Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Buddhist Chaityalaya , Aihole

        'Aihole'  was a centre for Buddhism and Jainism even before the Chalukyas ruled this place. There are two cave temples in this region dedicated to Buddha and Mahavira. We were unable to  visit the latter due to time constraint. We visited the Buddhist Chaityalaya (temple), situated on Megutigudda .
    This cave temple is unique  in the sense that it is partly built and the remaining elected in the rock. This temple belongs to 5 th century AD. It is a two storeyed structure and the pillars are quite simple. There is a small cave near the temple having  inscriptions in Kannada.
Well Laid Steps
Final Climb
Buddhist Chaityalaya
Door Frame
Empty Garbhagriha
View of Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple Complex
To be continued


  1. Looks to be a wonderful place. Waiting to see more.

  2. Oh, yes! A wonderful place indeed! I do so look forward to your photo tours! It is amazing to me that in spite of traveling a good bit in my life, I knew so little about your wonderful country until I began blogging and I am overwhelmed by the beauty and the history! Thank you, as always.


  3. Looks so much like the Ajanta caves situated near Mumbai! The pics are superb as always...

  4. Nice post! Though it looks like these cave temples have not been that well maintained like the one in Badami, which is sad. Hope the Karnataka government takes notice.

  5. Aihole is the cradle of indian architecture in its truest sense. The first experiment on erotic sculpture was undertaken here in almost 500 AD much before Khajuraho. I agree with you one full day is required to really explore this place.

  6. this Buddhist place atop the rock is amazing. I wonder what happened to the idol in the sanctum. Love the 3 rd and 4th pics.

  7. Great place and love the pics...
    That inscriptions are grantha inscriptions!!!
    Parappalaru Falls Trek

  8. Great stuff. I have been to Aihole, but not to this place.

  9. Vastness and serenity palpable,i had read about the place before.

  10. this is nice! We visited Aihole in jan, but didnt go to this place.... but then we took a car and the driver steered us to the 'tourist' places, which i dont think this falls under :)