Monday, October 18, 2010

Karinjeshwara Temple, Karinja Parvatha, Bantwal

  Mt Karinja (Karinjeshwara Temple) is situated in Bantwal taluk, South Canara . This place was  known to us from our Father and  on inquiring further, he suggested various places near and around our hometown Bantwal. We could only make it to this place since it was a day trip to Bantwal . After taking blessings from Lord Venkataraman in town, we decided to explore Mt Karinja .
Map of Mt Karinja
 There are a few temples , caves and ponds on this hill. The top most temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva (Karinjeshwara). The temple mid way is dedicated to Goddess Parvathi  and the lower most temple to the elephant headed son of Shiva and Parvathi, Lord Ganesha .
Goddess Paravathi  Temple Midway
   The sign board directed us towards a pond at the bottom of the hill  known as "Gadha Theertha" . On  further inquiry, the priest narrated the story of the place stating  links from the great epics Mahabharata and Ramayana . According to the priest ,  the Gadha Theertha was carved out when Bhima knelt  down and threw his mace(Gadha)  down.
Gadha Theertha

Gadha Theertha and the way up
  There are three ponds namely , Handi (Pig) Theertha , Ungushta (Toe) Theertha and Jaanu (Knee) Theertha . Later, two ponds were formed when Bhima knelt down to throw his mace , according to the priest . The holy waters of the ponds are believed to contain special powers in the curing various diseases .

Jaanu Theertha

The Gateway
 There is a  line which is visible while climbing towards the Lord Shiva temple . As per the priest, this  was caused  by the arrow of the Great Archer Arjuna . 
Arrow Mark
  The most important aspect of this place are the monkeys. They are believed to be descendants of Lord Hanuman . The leader of the monkeys is called as Karinje Dhadda . These monkeys are fed  daily by the temple authorities after the pooja in the noon with the prasadam  . There is also an echo stone .
The dining table
Direction from Bantwal : Bantwal is located off NH 48 .This place is about 12 kms from Bantwal  and about 35 kms from Mangalore .

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Steps are laid till the top . This place is being maintained by the temple trust .
Trip Date : 27 Dec , 2008
Places to visit nearby : Bantwal, Mangalore, Dharmastala , Moodabidri, Narahari parvatha , and so on .....


  1. Great shots of the place. Never heard of this place before and the tales around it.

  2. The place is beautiful and seems mystic!