Thursday, April 7, 2011

Usgalimal Rock Carvings Prehistoric Goa

    "Usgalimal" is a  famous place among the European tourists who visit Goa. To Indian tourists, other than the localites, this place is rather unknown.  We  happened to read about this place some time back and made sure not to miss it during our next visit to Goa. This Ugadi gave us a chance of making a trip to Goa and there we were!
    Usgalimal is a small hamlet on the banks of the river Kushavati. In the year 1993, some villagers had found mysterious rock carvings on the river banks. The same had been brought to notice of  the required authorities who further investigated and  found various such rock carvings in the area. The archeologists assign  these carvings to the Mesolithic period (around 9000 years old) as indicated in the brochure printed by the Govt. of Goa.
Usgalimal Rock Carving
Brochure Of Usgalimal Rock Engraving
    The rock art is full of carvings depicting symbols of religious cult, cosmology, triskelion, animals like bison, bull, deer, dog, peacock etc., as well as figures of labyrinth and mother goddess. Most probably, the engravings were carved using specially prepared using sharp pointed stone tools.
Bull - Usgalimal Rock Carving
The Peacock
Dancing Lady
Mother Goddess
New Born Child
Large Hoof Carvings
Two Dancing Ladies
Hunting Trap 
Human Feet
Labyrinth Usgalimal Rock Carving
Wounded Bison

Probably a Water Pond
A walk across the River
        There is no entrance fee to this place though there is a full time care taker who also guides the tourists. This place requires more attention and the maintenance. Since the carvings are open to sky, utmost care needs to be taken for protecting them. There are also chances of damaging the carvings due to walking over them. They can be best protected by creating a glass enclosure (see below pic) similar to the one in Shravanabelagola .
Glass Enclosure to Protect Inscriptions
   Directions from Panaji:  Panaji - NH17 - Margao - Take left turn - Quepem - Tilamol - Right turn - Rivona - Colomba - Right turn near mining area - Follow the Protected site board .

  Distance from Panaji: 75 kms

  Places to Visit around: Rivona, KurdiSurla, Canacona, Margao, Arvalem and many more.

  Trip date: 5 April' 2011

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