Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Jaramadagu waterfalls - Chikkaballapura's Jog

      The name 'Chikkaballapura's Jog' definitely sounds interesting and different  . Chikkaballapura is one of the driest districts of Karnataka , with an annual rainfall average of about 750 mm (Karnataka's average is around 1250mm). "Jaramadagu Waterfalls" (locally called as Jog Falls), located in Chikkaballapura district  is a seasonal , 2 tiered waterfalls. The rainfall in the hilly regions of Chikkaballapura valley ,flows and falls as Jaramadagu from a height of about 75-80 ft. We had different plans ,but then we thought  it would be better if we visit this place , as rainfall over the last few days had been significant ,courtesy Cyclone "Jal ". We gathered information about this place and thought it would be great to explore but the only question passing our minds were whether these rains were sufficient to see the falls.
Kaurava Kunda hill, Trekking spot around Bangalore
Kaurava Kunda
     We reached the village of Jangamarappanahalli and drove until the last motorable point towards the waterfalls. On inquiring, we found that there were 2 approach routes to the falls, the shorter (about 1 to 1.5 km) but a difficult one and the longer (about 3kms) but the easier one. We decided to take the shorter route . We started walking towards the waterfalls and the first sight of it was amazing . Initial walk was through fields of Ragi and horse gram.Locals working in  the fields are quite helpful in giving directions and one person from their group volunteered to join us along as a guide. A few steps later, the path turned into a semi-forest kind of track .
A waterfall close to Bangalore
Initial View
Ragi Harvesting
The Landscape
    The guide enlightened us about this place in general and talked about the number of people visiting and their behavior.He mentioned about a place (he called it as a temple) nearby the falls, where people have been worshiping the god for many centuries. He went on to say that the temple is not a regular structure but an open place where a few dolls kept are worshiped .We imagined all along our way to the temple about how this place would be. Completely involved in listening to the guide,  little did we realize we had actually reached the waterfalls .The guide bade us good bye from here. We had to walk down a little to reach the foot of the falls. Since we were the only ones present at that time, the whole atmosphere was peaceful and beautiful. Though the water falls was not ferocious,  we were lucky to at least see that little water falling. The view was  gorgeous and the water was really cold .
Chikkaballapura's Jog Waterfalls
Jaramadagu Waterfalls, Chikkaballapura
Jaramadagu Falls
Falls and the Valley

Top View
        After enjoying the falls, we decided to explore the temple the guide had mentioned about . Unfortunately, we had forgotten to ask him the way to the temple when he bade us a good bye!We walked further wandering here and there to find out the way to the temple . Luckily, we spotted our guide who had stopped mid way to gather some wood. He was happy to join us  and as we walked, he explained that nobody knows who kept these dolls, but people have been worshiping them for centuries. Now, the village people have decided to tar the roads leading to the the waterfalls and collect some revenue which could be used to build a temple here. The god worshiped here is "Paluvuraja Swami". We were amazed to see that, what the guide called as dolls were (or rather looked like) lingas with naamas on them.  He strongly told us that the god is very powerful and fulfills everyone's true and sincere wishes. Annually during Dussera,  a Jatra is held here .
The Temple
Forest Track
Car Park
Directions from Bangalore:  Bangalore - Yelahanka - Devanahalli - Chikkaballapura- left turn near the Church, there is a board directing towards Govt. Cocoon Market - Jangamarappanahalli (about 8 km from Chikkaballapura)
Distance from Bangalore: About 75 km
Places nearby: Muddenahalli, Nandi hills , Skandagiri , Chikkaballapura , Nandi and many more .
Fee: As of now, no entry fees.
Word of Caution : Just ensure to visit the falls during the right season. It is advisable to reach the place early morning due the mad rush after 12pm during weekends.
Languages spoken: Though this place is in Karnataka , most people around this place speak only Telugu.
Trip date : 14  Nov, 2010

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  1. that was interesting, specially about the name of jog falls and the temple

  2. How interesting ! Pity , there was not much water. It would have been magnificent had it been in full torrent.
    "Lingams with namas !" :-) ! Unique.

  3. wow...u have a really nice blog, its great to see that u put in so much to write detailed posts. enjoying reading the stuff here :)

  4. tahnks for the full information. like my own little wiki :D

  5. Interesting! the place looks rather deserted, which would make the place much better than other famous falls...

  6. Beautiful shots of the place, very scenic. The water falls is ineteresting.

  7. I've been to all nearby places- Nandi hills, Skandagiri etc, have not been to this falls... Next time

  8. Thanks guys
    I been there yesterday alone and made it
    can contact me at

  9. we had been to this place , lucky tat it was full of water , enjoyed a lot .. 1 tip is tat plz carry some snacks .! !

  10. Hi

    Can this waterfall be visited during July, please advise ? will there be enough water during mid july..sorry iam new to these areas and hence need this info