Friday, December 10, 2010

Kaundinya Wildlife Sanctuary

        Kaundinya Wildlife Sanctuary (KWLS), is a lesser known sanctuary in Andhra Pradesh . This wildlife sanctuary comes under the D.F.O of Kuppam, Chittor District. We had to seek permission from the D.F.O to enter the sanctuary. He was more than kind for having given us the permission and accommodation. We reached Kuppam forest office on  Saturday night around 9:00pm. Our accommodation was arranged in the forest guest house which had all the facilities.
       Next morning, we met the D.F.O who turned out to be a  very simple man with great knowledge of nature. He shared a lot of his views and the efforts made towards improving the wildlife sanctuary, especially on saving the elephants , since this is the only forest range in Andhra that have elephants . The number of elephants would be around 60. The forest shares its boundary with Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. There are two domesticated elephants here , which  have been shifted to Vizag Zoo on temporary basis and will return back.  A guide was arranged for us to reach the forest which is about 45 kms from the office. He informed us that the chances of sighting of  elephants were few, since at that time the elephants had traveled towards Tamil Nadu. We were not really disappointed on hearing this because forests also have other animals, insects, birds, mushrooms, greenery which are found in plenty. At the entrance of the Sanctuary,  there is an education center which has a lot of information about elephants and the flora and fauna of the forests, which is worth a visit.

Misty Morning
Dew Drops
Spider Web
Forest Tracks
Go Green
Eastern Ghats
Road inside the Sanctuary
      Directions from Bangalore: Bangalore - NH 4 - Kolar - Bangarapet - K.G.F - Kuppam. It is advisable to reach Kuppam and then visit the Sanctuary .
      Distance from Bangalore :  About 130 Kms ,  hereon 45 kms to the Sanctuary .
      Trip Dates : 14,15 Nov 2009 .
      Places to visit nearby : K.G.F , Peacock Breeding Centre , Kaigal falls and many more .

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  1. Gorgeous, breathtaking, superb captures! I love the spider web and the misty morning, the dew drops and the forests! Thank you for sharing the beauty of your country with us! Hope you have a wonderful day and a beautiful weekend!


  2. Looks like a wonderful place... Will wait for more pics!!
    Loved the mist and all the green...

  3. Yes, "lesser known" - for me, totally unknown ! :-)
    Its wonderful how you take the roads less traveled and bring us valuable info. and photographs......on second thoughts, perhaps its better left"lesser known".Too much mindless tourist traffic would only harm its pristine beauty and eco-value.
    Looking forward to the continuation of this post.

  4. Beautiful and scenic spot. I loved the spider web shot.

  5. the fog picture and the droplets on the web are just outstanding!

  6. Lovely green forest...all the photos are great
    Before I even think of traveling to distant lands, I must see all of India...there are so many beautiful places...and this one is so close to my place of stay.