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Sri Eshwara Temple, Anekonda, Davangere

Sri Eshwara Temple, Anekonda
Sri Eshwara Temple, Anekonda

'Anekonda', a suburb of Davangere town located off the Davangere-Jagalur highway is home to the beautiful Sri Eshwara Temple built during the 11th century. Anekonda gets its name due to the army of elephants  being tied here when Bethuru was the capital city of Chalukyas. This town was ruled by various dynasties starting from the Gangas, the Cholas, Chalukyas, Uchchangi Pandyas and the Hoysalas. This temple is believed to have been built by the Hoysalas though the style seems inclined more towards the Chalukyan architecture. The temple finds its mention in the 12th century Pandya and 13th century Hoysala inscriptions. The pillars here bear the trademark of Hoysala architecture of being stellar in plan.
Sri Eshwara Temple, Anekonda
Side View of Sri Eshwara Temple, Anekonda
Miniature Shikaras and Turrets
Closer Look of Miniature Shikara
The temple has been carefully renovated taking care to retain the old structure wherever possible. This temple was built on a  raised platform. Originally a dwikuta temple as per initial plan, it  has now been converted into a trikuta temple as one of its mukhamandapa has been transformed into a garbhagriha during renovation. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and the main garbhagriha houses a Shiva linga, while the other garbhagriha remains empty. The central ceiling of its Navaranga has one of the most exquisitely carved Gajasurasamhara flanked by Lords Vishnu and Brahma. In the panel below are 7 Goblins associated with Lord Shiva who are shown playing music for the Lord's dance. In the panel above are 12 Adityas, the sons of Goddess Aditi. The other eight Ankanas of the Navaranga have shallow lotuses with their pendants bearing the carvings of their respective Dikpalas.
Lord Shiva
The Grand Central Ceiling
Central Ceiling with Gajasurasamhara murti
Lord Gajasurasamhara along with Lords Brahma and Vishnu, 7 Goblins and 12 Adityas
Dancing Mohini ( Lady with Scorpion)
Dancing Mohini (Note the Scorpion)
Rati Manmatha
Rati - Manmatha
Goddess Saraswathi
Goddess Saraswathi
Male Dancer in Vaishnava Sthanaka Pose
Male Dancer in Vaishnava Sthanaka Pose
A 32 Angled stellar Pillar
 Right in front of this temple is a small mandapa dedicated to Lord Nandi. The front porch on both sides have 5 friezes with sculptured railing at the top. In the top panels are various figures such as those of the Dwarapalakas, dancing Ganesha, rishis, Rati-Manmatha, goblins and other erotic figures. The ceiling of the eastern mukhamandapa has carving of Lord Indira riding on the elephant Airavata at the center accompanied by heavenly musicians.
Ceiling of Mukhamandapa
Front Porch Carvings



  1. Beautiful Sri Eshwara Temple. Nice to know about.
    Amazing architecture.

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