Thursday, March 22, 2012

Twin Hoysala Temples , Mosale Hassan

  "Mosale" is a sleepy village off the Hassan-Mysore State Highway (SH 67). A huge sign board at the  village entrance welcomes us to this beautiful place blessed with twin Hoysala temples. These are amongst the very few Hoysala temples that have remained intact in all aspects, giving us a chance to admire, experience  and  appreciate the Hoysala architectural grandeur to its best. The temples together form a unique Dwikutachala. While one of the temples is dedicated to Nageshwara (Lord Shiva), the other is dedicated to Chennakeshava (Lord Vishnu). The approach road to this village  is quite a magnificent sight with narrow roads snaking through lovely green fields.
Welcome to  Mosale
Roads Snaking through the Green Fields
Nageshwara and Chennakeshava Temple
    These temples are believed to have been built in the 13th Century. According to a legend, the village of Mosale was also the hermitage of Sage Jamadagni (one of the Sapta-Rishis or Seven Sages). The two temples are similar in architecture and  have grand exteriors and interiors.
Nageshwara temple (Top) and Chennakeshava Temple (Bottom) in Monotone
Entrance Porch
Nectar in the Stone
Ceilings of  the Nageshwara Temple
   An other intriguing feature of this temple is the carving of Goddess Durga on the external ceiling of Nageshwara temple. The speciality of the carving is that, irrespective of the direction from which we view it, the goddess appears to be looking back at us. While there are numerous images of Gods and Goddesses sculpted on the outer walls of the temple,  the most interesting ones are that of the Goddesses with their respective Vahanas  ( or Vehicles) of Snake (presumed to be Kamakya or Manasa ) and Pig (presumed to be Gauri). While these forms of Goddess Durga are predominant  in North East India, they are rarely witnessed in the South Indian temples. The Shikaras of both temples are extremely beautiful with the Hoysala Emblem and the Shikara Phalaka carvings intact.
Goddesses with their respective Vahanas (Vehicles) Snake and Pig
Exterior Ceiling depicting Goddess Durga
Exemplary Art Work on the Shikara- Nageshwara (Top) and Chennakeshava (Bottom)
Twin Gems
Directions from Hassan: Hassan - SH 67- Travel about 8 km - Right turn to Mosale (Follow Sign Board)
Distance from Hassan: 10km
Places to visit Around: Anekere, Ambuga, C R Patna, Hassan, Gorur, Koravangala, Nuggehalli, Belur, Halebid, Dodda Gadavalli, Grama and many more...


  1. Such a breathtaking place! Your temples are so very different from anything we have here in the states and to be able to see them with the detail your provide is totally awesome! The last four/five captures are incredible. Thanks as always for sharing your beautiful and fascinating country with us.


  2. Wonderful! Exquisite detailing and excellent architecture. You captured the essence of the place so beautifully. Thanks for sharing.

  3. The temples are magnificent and so wonderful to see, thanks for sharing a little glimpse into your wonderful Country.

    Happy week

  4. Amazing astonishing & breath taking architecture !

  5. I liked the erotica on the temple facade. Worth visiting Mosale temple which is one of the few temples situated in the opposite direction of the hoysala group of temples

  6. Beautiful place. And as usual lovely hoysala architecture.

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  8. Good photos. Information on goddess and their vehicles was something new. Good observation. Did not know about these facts. Thanks for the information.

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  20. Thats great!
    I will be visiting these temples during our next trip to Hassan

  21. temple timings please. any contact number of the priest or caretaker or guard?

    1. The temple priests for both temples can be contacted with the help of locals as they reside in the same village. No particular timings as such. The best time though to visit these will be early mornings.

  22. after a chance visit to 2 hoysala temples during my site visit in karnataka, i have totally fell in love with the temple architecture of hoysala period...

    these twin temples are so exquisite!!!