Monday, January 30, 2017

MP Diaries - Maheshwar, Fashion Carved in Stone

Maheshwar stands as a brilliant example of Maratha architecture portraying marvelous geometric symmetry, which is truly a feast for the eyes. The sculptures and carvings on stone simply exhibit the excellent craftsmanship the ancient men possessed. The decorative friezes at the base of the platform, sculptures of dwarapalakas (door-keepers) on either sides of the door, corbels carved in the form of statues depicting various men and women with a variety of attire and ornaments, musicians, dancers and the intricate carvings of lattice designs and floral patterns on the walls  are most impressive and carved to perfection. Below are some of the exceptional statuettes of men and women found in the courtyard of Vithoji's Chhatri/Cenotaph. The unique clothing styles, patterns and ornamentation epitomizes the fashion statement of their period.
A Bearded Man with his Better-Half
A Musician Playing the Bugle
A Stylish Couple
Lord Krishna with his Lover Radha
Lord Krishna with Radha and Rukmini 
A Dancing Couple
Couple with a Child - Team G Cube !!! 
Musicians Playing the Shehnai and Dhol
Peacock Admiring the Beauty of a Lady 
An Englishman seen holding Parrots
A Lady in Maheshwari Saree (Striped Saree)
A Godly Woman
Take a Closer Look
 Soldier with a Dagger
 Musicians Playing the Mridangam and Been
A British Lady 

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