Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hampi Unseen -II

An obvious question that runs in any travelers mind about Hampi is the actual time required to explore Hampi in total. Most people, depending upon the period of vacation, number of places to be covered, purpose of visit, etc., decide the duration of travel which may vary from a few days to months. An elderly friend of ours was quite curious to know if we had explored Hampi completely and when he questioned us about the same, we replied with a smile and nodded our heads in a way that meant we hadn’t, and also affirmed him of doing it shortly.
Long time back, we had read about one, Mr. Robert in a newspaper which stated about him as follows, “He quit his job in Dutch and came to India, traveled many places and finally settled at Hampi. He has been a resident of Hampi and has been painting ever since”. Our search for him began when we stepped into Hampi. Having met him, seen the paintings and interacted with him about his passion for paintings about Hampi, we can say for sure that they truly are a reflection of the grandeur of Hampi and the life style of Lambani tradition. It is quite intriguing to know that Hampi has kept him motivated for a long period of 35 years and is still on. He says with pride that Hampi always has something new to offer him each day. Kudos to you from all of us Mr.Robert! After meeting Mr. Robert, it seems like Hampi is an ocean and any amount of exploration is just a drop in the ocean!
Robert's Workshop
Mr. Robert


  1. wow! Nice to know about Mr Robert.

  2. He is truly passionate about Hampi!

  3. wow! it must have been quite an experience, meeting him.

  4. Hopefully the BBC documentary covers all these aspects

  5. Interesting. The unspoken and unheard stories are best enjoyed. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Wonderful! That must have been one inspirational experience to interact with him. Glad to see a bit of his work too.

  7. And I belong to Bellary? TIme I go back and see for myself and meet him too

  8. Wow..Kudos to Mr.Robert and to you too for presenting this info..

  9. Very true. How much ever you explore there is still something that is not known to all.

  10. Need suggestions

    We are planning to visit Hampi and Badami. We will start on 12/25 and return 01/01.
    In your opinion these 2 places will need 5 days or can we cover near by other places too?

    Above one is my primary question to you and if am not wanting time then

    Any other suggestions from your experience for Do's / Dont's? Budget Stay n veg Food?

    1. Reply Dm'ed in twitter. Thank you, hope you enjoy your trip.