Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fort Hulukudi

   Fort Hulukudi is one among the many lesser known forts around Bangalore. We had read about it quite some time back and have always wanted to explore this fort.  One Sunday morning, we set our journey towards Doddaballapur for exploring Fort Hulukudi. After reaching Doddaballapur, we took a right turn towards Dabaspet, and on following further instructions from the locals about directions to the fort, we reached the base of the hillock. Sadly, the first look of the hillock disappointed us, as there were newly laid steps all the way up to the hill top and full of pilgrims.  
Hill Hulukudi
Entrance Arch
Lord Veerabhadra Swamy
   We were in two minds whether to go ahead with the climb or look for another place around. Somehow, we made up our minds to proceed with the ascent.  After a not so exciting climb, we reached a tier of the fort which looked like the only remains of the Fort.  Our excitement and enthusiasm gradually picked up on seeing a few ruined structures a little further, which currently are being used as a kitchen by the pilgrims. There are two water ponds just by its side of which, one probably was being used for cleansing one's sins off. We could see a few pilgrims bathing in this pond. From here, two temples were visible.
Well Laid Steps
Lord Basaveshwara

Rock Formation
Rock Bee Hives
Grills For The Support While Climbing
Awesome View
Water Pond
Temple On The Hill
Broken Nandi
Ruined Structures
     The first temple we visited was dedicated to Lord Veerabhadra Swamy. This temple is situated inside a cave and the priest was also present during our visit. The priest narrated the story of the temple and Lord Veerabhadra Swamy. The original temple was located in a village near by the hill. It is believed that the god one night decided to leave the village due to the ill-activities of the villagers and came to this hill and took shelter in the cave. The next day when the priest in the village opened the temple doors for daily rituals, found the idol missing and informed the village head. Every one in the village were surprised and shocked to hear about this. That night, the same priest had dream of the Lord standing on the hillock and tossing butter-balls with his hands. Thus, the priest set his journey in search of Lord on this hillock and finally found him in this cave. The current Priest informed us about the original temple, which is now in ruins and is located in the village of Thippur, which is about 4 km from the hill. Here on, we moved to the neighboring temple which was dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple was supposed to have a wish Nandi in front of the Lord, but had been recently damaged during renovation.
Lord Veerabhadra Swamy
The Priest
Naga Stones
Lord Ganesha
Renovated Temple
   After coming out of the temple, we inquired a person about the fort and any other interesting places around, to which the reply he gave was rather surprising and exciting!


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