Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Historical Kalhatti Waterfalls, Kemmannugundi

      'Kalhatti Falls' is one of the famous waterfalls in Kemmannugundi. This place proves a great combination of history, religion, nature and adventure. The temple near the falls is associated with the Cholas, the Hoysalas, the Marathas, the Vijayanagar Kings  and the Wodeyar Kings. There are various  carvings on the rocks surrounding the falls and on either sides of the temple entrance.
Road to Bliss
Kalhatti Falls as Seen From the Village
Closer View
  The Kalhatti falls from a  height of about 400 ft amidst the Chandra Drona hills and is clearly visible from a far away distance. It is a multi tiered falls and at its lowermost tier is a temple dedicated to Veerabhadra Swamy (Lord Shiva). The Tamil inscriptions on the rock indicate an association of the temple with the Cholas. The name Kalhatti (supposedly named so by the Marathas), is derived from two Hindi words 'Kala' and 'Hatti' meaning a 'Black Elephant'. The reason being that, the water falling near the temple cascades over three rocks that resemble elephants in their shape and size. Hence, the name. The village near the location of the waterfall is also named after the falls as Kalhattipura.
Approach to the Temple
Veerabhadra Swamy Temple and  the Kalhatti Falls
Elephant Shaped Rock
Lord Anjaneya
Lord Veerabhadra  
Lord Shiva
Kalhatti Falls
Note the Tamil Inscriptions at the Bottom 
Lord Vishnu
   Though the temple was closed, we heard from a local that the the temple is a cave temple and entry to the cave is restricted. The Annual fair is held during the month of April/ May. One can trek till the top of  the waterfalls but only during post-monsoon season. We walked up to the next higher tier through the slippery path. The place was filled with the noise of the waterfalls. While playing in the waters, we were also visited by a pair of blue whistling thrushes, though their whistles were overshadowed by the noise of the waters. After a while, it started to drizzle and  we had to hurry back.  
Another Tier of the Falls
Blue Whistling Thrush
The Slippery Path
Colors of Joy
Note: Avoid  visiting this place during festive season.

To be continued...............


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