Saturday, September 17, 2011

Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta, Bandipur

  "Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta"(Wiki), one of the most favorite spots of Bangaloreans is situated  inside the Bandipur National Park of Chamrajnagar district.The word Himavad means Misty.  Lately, the hill range is being governed by  the forest Dept. with strict rules and regulations owing to the illegal activities that are carried out here. Amongst the many legends associated with this place, an interesting one relating to one of the lakes, the 'Papanasini' (meaning washing away all the sins), as told by the priest is as follows: It is said that, in the hill ranges of Gopalaswamy betta, no crows are found now. The crows that existed took a dip in the Papanasini and on attaining moksha, turned into Hamsa (Swan) birds and reached heaven. We could not sight a crow either. There is a good chance of sighting wild life, especially the spotted deer, gaur and elephants.
 Journey of Life
Smiling Sunflowers
Hovering Dark Clouds
Curving Roads
Misty Gopalaswamy Temple
Gopalaswamy Betta
Wow! What a View
Go Green
Fern Spores
One of the 77 lakes
Crumbling Fort Wall
 An Experience of Nature's Reality
From the start of the Forest Check Post, the duration allotted to visit the temple and return  is only an hour and thirty minutes. A nominal fee is collected at the check post. Overall, a beautiful and serene place.


  1. Such a fascinating post and your captures are breathtaking! What a view is right! Awesome! Another wonderful journey you've taken us on! Thank you!! Enjoy your weekend!


  2. Oh, this is a very beautiful place, never heard of it, though I lived in Bangalore for about a year. Thanks for sharing it!

  3. Awesome clicks Dhiraj... The misty temple and the curving roads make for a great journey.

  4. beautiful pics
    difficult to rank them

  5. Great writeup! I had been there during summers still it was very cool and misty at the top. An excellent place to chill out..

  6. wonderful!! have been hearing so much about this place, but have never been there! wish i could shift to bangalore!

  7. nice pics and the temple is looking so cool!

  8. A great post with lovely photos. I love following you and seeing parts of the world I otherwise would not see. Your photos make your words come to life!

  9. Beautiful and scenic place. This has been there in my list for a long time now.

  10. nice place with nature beauty

    thanks for sharing

  11. Nice post. The views from the top are stunning. I had been there 4 years ago.

  12. Very nice. I have been to this Betta, loved it, was there post Veerappan period. Before that, the STF was camped there for a long time I believe. This is also project tiger territory.

  13. i had been to this place last year. its a lovely lovely place!
    going through your posts & the pictures just made me realize i really should do a better job of photographing :(
    my pics aren't that good. yours truly do justice to a place worth visiting
    i relived my trip through your snaps

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  15. Welcome to my garden.
    My garden is more beautiful every day with people who pass by and leave messages and comments beautiful, of which I eat.
    May your day be phenomenal!

    A kiss of Nita. Today a good Wednesday!

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  17. It seems like a beautiful place. I should visit sometimes too.

  18. How I love the fog <3

  19. Love the Gopalaswamy Temple shot. It looks so myterious in the mist.

  20. lovely post and yes its a wonderful place not to miss :)