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Places to visit around Bangalore/ Bengaluru part-4

23. Varlakonda
             Type: Hill, fort , Temple
             Nearest Town : Chikkaballapur
             Distance from Bangalore : 75 kms
             Trek Distance: 2kms ( one way)
             Trek Level : Easy
             Directions: Take the Hyderabad highway NH7, cross Chikballapur,  proceed on the highway till the village of Varlakonda is reached. On the left, one can sight the Hill with some fortifications on it . Take a left turn and drive for about half a kilometer.
             About: It falls under the lesser explored place category. Climb is easy but there are no exact routes to the top. There is a small temple on the top and some old ruins. The temple is dedicated to Lord Rama.
VarlaKonda Trek near Bengaluru
View of Varlakonda Hill from the Road
Temple on the top of the Hill
24. Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta 
            Type: Hill, Temple, Wildlife
            Nearest Town : Harohalli
            Distance from Bangalore : 50 kms
            Trek Distance: 4 1/2kms ( one way)
            Trek Level : Moderate
            Directions : Take the Kankapura road up to Harohalli ,then take a left turn after the bus stand and immediately take a right  to reach DoddaMarlawadi. At the circle, take a right and continue straight for 3kms till you reach a village named Konnaldoddi. Here on, take a left , travel about 300mts, take another left turn to reach the temple.
            About: This is a popular place. People have a fair idea about it. There are many cross tracks on the way ahead but do not deviate . There are directions up to the top but confusing. View from the top is  awesome . One can see the entire region of Banerghatta  National park on one side and  the town of Kankapura on the other. Caution: Avoid making noise and use of mobile as it is known to distract elephants. Yes, this hill is a habitat for the big mammals . 
Bilikal Rangaswamy Hill, Kankapura
View of Bilikal From The Road
Bilikal Rangaswamy Hill, Trek Near Bengaluru
Temple on the top of the Hill
Route to the Top
25. Somanathpuram
           Type: Temple, Historical interest
           Nearest Town : Malavalli
           Distance from Bangalore :140 kms
          Direction: Take the Mysore Road till Maddur, reach Malavalli and follow directions to the temple.
          About: It is a very nice stone carved temple. It was built by Hoysala Kings Narshima III under the leadership of Somanatha. Thus, the name. Take a guide if  interested in knowing the details of the carvings, etc. Behind the temple is the river side (about 1km form the temple)  where peacocks can be spotted if lucky. Places to visit nearby include Shivanasamudram, Cauvery fishing camp and Talakad .
Carvings on the walls of the Temple

Keshava Temple
26. Akkayamma Betta 
            Type: Hill, Temple
            Nearest Town : Chikjala
            Distance from Bangalore : 25 kms
            Direction : On the way to the new Airport, at Chikjala,  take a right  turn to reach the hillock.
          About: It is one of the less explored  places around Bangalore. There are a lot of temples and cave temples on the top. The place seems more lively during Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays with special kind of pujas .
View of the Hill
Welcome to Akkayamma Betta
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