Thursday, January 2, 2014

Year 2013 Part1

Good Morning 2013

Ray of Hope

Ashokan Edicts @ Bramhagiri Chitradurga

For The First Time We Saw Urn Burial @ Bramhagiri Chitradurga

Interesting Rock Carving of Elephant @ Bramhagiri Chitradurga

Standing Stones @ Kendatti Kolar

Dolmeniod Cysts @ Kendatti Kolar

Cave Paintings @ Hampi

River Tungabhadra @ Hampi

Boulders of Hampi

Dolmens @ Hirebenakal

Viranaryana Temple @ Belvadi

Hoysala Temple @ Arakere

Summer Spa Umbalagundi Falls

Ghat Roads of Bisle

Favorite sunset of Bellary


  1. Interesting and amazing collage highlighting your travels in 2013 ! Happy New Year.

  2. Lot of work that was! A happy new year to you

  3. 2013 was a good year for traveling to interesting and beautiful sites.

  4. Nice photos! Have a travel filled 2014.

  5. Happy new Year!! lovely pics..

  6. So many unseen places discovered and adventurous trails trekked, what an interesting journey it has been for the traveler couple! Thank you for taking us along an interesting expedition all year long, may 2014 bring even more joys together. Happy new year!

  7. beautiful skies! the relics and ancient carvings are wonderful.

  8. Lovely set of pictures. Tells me there are so many places to see. Can't wait to see next part of the series.

    Have you seen my recap of the year?

  9. Kolar pics surprised me. It is close to where I stay. I have to visit the place.

  10. You;ve nice collection of photos. Wishing happy 2014, little late though

  11. Is this place banned or we can still visit this place ?