Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Hoysala Temple - Mavuthanahalli, Hassan

          'Mavuthanahalli' is a small village in the Arsikere Taluk of Hassan District. We had no much information about the existence of any old temples in this village, except for the presence of a small Hoysala Temple. Therefore, our hunt for this temple began without any expectations. After getting the required information about its location from the temple priest of Haranahalli, we moved as directed and stopped by at a small village to confirm the route. Thankfully, we were on the right track. We were hungry and on a look out for a place to eat. Finding a small hotel in this village serving piping hot Idlis and Bondas, we halted to have breakfast. Surprisingly, the tasty and fulfilling meal for two came at just Rs.30. After this super-breakfast, we moved towards our destination. On reaching Mavuthanahalli, while we inquired about the Shiva temple from the locals, the villagers excitingly and curiously enough wished to know if we were from from the govt. and would help them  improve the temple.  Sadly, we had to answer them that we had come only to visit this lesser known temple. We moved towards the temple only to find a lovely little temple in dilapidated condition. 
Mahalingeshwara Temple
The temple here is the 'Mahalingeshwara Temple' dedicated to Lord Shiva. The exterior of the temple is in a dilapidated condition, with most of its external features either ruined or displaced, while the carvings on the outer walls seem to have completely vanished (except two), giving a very blank look from the outside. The two beautiful carvings that have survived, lets us imagine how beautiful this temple looked when it was intact. As we stepped inside, we realized that the villagers had taken keen interest in preserving our heritage. The temple interiors very well maintained by the people of the village. We had the company of  two very young and energetic girls of the neighboring houses, who kept interest in knowing the history behind his temple and told us everything they knew. 
Ruined Exteriors of the Temple
Rear View of the Temple
The temple is of Trikuta type having three cells, with Lord Shiva placed in the form of a Linga in the main cell. His guardian Nandi is situated right in front of him. The ceilings are skillfully and delicately carved.The pillars and door frames are simple compared to the other typical  Hoysala style temples.
Main Shrine of Lord Shiva
Shiva Linga
Central Ceiling
Simple and Plain Pillar
The left cell houses an idol of Lord Hari-Hara, along with their respective vehicles Garuda and Nandi,  present at the base of the idol. Guarding them are the dwarapalakas at the door. The lintel of the door frame has a carving of Hari-Hara with their Consorts. The right cell houses a beautiful idol of Lord Narasimha and the lintel has a carving of Narasimha on it. The temple has several beautifully carved images, some of which include Lord Ganesha, Shanmukha, Naga, and Sapthamatrikas
Lord Hari-Hara in the Left Cell
Hari-Hara with their Consorts
Idol of Ugra Narasimha in the Right  Cell
Lintel of Lord Narasimha
Ceiling Panel 1
Ceiling Panel 2
Lord Shanmukha
The Only Two Exterior Wall Carvings
Lord Surya


  1. Such an amazing, wonderful place! I would love to visit there! Your captures are the next best thing!! Thank you so much for sharing! Hope your week is going well!!

  2. What shame! when such beautiful architecture, that too a temple is in such a state. Beautiful shots though and that relishing food at such reasonable price is just wow.

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  7. Good to know that locals take pride in the temple and mainatain it. Now only hope that the authorities do something about it.

  8. I hope the villagers can get some help in preserving this temple. It is in sad condition, but its beauty remains. Your photos are wonderful.

  9. Beautiful temple. Good to know about this.

  10. Glad to see prayers are offered. btw temples in south are more well maintained than the ones i saw in WB.

  11. Thanks for the tour of this interesting and beautiful place.

  12. I have seen similar things in other countries as well. Prayers are offered in a part of the ruined temples, making them alive.

  13. I need to have some more information about this above temple. I am willing and ready to help the locals in reconstructing the above lord shiva temple.

    1. Temple restoration work. Compltd,been there,met with accident while retrng in autorikshaw,fractured hand ribs so take care,wort a visit

  14. Another great find as usual! Beautiful!

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  16. Hoysalas are Hoysalas. No one can come near them in the ornate and intricate sculptures!!! :) :)
    Thanks for the post Team G! :)
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  17. Most of the time I'm disappointed about this temple condition coz no one care about this.archeological dept do nothing like such temple.you guys are done very wonderful and proud job.

  18. Happy to see the positive impact of this blog for starting restoration work.