Friday, July 22, 2011

Hoysala Temples of Sindaghatta, Mandya

      'Sindaghatta' is an erstwhile town of the Hoysala kingdom . There are many religious structures spread across the village. One such, located in the village center is the beautiful temple dedicated to Lord  Lakshminarayana, built during the 14th Century. The Lakshminarayana sculpture inside the Garbhagriha  is magnificent. The temple externally is not as intricate as many of the other Hoysala temples though internally, it has all the features representing the same.
Lakshminarayana Temple
Grand Entrance
Simple Shikara
Temple on a Raised Platform
There is an  inscription on the entrance corridor. There is also a tall Garuda pillar in front of the temple .The interior of the temple is a true reflection of patience and skill possessed by the artisans, craftsmen and sculptors.
Outer Ceiling
Ceiling 1
Ceiling 2
Ceiling 3
Decorative Door Frame
Lord Lakshminarayana on the Lintel
  Melted Carvings
Intricate Dwarapalaka
Lion Carving on top of the Pillar
Temple Gate and the Pillar
Garuda Kambha
Garuda Inscribed
 The priest lives by the side of the temple. We were unable to gather much information about this temple from the priest. The ASI maintains this temple while there is permanent care taker.
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  1. The intricate patterns on the ceiling is awesome. The temple surroundings look serene.

  2. Terrific captures as always and a fascinating post! What a beautiful temple! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  3. Amazing artistry... Wonderful
    architectures were built by our ancestors without the modern technology and still they are so grand and pleasing to the eyes...Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Good to keep seeing our ancestral architecture from time to time.. These are some nice pictures. I have been away for a while and catching up with everything now..!

  5. The ceilings are interesting photo subjects for me too. :)
    Great write up.

  6. wonderful pictures as usual... the overall temple view is fantastic... gives a nostalgic feeling...
    architecture is amazing... don't know how they constructed these type of buildings centuries back...

  7. खजाने वो भी पुराने भरे पडे है,

  8. I especially love the photos of the temple ceiling. Very interesting architecture.

  9. Interiors of the temple are grand.

  10. This temple seems to be renovated by the look of it. Maybe some sculptures are kept in safe custody by ASI. good find Dhiraj

  11. Amazing pictures, found the carvings very intricate. Is this also in Ganga architecture? Also what was the language of the inscriptions?

  12. Nice temple hope it will be taken care properly by ASI.

  13. Super ! Beautiful Pictures ! This is my ancestral village..

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