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Legends of Yana, A trek in Uttara Kannada

      "Dreams come true", yes that's what I realised when we reached this place. I have been dreaming about this place since the day I came to know about it. Although this trip was not planned, when the tourism board on NH17 directed us towards Yana, there was a brief discussion. After a while, we reached the last part of the motorable road towards Yana. Roads were under construction meaning the trek distance had reduced ( how sad ).
The Drive
Roads in the Woods
   As we  proceeded, we came across a few houses and small streams. At the start point, there was not a single soul to guide us expect for the board notifying this is forest area and  stated a statutory warning. Our walk began and we crossed few small streams, beautifully colored butterflies and various other forms of life. We did not realize the distance we had trekked since the surroundings were so beautiful and beyond imagination. Lost in the woods, we had also forgotten about not having had our breakfast.

Mighty Spider
Common Jezebel
     About Yana: "Yana" means 'travel' or 'journey'  in Kannada.Yana is one of the a natural wonders of the forests of Western ghats (Sahyadris) and is also a prominent pilgrimage centre. Yana is situated in Kumta Taluk , Uttara Kannada District. Yana is famous for its rock formations (black crystalline lime stone ,whose sides have roughened due to constant exposure to air ). It is said that there about 61 such different rock formations, among which 2 are very popular and sacred. The two popular rock formations have been named as 'Bhairaveshwara  Shikara' and 'Mohini Shikara'. Mohini Shikara is about 90 meters tall and is long, sharp and slender , whereas Bhairaveshwara Shikara is large and broad. There is a natural cave inside the Bhairaveshwara Shikara, which houses a natural Shiva Linga called Bhairaveshwara and water drips from the  rocks over the head of the linga, which is described as Gangodbhava .
About the Place (Sthalapuranam)
Mohini Shikara
Bhairaveshwara Shikara
The Mighty Shikara
Entrance to the Temple
Statutory Warnings
Intricately Carved Venugopala
         Apart from the greenery and rock formations, the  legend associated with this place  is quite impressive. The most popular and accepted legend of Yana however is that of the Bhasamasura (Demon). The legend says that it was here that the demon acquired a boon from Lord Shiva that anyone on whose head he places his hand would reduce to ashes. After securing the boon , he threatened Lord Shiva that he would place his hand on Shiva's head. He chased Lord Shiva to this place and to save Shiva, Vishnu appeared as Mohini, an enchanting lady of marvelous beauty who challenged Bhasamasura to dance as she does if he wants her to be his own. When he agreed and danced as she did, she trickily placed her hand on her head, and the demon did the same to be reduced into a pile of ashes, which is today known as the Mohini and Bhairaveshwara Shikaras.
 Rock Formations
   This place comes to life during the festival of Maha Shivarathri. During this time, an annual jatra is  held here. Sirsi is the best option for accommodation .

Trip date : Dec 2008
Places to visit around : Unchalli falls , Sirsi , Kumta , Gokarna , Devi mane Ghat , Vibhoti falls ,Mirjan Fort and Many more . 

References Used :A traveler's Guide to "Shri Bhairaveshwara Yana " , a book in Kannada .


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