Umbalagundi Waterfalls - Madkeri Ghat

'Umbalagundi Falls' is located just off the Madkeri-Mangalore State Highway. There is a high chance of missing a view of  this falls as it is not visible from the highway, though the noise made by the gushing waters cannot be ignored if one has sharp ears.  A small trek downward takes us to the  base of the waterfall. As soon as we reached the base, we were greeted by a seven feet long snake and within  the blink of eye, it disappeared underneath the rocks. We were not lucky enough to get a good shot of it. Not disturbing the snake, we moved on. towards the falls. The water here falls from a height of about 25 feet, and is truly mesmerizing. A passer by local told us that even during peak summer period, the volume of water remains more or less, the same.
 Snake in its hide out
Umbalagundi Waterfalls
A Complete View of the Waterfall
Gushing Waters
Down Stream
        After having a wonderful time at the falls, we  moved on  and just after a little while, we were in for another surprise. We spotted another snake, this time comparatively  smaller in length, about three feet, which was on its way to the other side of the road.  We had to be a little quicker than the snake to catch him for a photograph.
The Banded Racer Snake

Just Like That -2

  Below is the compilation of a few more of our favorite captures (Click here for Part1).
The Full Moon
Straight As An Arrow
Pleasant Drive
Wild Flower
Purple Leaf  (Ventral Side)
A Fern
Wild Flower
Ground Beetle
Pill Millipede
Damsel Fly
Monitor Lizard
Waiting for the prey
Back to Home
Lovely Sunset

Kalyala Waterfalls, Madkeri

           'Kalyala Falls' is located off the Madkeri - Mangalore Highway. It is visible from the highway and looks beautiful. Since the driving directions to the falls were known to us from our first visit, we quickly reached the last motorable stretch from where we had to trek down to view the falls. The drive itself  is a mesmerizing one, with the greenery around and the narrow and curvy roads. It feels through the drive at every stretch, as though there's something more beautiful in store for us to see! It was a complete feast to our eyes.
View of the Falls from the Highway
 Green & Lovely
Curvy Roads
          The trek downwards is not long and took us about ten minutes to reach the falls. We did not spot a single soul around the falls and that meant the entire place was just for us two nomads. We had get down parallel to the falls to reach the place from the where we could enjoy the waterfalls . It is multi-tiered and the water falls  from  a height of about 150 feet.We are unsure of which tier of the falls we actually start trekking downward.
A Quite Artistic Board Directing us to the Falls
Dense Forest
Jungle Path
Upstream of the Falls
A Lovely View
Starting point of  the Falls
Kalyala Falls
Wider View of the Falls

Chennakeshava Temple, Anekere, Hassan

   Anekere is a small village belonging to Channarayapatna Taluk of  Hassan District. It is home to one of the beautiful temples built by the Hoysalas and dedicated to 'Lord Chennakeshava (Vishnu)'.  The two distinct features of this temple are the Temple Compound Wall and the Khalasa on the Temple Shikara. The Khalasa here is supposedly the largest one found in the state. 
The Big Khalasa
 The temple is a perfect example of Hoysala architecture, though smaller in size when compared to the other  Hoysala temples. On keenly observing, we found an interesting feature on its Navaranga Ceiling wherein, its central portion is carved in a way that it resembles a Conch (Shanka). The entrance has a beautiful porch.
Navaranga Ceiling
Ceiling 1
Ceiling 2
Outer Porch Ceiling
The Grand Entrance and  the Front Porch
Lord Chennakeshava
Intricate Dwarapalakas
Lion Face Carving
Garbagriha Door Frame
Temple Entrance Door Frame
Pillar Carving
Antique Tulasi Pot
   It is surprising that this wonderful temple is not yet under the purview of the ASI. The temple has been renovated with the help of  Shri Dramasthala Manjunatha Trust. As the priest was unavailable during our visit, the only  information we got of the temple from the locals was that it was built by the Hoysalas.
Chennakeshava Temple
Another View of  the Temple
Ancient Temple Compound Wall 
Directions from Bangalore: Bangalore - NH48 - C R Patna - Left Turn (near Ganapathi temple after medical center )- Anekere (8kms from C R Patna)