Sunday, February 6, 2011

Devaragundi Waterfalls, Thodikana, Sullia

   "Thodikana" is a small village of Sullia Taluk, Dakshina Kannada District. This place is famous for its Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple. The name Thodikana comes from two words,  'thodu' meaning stream and 'kana' meaning forest. The Stream flowing here is Matsyathirtha (a tributary of river Payaswini ). There are two interesting spots near this temple namely, 'Meenagundi' (Pond of fishes) and 'Devaragundi' (God's pond) .
    Meenagundi has a shoal of fishes at a particular point. These fish are considered to be sacred and never killed, but fed by the temple authorities and locals who visit this temple. The temple is just like any other temple of the region. On the outer wall of temple are paintings depicting the story related to the temple. There is Yajna Khund (a pit where fire is lit and offerings made for the gods ) believed to be used by Sage Kanva. Even today, one can see the smoke coming out of it. Even we were shocked to see this.
Shoal of Fishes
The Temple
      Though we had visited this place several times, we had only heard about Devaragundi but never been to this place, which is about 2.3 kms from the temple ( there is a small board directing towards the same). We came to know  about Devaragundi water falls from the BBMP wall paintings. This time, we were sure to visit this place during the monsoons and so it happened.
      Due to the heavy rains, the approach road to the falls was not motorable except for 4 wheel drives. Hence, we decided to trek the distance. There is a forest check post on the way. The final part of trek took us in to a private arecanut farm. This is the place where the Shiva linga was found and is currently worshiped inside the temple. The water from here is used for special abhishekas  in the temple. The waterfalls was ferocious, due to heavy rains. What a sight it was!
Amazing View
Monsoon Magic
Road to the Temple
Kids playing near the stream
Devaragundi Falls
A Closer Look
Ferocious Falls
       The Anna prasadam (meals) are served at the temple after the noon puja. This place is located off the Madkeri -Sullia state highway (about 8 kms from the highway).

To be continued .......... 

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  1. Another delightful tour and what a gorgeous place! I love the waterfalls and the stream where the children were playing! Would love to be sitting there right now! The captures of the mountains are awesome! Thanks as always for sharing the beauty and history of your country! Have a wonderful week!


  2. A very beautiful place indeed... The waterfall and the stream look amazing...
    Have a nice day:-)

  3. You folks are lucky to be in Karnataka..endowed with so much of nature.. Nice pics and post TGS..!

  4. I cannot get over the images of the fish...

    It looks like an absolutely amazing place man, I would love to visit it with friends and enjoy hours in water :)

  5. Loved the tour. Didn't you get the picture of havankund?

  6. Interesting photos, loved the temple!

  7. Wonderful shots. The water falls is beautiful.

  8. @ Chitra Madam , Photography inside the temple was not allowed .

  9. wow beautifully captured paradise and I am waiting for more.

  10. Nice article.I am Blessed to belong to this place