Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pandava Caves Rivona Goa - 2

                After exploring the Pandava caves, we walked back to our guide's house in order to thank them for their generosity in accompanying us  to the caves. On exchanging information about our places visited, they revealed the presence of  another Pandava cave in this place and  gave us directions for the same. We thanked them and proceeded further to explore the next cave. We reached the Lord Shiva temple,  parked our vehicle and  inquired with an elderly person sitting inside the temple. He told us we had reached the right place and directed  us to the cave. 
Entrance to the Pandava Caves
           At the first look, we thought it could be ruined house, though we were wrong. The presence of  a "Havan Kund" (havan - a sacred ritual performed using fire; kund - pit) outside the cave indicated  that  Rishis or Monks may have lived here and performed 'Havan' or 'Homa' as a part of their daily chores. As we entered  the cave, a flight  of rock cut steps lead us to the central portion of the cave which had a  wonderful ceiling and an opening at its center for the entrance of light. There are two perennial springs originating from inside the cave which served as the main water sources  for the Rishis/Monks. The water currently is being used for irrigation  by the Local farmers. We found a  small carving of Lord Hanuman inside the cave.Though the historians associate this cave with the Buddhist Monks, the locals believe that the Pandavas resided here for sometime during their exile.
Cave Entry
 Rock Cut Steps
Natural Water Spring
Cave Ceiling
  Cave Interior
Lord Hanuman Carving
Natural Water Spring
Pandava Cave Complex
Altogether, it was a wonderful experience exploring the caves. 

Direction from Panajim: Panajim - NH17 - Margao - Take left turn - Quepem - Tilamol - Right turn - Rivona
Distance from Panajim: 65 km
Places to Visit Around: Usgalimal, Kurdi,  Surla, Canacona, Margao and many more.


  1. What wonderful tours you take us on! Love your captures as always and such fascinating information/history! Thank you!


  2. Interesting place.. not heard of it much before.
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