest to explore northern Karnataka, I reached Sedam   in search of  historical temples. Sedam was earlier called as Sedimbapura.It houses many temples and Jinalayas. I stopped by a bakery to keep my backpack and inquired about the directions to the various temples. The first temple I visited was the "Kottala Basaveshwara" temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, which  has been completed renovated. A small Jain temple is also located in this temple complex. Being disappointed after seeing a completely renovated temple, I went in search of  Bananti Kambha (Pregnant Lady's Pillar).
Bananti Kambha
Manikeshvara Temple
    Bananti Kambha is a huge tall stone pillar, but I could not find out why and what is story behind this pillar being called so. This pillar is located  in the Manikeshvara temple complex. This temple is again being renovated but its nice to see that original look of the temple is being maintained. My next stop was a small tea shop where I met the care taker of the Panchalingeshwara Temple, who more than eager to show me the temple , a short walk from the tea shop we reached the most beautiful temple of the town. Two beautiful dwarapalas (door keeper) welcomed me into this temple complex, since I had no idea about this temple was surprised to see such beautiful temple, exceptional stone work of Rastrakutas and Chalukayas. This temple complex house five Shiva linga in five Grabhagrihas, out of which two where housed in the main temple, rest three housed in single celled temples in the complex.

Welcome to Panchalingeshwara Temple
Life Size Dwarapalas
Hair Do of Lady Dwarapala
Hair Do of Lady Dwarapala
Lord Tandeshvara on the Lintel
Gajalakshmi on Lintel
   The most striking features of this temple complex were the live sized Shaiva Dwarapalas and the two lady dwarapalas, though sadly one of them has been vandalized. I could only imagine how wonderful it looked originally. The ceilings mostly resembled the Rashtrakuta style.

Shiva Linga
Main Shiva Linga
Lord Tandeshvara in the Center of the Ceiling
Typical Rashtrakuta Ceiling
Lord Ganesha
    Though the caretaker had no much information about the temple, he definitely fulfilled his job of maintaining the temple. Thus ending my quest for historical temples of Sedam, which only left me wondering of how many such temples were/are there in India. The North Karnataka Quest continues in search of many such wonderful places.


  1. Never been there.
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  2. A fascinating post and incredible details as always! Thanks for sharing!! Enjoy your weekend!!

  3. This temple also reminds me of Tambdi Surla.
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  4. What an unexpected treasure to find.

  5. That pillar looks exquisite, wish the story wouldn't have faded in the layers of history. Congratulations on completing a fabulous journey of discovery and here's to many more!

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