Sunday, October 12, 2014

Dual Fort Adventure - Madakasira

In continuation with our quest for exploring the forts of Madhugiri region, we stopped by Madakasira. That Sunday, we decided to explore two other forts of Madhugiri, that of Madakasira and Gudibanda. First on our list was the fort of Madakasira, located in the Madakasira taluk of Ananthpura District (Andhra Pradesh). This  fort was built by the Vijayanagar Kings during the 15th century. There is also an 8th century Shiva temple inside the fort which was built by the Nolambas. The town is named after this temple deity as Madakashiva which in due course became Madakasira.
Here He Comes

Fort Entrance
Power Of Life
Way To Bliss
    We had left quite early so that we get enough time to explore both the forts. On reaching Madakasira, we  parked our vehicle at the fort base and in no time reached the entrance of the fort. Well laid steps give access to most of the portions of the fort. Though until the top tier of the fort there is no much fortification, the intact fortification at the top tier gives us glimpses of the rare quality of building skills that our ancestors possessed.
Third Entrance
 Entrance To Top Most Tier
The Mahal
Natural Water Pond
Way To the Highest Point

Madakasira Fort
Top Tier of the Fort 
Hereon, we trekked further up to reach the top most point of the hill to get an amazing view of the fort. This probably was one amongst the very few forts that offered such an amazing view. The strong monsoon breeze gave us a wonderful feel atop the hill. We spent some time here and then moved on to visit our next  fort for the day, the fort of Gudibanda.
Panoramic View 
The Burj 
Madakasira Town


  1. Another amazing place and superb, fascinating captures for the day!! I do so enjoy your posts and photos!! Thanks, as always, for sharing!!

  2. nice and the photo arrangement is also so nice :)

  3. You are doing amazing social service Boss! Feel proud of it! These posts are going to stay for long and serve many enthusiasts who want to Explore, know & feel great of our heritage! When i plan for weekend hike for my kids, i refer here to head out. Sincerely thanks and keep it up.

  4. Thanks for sharing your visit to this fascinating fort. It was good to see that so much of the fortifications were still intact. The view from the high point of the hill is spectacular. I really like your panorama shot.

  5. impressive looking fort on all those rocks and stairs! i like the centipede, too!

  6. Oh! I want to visit now!
    Great pics!

  7. wonderful view..our country is a treasure trove of such lost and forgotten monuments... Good that you are bringing them in lime light

  8. Its my own place. Its really very nice.

  9. Tqq soo much dear bro it's my home town and I visited this place nearly more than 20 times ...... Beside us one small village name rathna Giri will be there it is one of the oldest and well. Known to every one by during ....Sri Krishna devaraya time in this place they sold the 250 grams weighted diamonds sold for 2 gold coins there may be in case if u come again please go and visit there also....... - Unknown