Year 2013 Part 2 - Forts

Jating Rameshwara Fort, Chitradurga
Haranahalli Fort, Arsikere
Tekalkote Fort, Bellary
Mulabagal Fort, Kolar
Avani Fort, Kolar
Rehmangarh Fort, Chintamani
Ambajidurga Fort, Chintamani
Madhugiri Fort, Tumkur
Garudanagiri Fort, Arsikere
Kavaledurga Fort, Shimoga
Nagara Fort, Shimoga
Aimangala Fort, Chitradurga
Paparajanahalli Fort, Kolar
Bhalki Fort, Bidar
Bhatamabar Fort, Bidar
Rameshwara Fort, Bidar
Basava Kalyan Fort, Bidar
Bidar Fort
Manyakheta Fort, Gulbarga
Sira Fort, Tumkur
Bellary Fort


  1. Magnificent forts!

  2. Terrific captures of such incredible old forts!! I always enjoy your photos and seeing more of your country and learning more of its history!! I'm fascinated by the Avani Fort, Kolar!! Thank you for sharing!!

  3. The list is amazing!! Thanks for the information.

  4. You visited many fascinating forts in 2013. I hope 2014 will be as interesting as far as fort visits are concerned.

  5. A nice beautiful fascinating collection of forts.

  6. Quite a collection there! Beautiful pictures, hope you visit many more this year to show us :)

  7. So many interesting forts and places to enjoy!

  8. the stones and stonework are amazing!

  9. There appaers to e cofusio aout hatamra fort ad halki fort. Clarify which is correct. Same is case wih Rameswara fort idar.

  10. Lovely places and superb captures, will love a lot to visit. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Wow! I haven't seen many in this list. Please add to G+ community. :)


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