Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hero Stones - Agrahara Bachahalli

Agrahara Bachahalli, famous for its Huniseshwara temple and the Garuda Lenka Kambhas is also known for a  massive Hero Stone or Veeragallu situated besides the temple. It is housed in a small temple like enclosure and offers protection to the herostone, signifying the importance of the hero. This particular hero stone is made of Soap stone, which is smooth and rarely used in making hero stones, as we have seen. Looking at the many hero stones inside the temple complex premises, it was quite evident that a great battle had been fought and many lives lost in order to save their kingdom. Hero stones are great sources of knowledge in understanding the history and culture of the people involved.  They were made by people closely associated to the Hero (Solider who sacrificed his life for the kingdom) in memory of his bravery and in order to spread a word about the same.
An enclosure with Hero-Stone
 Hero-stone ( material : soap stone)
Hero stones and Garuda Lenka Kambhas Collection
Ganesha idol and Naga Stones
Beautiful Work
Skillfully Done
 Homer, the Greek author of the Iliad, describes in his book about the Hero as a person possessing divine strength or a person blessed by God to have immense power and strength. But in due course, someone who did noble deeds was also considered a Hero. During olden days, in the Hindu culture, only two types of people were held in high regard. The one who attained knowledge through meditation (Bhakti Marga ) and the other who fought war for the kingdom with a lot of strength and valor (Shakti Marga). It was also believed that people falling in these two categories would attain Moksha (Salvation) and reside permanently in Swarga (Heaven). The same is depicted in the second  panel (or the third very rarely) from the top, of all Hero stones. It is generally shown as the Hero or Veera, seated on a palanquin and being carried away by Angels/Apsaras to the heaven.
The first panel from top depicts Prayers offered to the Lord
The second panel depicts the hero being carried away to the heaven by Angels
The third depicts war scenes (Soldier on the Horse)
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