Thursday, November 18, 2010

Waterfalls of Agumbe, Karnataka -2

Continuing from  part -1 ....
      From Barkana falls we moved towards another falls by name Jogi Gundi.The force of the water was ferocious, falling from a height of about 20 feet . We had to walk for about a kilometer from the road to reach the falls.
The Walk
Natural Barricade
Jogi Gundi Falls, Agumbe
Jogi Gundi Falls

Later,  we went back to the village and had a good lunch. The only question passing our minds was whether to visit the Onake abbi  falls or not, since the locals had warned us about the leeches. Finally, we decided to give it a shot .The way to the falls is through a medicinal plants garden. The garden is about 3 kms from Agumbe. Here on, it is about 3 kms walk to the falls . This place was a haven for leeches, which made the trek more enjoyable . It is better not to stop anywhere in between, reducing the chances of interaction with the leeches.We continued our walk all the way up to the falls except for some photo stops. There are well laid steps from a certain point to the water falls . When we almost reached the falls, it started to pour heavily ,thus ruining our chance of photographing the falls.As we reached the destination, we realized we were at the top of the falls. On inquiring the guide told us there was an alternate route from Someshwara which  leads to the bottom of the falls ..
The Path
Forest Mile Stone
Indian Amazon
The Steps .
   Since we had only a day at our disposal and had to reach another place by evening, we had to leave Agumbe, which was very disheartening.
Directions from Bangalore:  Bangalore - Magadi - Kunigal - Hassan - Belur - Aldur - Balehonnur - Jayapura - Sringeri - Agumbe .
Distance: About 380 kms.
Stay/Accommodation :There are very few options for accommodation around Agumbe. On searching, we found a place just opposite to the Bus Stand - Mallya Residency (Mobile: 9448759363, Phone:08181-233042) Cleanliness: Average, Facilities: Minimum. This place is okay for an overnight stay. We also heard about home stays around the village.We suggest Sringeri as a better option for accommodation.
Places to visit Around: Kudlutheertha, Sirimane Falls, Sringeri, Kundadri Hills, Narasimha  Parvatha and many more.
Trip dates: 12 and 13 Aug 2010


  1. Too bad you were short of time.I can imagine how reluctant you'd've been to leave such a heavenly place. The pictures look lovely ,( the perfect "rain forest" look !)

  2. i justread your part one and part two.... WOW!!! its beautiful! your pics are nice too, especially the path in the jungle, i trully felt as if i was there. and i like people who give me info how to get there or at least a link.

    i hope my co send me to bangalore for a meeting then perhaps i can drop by.

  3. What a breathtakingly beautiful place! And your captures are superb! Marvelous post! Thanks, too, for the great information! Hope you have a great day and a great weekend! Thank you for your visits and comments, they're always appreciated!


  4. Nice blog...Tnks for publishing some great enlightening posts...
    Rakesh Holla

  5. the pics are so beautiful and fog helps to create mood. i loved the steps picture a lot :)

  6. Looks like a wonderful place ! I am yet to explore that part of India. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi happy to travel through your blog. Since more than 35 years I am enjoying the natural beauty of Agumbe on the way to my native place. But all these snaps projects Agumbe more beautiful than what I have seen all these years.. Happy blogging.

  8. Beautiful shots. The nature's beauty is captured very well.

  9. superb!!! lovely place...and amazing shots!