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Places to visit around Bangalore/ ಬೆಂಗಳೂರು/ Bengaluru part-8

        Type :Hill, Fort , Temples
        Nearest Town:  Koratagere
        Distance from Bangalore:About 95kms
        Trek Distance: About 2kms (one way)
        Trek level: Easy
        Directions: Bangalore - Dabspet (NH4)- right turn - Koratagere (SH3)  - proceed further - left turn towards Siddara  betta - right turn towards Channarayanadurga.
        About: "Channarayanadurga" is a small village situated in Koratagere Taluk , Tumkur. It's major attraction being the hill fort. The height of the hill is around 3700 ft above MSL . This fort was built by Madhugiri chief  Channappa Gauda during the 17th century and Read more....
             Type : Temples
             Nearest Town: Basaralu
             Distance from Bangalore:About 140 kms
          Directions: Bangalore - Mandya (SH17)95 kms- right turn towards Chikka  Mandya (7kms )-left turn toward Basaralu (23 kms)
             About:Basaralu  is a village  in Mandya district, famous for the Mallikarjuna  temple  and viragals (hero stones). This temple was built by Harihara nayaka. He was a Dandanayaka (in charge of armies) under the Hoysala  King Imadi Narashima . The temple was built in the year 1265 AD for the deity  in the  name of his father "Mallikarjuna"  and a kalyani (Tank) in the name of his mother "Gujjave". Read more.... 
Mallikarjuna Temple

             Type : Temples
             Nearest Town: Tumkur
             Distance from Bangalore:About 80 kms
          Directions: Bangalore - Tumkur NH4 - Via by pass to Gubbi - Left near Golur Lake - Right near Golur circle - Kaidala.
             About: Kaidala has two temples constructed during the Hoyasala period. They are  the  "Chennakeshava" temple and the "Gangadhareshvara" temple . The latter was built in 1150 AD by the Hoysala chief Gule Bachi, under king Narashima. The idol of Chennakeshava in the temple is a master piece and beats all the sculptures found in any of the Hoyasala temples. Read more....
Welcome to Kaidala
38 Gulur
             Type : Temples
             Nearest Town: Tumkur
             Distance from Bangalore:About 80 kms
          Directions: Bangalore - Tumkur NH4 - Via by pass to Gubbi - Left near Gulur Lake - Left near Gulur circle - Gulur.
             About:Gulur is a small village in Tumkur district. Gulur, along with Kaidala formed the erstwhile Kridapura. This place is famous for its unique way of celebration of the Ganapathi festival, especially among the locals. Currently, the temple is under renovation. Read more ...
Gulur Ganesha
39 Hatyal
             Type : Temples, Hill
             Nearest Town: Gubbi
             Distance from Bangalore:About 115 kms
             Directions: Bangalore-Tumkur NH4-Via by pass to Gubbi -Nittur-Take right turn near Hatyal arch .
             About: This place has a temple dedicated to Ugranarashima. The sculpture of Ugranarashima is very artistic and has  ten hands. There is a small sculpture of Prahlada  with folded hands standing in front of Ugranarasimha. The annual jatra is held during the month of Chaitra . This place is famous among the locals . The temple is under renovation .There are a lot of mining activities going around the hill, which is quite concerning . Roads have been constructed till the temple.
The Temple
Mining site
40 Innovative Film City
             Type : Theme park
             Nearest Town: Bidadi
             Distance from Bangalore:About 35 kms
             Directions: Bangalore -Mysore road - Left turn towards Bidadi Industrial Area. 
             About:Innovative film city is open  from 8 am to 7:30 pm. There is a mad rush during holidays and weekends. It is a nice place for family outing especially with kids around . There are two types of entry tickets, one priced at Rs 399 with limited entries  and other at Rs 699 with entry to most of the facilities . There is a decent food court. Camera fee is Rs 100.
Welcome Fountain

Artificial Waterfalls
For more places around "Bangalore" .

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