Friday, March 4, 2011

Lad Khan Temple , Aihole

      "Lad Khan temple" in Aihole is considered to be one of the earliest temples in India. It was built around 450 AD. It was converted into a residence by a prince named (Lad Khan) in later years, thus the name. It is located close by to the Durga Temple. It has a primitive air about it with a cave like appearance noticeable especially in the massive pillars with bracket capitals and the flat roofs. It has no sign of a shikhara. This again points to the cave prototype.
       The special feature of this temple is that it starts with a rectangular structure and ends with a square structure. Based on a wooden construction design , the square and rectangular plan has a steep roof, which is an adaptation of wooden styles in stone. The temple is approached by a porch with twelve square pillars. On the outer walls of the temple to the north, south and east are pierced windows to receive light from outside.
Originally, this temple was intended to be dedicated to Lord Vishnu, but now it houses a Shiva Linga. There is a rectangular shrine on the roof and three sides have idols of Vishnu, Surya and Devi .
Lad Khan Temple
Side view of the Temple
Entrance to the Temple
Carvings on the Ceiling
Carvings on the Ceiling
The Nandi
Shiva Linga
Naga Devatha
Flower Carving

Pillars and Window
Very Decorative Widow Carving
Carvings on the Pillar
Love is in the air
Amrutha Kalasa
Jal Kanya (Mermaid) 
Shrine at the top
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  1. Nice photos..

  2. Excellent temple and Excellent photos..

  3. Lovely pics, the name is also very interesting!

  4. Fascinating temple/history and your photos are excellent as always! I do so enjoy your tours and feel like I have learned so much interesting history about your country from wonderful blogs by you and so many of your countrymen. Thank you! They are appreciated and enjoyed! Have a wonderful weekend!


  5. Quite an interesting history...odd that someone chose to live in a temple!

  6. Wonderful!! you are doing such a complete post on these temples, I am simply planning to link to them rather than write my own posts, late as they are :)

  7. I liked the roof of this temple very much. we din't succeed in getting a good top angle shot, unfortunately.
    Did you stop by to listen to the stories reeled off by little boys sitting around this place ? Very entertaining !

  8. Beautiful carvings. is there any regular worship in this temple?

  9. @ Yosee Madam , No , they were busy playing .
    @ Chitra Madam , No .

  10. Beautiful temple and the images. I have to revisit this place again.

  11. intricate carvings are captured beautifully.

  12. Nice photoblog, there is a staircase built of stone, which is unique in this temple.....waiting for your write up on Durga temple too

  13. feel very proudy that we are INDIANS.....

  14. Very helpful for my project on Aihole!! Searched many books but could not find the information. Thank you Team g square!!

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