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Roadissi - Varahi Temple, Chaurasi, Orissa Odisha

Chaurasi is an offbeat destination strategically located between Konark and Bhubaneshwar. One needs to take a deviation midway after crossing Pipli, towards Konark to reach this sleepy village. We inquired about the route to Varahi temple at many places but in vain. Finally a person came to our rescue and told us to proceed further on the same road and then take a left turn. It is normal for the locals here and probably most of the East Indian people to pronounce V as B and this, we realized only after meeting the last person who saved us from the trial of searching for Barahi!  As we drove, we spotted the board at a crossing that directed us towards the temple. Varahi/Barahi temple stood there silently, witnessing its great past, the silent present and an uncertain future. This temple holds a very unique place, since it is extremely rare to find a temple dedicated solely to the Goddess Varahi (one among the seven mother goddesses), though many temples are found having the Saptamatrikas (the seven mother goddesses) and the goddess Chamundi. This temple was built during the 10th century A.D. 
The Information Board
Varahi Temple

        The temple is built on a platform devoid of decorations, though the outer walls have elaborate carvings. The shrine is unusually rectangular (most Orissan temples are square) in shape and the Shikara is a form in the evolution of Kharkhara deul, wherein a semi-cylindrical ridge crowns it. A beautiful statue of Lord Surya is installed in the niche. It has a two tiered hipped roof and has 2 latticed windows on either sides of the Jagamohan (Navaranga). There are varieties of sculptures on the walls depicting various divinities and other aspects of daily life. The idol of Varahi is indeed very beautiful.
The Deul or Shikara
Latticed Window
Naga Pillar
Walking Ganapathy
Lord Surya and his Horses

We Visited this place during our road trip to Odisha.


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