Monday, June 13, 2011

St Catherine Falls, Kotagiri, Ooty

         'St Catherine' water falls (seasonal) is located near Kotagiri  town, Tamil Nadu. The falls, nestled in the hills of the Niligris, is an added attractions for tourists visiting Ooty. The journey to the falls was a mesmerizing one.
Tea Garden and the Curvy Roads
Misty Morning

Tea Plantations

        The water falls from a height of about 250 feet and is two tiered. A pleasant walk through a private tea garden takes us to the view point of the falls. The walk was amazing and we also found some porcupine  spines during our way to the view point. Though we visited during the monsoons, there was not much force in the waters, but definitely the weather made the place look more beautiful .

Awesome View
Clouds kissing the Hills
St.Catherine Falls
Second and the visible Tier
Hills around the Waterfalls
Wild Flowers
Tea Flower
Grass Flower
Finally some Monkey Business


  1. Breathtaking captures of such a gorgeous place! Would love to visit there! Love the waterfalls and the mist above the mountains! Superb composition! Hope your week is off to a good start!


  2. Excellent collection of photographs. Did you drop by Kodanad to see the 220 degree view point, which is Nilgiris best view point?

  3. सभी फ़ोटो शानदार है।

  4. Awesome place, Brilliant captures! Loved my virtual tour as always.

  5. Awesome landscapes, very much picturesque.

  6. wow.... wonderful pictures.... visited this place some 3 or 4 years ago... a place u can't forget...
    the pictures of wild flowers were amazing...
    a small correction: i think it is Tea plantation and not Tea Garden (Garden always refer to a small domesticated place)

  7. Lovely captures. Wish there was more water.

  8. @Shankara , No man never knew about it , But next time for sure will make it to that place .
    @ karthick , Thanks for the correction .

  9. Superb captures! Wish to be in this place someday

  10. Beautiful photos and I love your commentary about the trip. My husband used to make jewelry from porcupine spines and beads. Of this set of photos my favorite two are the field (Awesome View) and the last photo of the monkeys. They are adorable.

    Do you use FeedBurner so people can get your posts via email? That way we don't miss any. I don't see a link to it. If you need help setting it up let me know. :D

  11. I have never been here. Such a net little beautiful place.

  12. Lovely greens. Never been there. So much to see, so little time.

  13. I'm so glad you added FeedBurner so I can receive your posts in my email! Now I won't miss anything. :D Hope you follow me via FeedBurner too :D

  14. This place we could not visit due to paucity of time, but we were shown the same from one of the peaks at Ooty, nice pics Dhiraj

  15. Alluring pictures and nice description of the place. Following your blog. You may like to follow mine.