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Karnataka's Khajuraho - Bagali in Monochrome

 The "Kalleshwara Temple" in Bagali is considered to be one amongst the most unique temples of India. One of the rarities of this temple is the presence Rathi and Manmatha (Goddess and God of Love) as Dwarapalakas. This temple was built in the 10th Century AD by the Chalukyas and  later developed by the Hoysalas and the Vijayanagar Kings. There are 62 erotic sculptures on the outer wall of the temple and thus referred to as Karnataka's Khajuraho. Do enjoy the pictures in Monochrome and a short video about this temple (Courtesy TV9 via You tube).
Rathi and Manmatha 
The Kalleshwara Temple Complex
The Kalleshwara Temple
Kalyani and the Keerthistambha
Meticulously Carved Door Frame
Pillared Alley
Ceiling Carving
Lord Brahma , Eshwara and Vishnu (Top row) and Gajalakshmi (Bottom row)
Impressive Lintel Carving
Killing of King Hiranyakaship 

Harihareshwara Temple, Harihara, Davanagere

      'Harihara' is a bustling town located about 13 km from Davangere district. This place derives its name from the famous Harihareshwara temple situated here. The temple is dedicated to the Lords Hari (Vishnu) and Hara (Shiva). It stands as a classical example of  the Hoysala architecture and is believed to have been built during the12th Century. Harihara is also known as Guharanya Kshetra or Dakshina Kashi.
Harihareshwara Temple
       The idol of Lord Harihareshwara inside the Garbagriha is about 6 ft tall, with parts below the deity's knee being buried under. This idol is believed to be a Swayambhu murthy (Swayam:Self ;  Bhu:Generate). The temple has a huge Mukhamantapa with 60 pillars. The exterior and the interiors of the temple are wonderfully carved. There is a temple dedicated to Goddess Parvathi  inside the temple complex. There are two beautiful Deepasthambas (pillars for lighting diyas) in the front portion of the main temple and many inscription stones inside the complex.
Pillared Alley
 Lord Harihareshwara 
Dwarapala and his helper
Artistic work on the Door Frame
Ceiling with the carving of the Asthadikpalas

Temple dedicated to Goddess Parvathi 
Inscription Stones 
       A saint named Guha lived on the banks of the river Tungabhadra. He had the reputation of being cruel, cunning, and  demonic. He desired to take control over the entire universe and thus, performed penance on the banks of the river to please Lord Brahma.  Pleased by his devotion, Lord Brahma granted a boon for which Guha asked for himself  to be eternal, and that it should be impossible for any man, demon, animal, god, or any other form of life, to kill him. Accordingly, and true to his word, Lord Brahma granted him this wish and left the place. Guha, after having gained the power of eternity began to trouble all life forms existing in the universe. Being troubled, noble men went to their favorite Lords to seek a solution for this problem. Thus, the form of the Lord Harihara (Shiva and Vishnu) was born in order to defeat Guha. Harihara and Guha fought war for many years, with Guha finally accepting defeat and begging for Salvation. After being pardoned and granted salvation in the form of  Lord Harihara standing on  his chest, Guha entered pathala and the Lord remained there with his feet buried under. Thus the image of the deity here is only visible up to the knee.
Amazing Symmetry
 The deities in the temple are worshiped regularly and the temple is very well maintained.

Places to visit around: Davangere, Uchangipura, Uchangidurga, Kanakuppa, Chitradurga, Ranebennur, Haveri, Harpanahalli, Bagalli, Anekonda, and many more.

Distance from Bangalore: 275 km 

Kanakuppa Fort, Near Jagalur Karnataka

         This about lesser known place located in Jagalur Taluk of Davanagere District . This place is known  as "Kilah Kanakuppa" . This fort was built by Palegars of Chitradurga . Erstwhile town of  Jagalur was located inside the fort  .  Few decades back people moved out of the fort and three new villages were formed , namely Jagalur (current), Kilah Kanakuppa and Kanakuppa. Jagalur today is the Taluk Headquarter .  
        Kilah Kanakuppa is a largely fortified town . But it lacks the complexity of Chitradurga fort . The main fortification cover three small hillocks . The important aspect of the fort is  an area encompassed inside the fort walls .Another aspect is that, the fort has just one outer wall .The boundaries of  the fort by itself act as natural defense from enemies .
       Direction from Bangalore :  Bangalore- NH4- Chitradurga-NH13 till Jagalur Cross (30kms from Chitradurga) take left -SH45-Jagalur- SH45 Kanakuppa Cross (4kms from Jagalur)- take left -Kanakuppa. Total Distance from Bangalore - around 240 kms .
Kanakuppa Fort Davanagere
The Fort and the Hillocks
        Some time in April this year,  we were travelling from Hospet to Jagalur to meet our relatives . On  our way we saw this fort and wished to visit this next time whenever we get  an occasion  . After inquiring about the fort, we came to know the name of this fort as Kanakuppa Fort . It is believed that Sage Kanva did his penance here in a cave.It is also believed that there is also a secret passage from here that leads to Chitradurga fort .
       Villagers here are quite helpful and will eagerly show one the fort . But there are  a lot of Sloth bears in the area of fort according to them . But one can avoid such areas. Much of the fortification still remain . Most interesting point is that of  rain water harvesting system, which is so evident across the different regions of  the fort. Its just not here but many forts have developed or felt the necessity of rain water harvesting .
Direction to pond
The First of the many ponds
Second of the many ponds
The third one and so on!
       There are a few temples at the base of the hill and at the fort entrance . There are two entrances to the fort. The first is from the Kilah Kanakuppa side and other from Kanakuppa . Both entrances are huge .
Entrance from the Kilah Kanakuppa
Inside view of Entrance
The Kanakuppa entrance from inside
The Kanakuppa entrance from outside

Door Hinge
Viragals or Hero stones kept outside the temple 
Pair of Dusky Crag Martins
Ruined temple
        This temple was in a really bad shape whereas the temple besides it was in a fairly good shape and was also being used by locals for worshiping. Probably this temple was plundered during war or by local people in search of treasures. There are a lot of Viragals or Hero stones around and inside these temples .
Temple viewed from the top of the fort
Ruined structure
Top portion of fort on one hill
Top portion of the fort on another hill

Note the carvings on the right side pillar of the entrance
Highest point of the fort
Lord Hanuman
Final view of Fort
        This place is an ideal place for weekend outing  . Chitradurga is ideal place for accommodation . This  place is fairly  clean and tidy . Nice place for birdwatching too . But no sign of ASI ( Archeological survey of India ) .

Trip Date: 18 July 2010

Places near by : Chitradurga Fort , Chandravalli  gardens, Jogi matti , Uchchangipura fort , Uchchangidurga fort , Ujjini Temple , Ramdurga Fort , many more

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